Q: Who is the cutest in the maknae line?
Tae: (immediately circles Jimin) 世界弹 / © 

Q: If you were born as a rapper, what would be your stage name and mixtape’s title?
Tae: Jimin  ©

Q: What do you want to receive for your birthday from Jimin?
Tae: a healthy Jimin  ©

Q: Taehyung-ah, what are you thinking about?
Tae: Jimin

so i hate doing this but like i don’t really feel like i have any other options.  i’m a butch nonbinary lesbian and i currently work as a webcam model.  my job and how i need to present on cam in order to make money is giving me horrible dysphoria to the point where it’s really affecting my (already terrible) mental health.  i’m trying to get out of sex work (i have a degree in computer science) but in order to do that i need money to pay for an office-appropriate, gender-affirming wardrobe, and to buy food and pay my rent while my job search is ongoing.  my family is helping me as best they can but they’re all pretty broke and there’s only so much they can do for me.  

if anybody has a couple bucks to spare and would be willing to shoot them my way i’d be incredibly grateful.  every penny in donations i receive is that much less time i need to spend camming, and that much more time i can spend looking for a job, building up my portfolio, and presenting how i want to present.  literally no amount is too small.  signal boosts are also hugely appreciated.  thank you all so much

donate here: paypal.me/helpmarlive

who wants to help a butch nonbinary lesbian get out of sex work? i need $$ to pay for public transit fare, interview clothes, and food while i take time off camming to look for a better job


signal boosts are also appreciated. thanks everyone.