anyway im mad that suho literally called jongin a black horse yesterday at the lotte fanmeet and everyone is brushing it off as him calling jongin “majestic”. like firstable no other member got a color just the animal, and second able why did suho even have to emphasize jongin’s skin tone and THIRDABLE im pissed that suho has made colorist jokes about jongin two years in a row and yet again he’s getting off the hook because he’s the “smart mochi” leader

like shut up? suho is not any higher than the rest of them just because he’s the leader, he makes mistakes all the damn time and for y’all to pretend he doesn’t and needs to be protected is ridiculous

stop defending other members instead of sticking up for jongin. I know none of y’all care about kim kai jongin past his dancing but be a decent human lol, he’s not your walking dark sexual fantasy, he’s a person who has struggled with insecurities and recently is really embracing himself and y’all are mad ugly for not saying a word