EXO’rdium [dot] - Baekhyun messages to members

Xiumin Hyung, i really respect the way you put in your everything in whatever you do. Even though you are the eldest, you don’t assert your authority on us, instead you put in effort to live harmoniously with the members, that’s really great. Thank you for cheering us up with ‘fighting’ whenever the members are exhausted.

Suho Hyung, thank you for always receiving my jokes even though i do them overboard sometimes. I am also thankful that whenever i have worries / concerns, you will think about it as though it’s your own worries. Suho Hyung is a hyung that works really hard. The way you work hard is something really great to see, this is something that i really want to tell you.

Chen, someone who joined EXO around the same time as me. He’s a friend that i depend on. Chen, it must have been hard on you to perform all the high notes right? You who complete unpleasant tasks with a smile on your face, thank you for taking care of the members with your cheerful energy.

Chanyeol is a friend that matches well with me. Because he is someone with a weak / soft heart, i’m always worried about him. Chanyeol who has a soft heart, i’m worried that your heart will get hurt because of other people.

D.O. is a friend with a backbone. I like how he holds firm to his own beliefs. I hope you can live your life like how you are right now, never forgetting your principle. D.O. ah, i hope you can believe in yourself, no matter what people say, what you believe in is the answer.

Kai is EXO’s center. I’m always thankful for you - a member that shows EXO’s color so accurately. Kai ah, you who is never swayed by whatever that happens, i’m looking forward to you. I hope you can walk your path honestly.

Sehun is someone who is full of loyalty. The member who created an opportunity to unite the members even more lately is Sehun. To Sehun who seemingly does not care but secretly worries about the members behind our back, i want to say ‘Thank you, and I love you’.

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EXO as High School Seniors

김민석 // Minseok Kim ° Xiumin
¤ its been four years but people still call him minSOK
¤ he was born a year before all the seniors so he’s older than all of them
¤ “I have two part time jobs so shut the fuck up”
¤ doesn’t have any really close friends but still has some
¤ wears ear buds EVERYDAY, can’t live w/o them

김준면 // Junmyeon Kim ° Suho
¤ is the class president even though nobody knows who he is
¤ took every AP and Honors class possible from freshman year till now
¤ was on the national honors society every year and got the Summa Cum Laude award (4.0+ gpa ofc)

¤ very nice!!
¤ father friend but not a pushover

张艺兴 // Yixing Zhang ° Lay
¤ he always looks high but has never smoked in his life
¤ nobody knows he can dance hella good but he’s always doing dance moves in the air
¤ “bro , I don’t smoke weed stop asking”
¤ he laughs at people crying
¤ asks dumb questions in class “so is math related to science?” (everyone sighs)

변백현 // Baekhyun Byun ° Baekhyun
¤ a THOT
¤ wears tight pants so he can “enhance his curves”
¤ loud everyday for no reason!

¤ friends with all the janitors
¤ if you see him around chanyeol you know shit is going down (not in a good way)
¤ throws parties but gets drunk ; hooked up with Chanyeol (who follows him like a dog)

김종대 // Jongdae Kim ° Chen
¤ the sensible friend
¤ whines for e v e r y t h i n g, but its cute so cant get mad
¤ can’t never do nothing by himself (people always ruin it for him)
¤ short but strong
¤ has a car and people only want rides
(“youre all SNAKES” he whines)

박찬열 // Chanyeol Park ° Chanyeol
¤ and tall for no reason!!
¤ hangs off of his shorter friends because he “gets tired of walking”
¤ doesn’t know when to stop playing!!
¤ tries to turn in assignments at the last minute
¤ a part of the drumline in marching band
¤ in LOVE with baekhyun, doesn’t care what Baek does to him (“hes my cinnamon apple” he screams)

도경수 // Kyungsoo Do ° D.O
(literally me!!!)
¤ very very average student
¤ grades are good, test scores are qualifying
¤ everybody thinks he’s smart asf when he literally does nothing
¤ pretty asexual (but literally wants to hold jongin)
¤ only in the psychology club
¤ took cooking twice in a row (when he got to put in his schedule)
¤ “why are you looking at me, stop”

김종인 // Jongin Kim ° Kai
¤ “wheres this class again?”
¤ laughs at anything and everything because “its just funny” (with tears in his eyes)
¤ sleeps in class and super grumpy for the rest of the day
¤ acts condescending sometimes
¤ takes 47809678 snaps before sending them to kyungsoo (“omg I look so ugly 😥”)

오세훈 // Sehun Oh ° Sehun
¤ immune to people saying “Oh, its Sehun”
¤ has a sugar daddy, he calls him Lulu (“we wont even meet, he lives in China”)
¤ always absent for some reason too
¤ copies people’s homework and acts surprised when he gets caught

¤ VERY sassy , rolls his eyes 24/7

¤ “oh my GOSH , JUST SEND THE SNAP” (he yells at jongin)

  • suho at a store: excuse me, I've lost my kids. could I please make an announcement?
  • clerk: uh sure
  • suho: [leaning into the mic] goodbye you little shits
  • -five seconds later-
  • suho, crying: please come back you guys. guys I'm sorry where are you