• anti-kin: otherkin are so ridiculous omg
  • otherkin: it sounds weird at first, but just hear us ou-
  • anti-kin: omfG you're not a plant!!!
  • otherkin: hey wait, it's not like th-
  • anti-kin: you're not oppressed!!!
  • otherkin: yeah ofc! just liste-
  • anti-kin: look at yourself!! you're a human!! get help
  • otherkin: i've gotten help, it's perfectly healthy, i know i'm hu-
  • anti-kin: shut up!!!! you're delusional and problematic!
  • otherkin: just liste-
  • anti-kin: all otherkin are so horrible and mean to trans ppl!
  • otherkin: ????????
Super Junior+SJ-M: When you scare them.


*watches a scary movie that you put on*

*you turn your head to see this*

What did you just make me watch?


*doesn’t get scared because of how much you have been scaring him*

(Y/N). I hope you know this is getting old and I won’t get scared.


*is a tough cookie*

*doesn’t get that affected by it*


*you run up behind him and say ‘boo!’*

*crosses his eyes and passes out*


*starts crying*

See what you have done?? You have made me cry! Now make me feel better!



*you accidentally drop glass around you*

Don’t move (Y/N)! I’ll help you!

*picks you up and brings you away from the glass*

*starts breathing heavily from the thought of you cutting your feet*


*makes some animal mating call*

Eeeyyyoooiii eeeeyyyyoooiii!!


*doesn’t really get scared and makes an over dramatic gasp*

Oh my! That was so scary. Please don’t hurt me (Y/N)!


*hears you just suddenly make a high pitch scream*

What the….? Are you ok?


*you sent a dog after him and he starts to panic*


*you dress up as an old lady and pretend to slip on water around the public pool*

*he runs up to you all worried and scared that you might be hurt*

*you reveal that it was a prank and he smiles knowing that everything is ok*


*you show him this weird and nasty film*

Oh god…. What is this mess?? Make it stop!


*you shoot air at him during an interview*


*you tell Kangin to scare him while he is singing*

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Y’all do realise that stapling a bigoted depiction to a fictional monster doesn’t render it harmless, right? If I were to make a game about a heroic blue-eyed white dude killing his way through hordes of jabbering brown-skinned spear-chuckers in Tiki masks, making the baddies orcs rather than humans wouldn’t change the fact that it’s racist as hell.