August 29th, 2015: Tamam. Türkiye'ye gitmek gidiyorum.

I had all my belongings and 3 pieces of luggage spread across the living room floor.

Packing. Repacking. Repacking again.

Removing books. Convincing myself I needed to bring /both/ of my denim vests. Getting overly emotional about my glue gun. Putting bulky sweaters to the side.

In the back seat on the way to O'Hare, I realized I forgot to say goodbye to Lily. Cried.

I said very serious “I love yous”

And boarded that flight one year ago today.
The person who came back /has/ changed:

Tries to speak less and listen more. Is more flexible than before. Bits of Turkish are muscle memoried into my mouth. Will choose to fail and learn than cop-out.

İyi geceler, arkadaşlar.

Remember that scene in ASIB when John comes in with a bottle of wine, possibly hoping to initiate something with Sherlock?

I want a series of scenes where they both make gestures like this, which gradually get more and more blatant, but neither of them acknowledge it

One day John walks in wearing a pressed suit and carrying a massive bunch of flowers with champagne and Sherlock is lying on the sofa wearing nothing but a carefully-arranged sheet, in a candle-lit room with slow music playing, they don’t mention it