how come when a cis person gets called titles that dont pertain to their gender (ie “ma'am” instead of “sir” and vice versa), they get to make a big deal and its considered okay and normal, but when it happens to a trans person and they make a big deal about it, theyre told to “calm down” and asked “arent you used to this by now?”

“Wow, I can’t believe this person did this horrible thing. This person is an asshole. Fuck this person.” = Justified way to vent. Not bigotry.

“Wow, I can’t believe this person did this horrible thing. People belonging to this person’s demographic are assholes. Fuck this demographic.” = Not a justified way to vent. BIGOTRY.

Absolutely no exceptions. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

  • anti-kin: otherkin are so ridiculous omg
  • otherkin: it sounds weird at first, but just hear us ou-
  • anti-kin: omfG you're not a plant!!!
  • otherkin: hey wait, it's not like th-
  • anti-kin: you're not oppressed!!!
  • otherkin: yeah ofc! just liste-
  • anti-kin: look at yourself!! you're a human!! get help
  • otherkin: i've gotten help, it's perfectly healthy, i know i'm hu-
  • anti-kin: shut up!!!! you're delusional and problematic!
  • otherkin: just liste-
  • anti-kin: all otherkin are so horrible and mean to trans ppl!
  • otherkin: ????????
  • queer ppl: literally bullied, beaten, stabbed, made fun of, killed, and driven to suicide because theyre queer
  • cishet ppl: sees one mean thing said about cishets in general terms on The World Wide Web™
  • cishet ppl: oh my god that is SO OPPRESSIVE!! you cant fight fire with fire so why are you doing this?? this isnt helping anyone, it just makes us not want to support you even more!!! #notallstraightpeople #notallcispeople