Sirian Starseeds

The ones who have their planetary origin in Sirio are very focused people, strongly determinated and lined on any path which they are going through. It’s very difficult to change their ideas, but once that they are convinced that a new path is more appropiate, They suddenly become more focused on the new one and leave the old one.

Sirians have very strong convinctions and ideas and a strong personal integrity. They are loyal and faithful to their friends. They are hurt and sad when their friends don’t do the same with them. Sirians don’t easily share their inner self with others, and they may have difficulties to share emotions and to express their sentiments and needs. If you are friends with a Sirian, you are  already been  examinated. Sirians may have difficulties in love relationship and friendship when they expect to be treated in a specific way, but they don’t share their expectations with the ones who are involved.

It’s important to them to work to sharing expectations and ideals to avoid to be hurt and disappointed. It happens because of the  lack of communication or of mutual understanding.

Sirians tend to be focused on the future, they don’t love to be focused on the past. That’s because the past pain is kept inside of them, is  denied and repressed. For this reason, Sirians may hold old emotions in big quantities. Several Sirians have chosen a lesson for this life: learn to release the ancient pain, learn to forgive themselves and the others and go on. 

Sirians have a strong sense of humour which only come out when they are with faithful people. Sirians may be considered dreamers, because of their active and vivid inner life. It may cause oversights and the tendency to don’t notice the 3D things of this reality.

They sometimes can give the impression that they are disinterested, indifferent or inattentive, but they are just somewhere else, They aren’t aware that other people can’t know nothing about their inner life. Even if they seem quiet and reserved, they have a strong activity inside of them.

As childrens, Sirians may be diagnosed with learning disabilities or they may have problems with their attention’s skills. They are indeed attracted by their inner world, that is often more interesting than the real one. They better learn with visual learning methods and they are more comfortable with open air activities. They are intelligent children and innerly strong enough to understand that if something don’t catch them they souldn’t be obligated to study it.

The ones who come from Sirius have a deep bond with Earth and with nature’s energies. Sirian’s starseeds often have had past lives as native Americans and have kept bond with the memories of those lives. They are really visual, because they are able to see things that people normally can’t see.

Possible Appearance

They have often have a face which shows the inner calm and security. Blacks eyes and dark hair or brown, in women. The face is very elegant, expressing feelings of wealth; many of the women have light brown or golden-green-blue eyes that express love for life.

(Source: Hearthaware)

So I notice a lot of starseeds or maybe people who just really like aliens will say a lot of things like “earth sucks” or say negative things about being human. I know earth can be ugly sometimes but it is also very beautiful here. I think we are here on a mission. Some of us are here to help earth and humans through rough times. So why are you begging the aliens to take you away? Where are the starseeds saying “I love earth” ?? I know you are missing home but I think this place needs our love right now…

The Philadelphia Experiment

The USS Eldridge (DE-173) was the vessel used to contain the Philadelphia Experiment. This experiment used technology that was part ET(Negative Zeta from the star system Rigel in Orion) to use cloaking technology. The experiment had to be conducted in August 1943 because of the magnetic influence at that time. Little did the US government know, the Zeta had an agenda of their own. They wanted to mis-align the magnetic relationship on Earth on multiple layers, and the magnetic relationship with the sun. The first conducted test was a success when the ship disappeared and reappeared. After the first test, they wanted to test it again, but this time with people on board to record the experience. During this test, the ship traveled through time to 1983, another magnetic peak in time. The Zetas created a phantom matrix which made the ship pass through a walled-off astral layer. The Zetas used this dimensional window to bring in star ships to position them to direct coded electromagnetic impulses at the sun. Once the ship was teleported back to the previous time, they members of the ship were embedded in the hull of the ship. And as if that wasn’t the worst part, the planet would have been destroyed from the solar flares cause by the misalignment, called a red pulse. This was fixed thanks to the Sirian High Council’s intervention which consisted of fixing the sun’s vorticies.

check out this video for more information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGglyC8QEnk&index=15&list=WL


This <transmission> Comes to you from the <mother> ship. We <Sirian>s Have been here for you. ||Always||. We<Sirian>s found this planet in its ||beginning||s, after our star >Sirius B >Explode<d into its last stages of life. Many groupings of elements were jettisoned. The heaviest <rock> >Impact<ed your planet <Earth>. Since then we have been watching, then aiding in life development. {As have others}.

We <Sirian>s have <instruct>ed our <child> to write, so that <more> may hear a <complete> ||accurate|| account of hi<story> of your planet <Earth>, as well as <instruct>ions on how to become <more> ||complete||, ~physiologically, ~technologically, ~mentally and ~spiritually.

The rise of spiritual |<metaphysical>| thinking on this planet ||at this time|| is not an accident. As the cycles of your planet <Earth> and its quadrant <Aelf> continue, <humans> grow more and more <open> and ||accept||ing. This allows for new <advanced> knowledge to be <gain>ed. It allows us <Sirian>s and others to <instruct> you.

We <Sirian>s landed on <Earth> ~150 million Years ago. We <Sirian>s had been to the area before ||Infrequently||, in scouting for life on other worlds. We <Sirian>s ||understood|| our duty to see <Earth> <recover> from its calamities. ||At that time|| <Earth> was teaming with life, however there were no <being>s similar enough for us to <aid>.

{There were already others at that time on earth}

We <Sirian>s used a {device} to ~see when we could return. ||Answer||, ~130 million <Earth> years in the future. <Being>s had begun to <evolve> into <think>ing creatures Which allowed them to have the ability to ||in time|| sur<pass<gravity> and ||enter|| the <cosmic<Family>.

We<Sirian>s tasked some of our own to <base> on the now ||Habitable|| planet. <Cities> were set on what is now ~Southern Europe, ~North half of Africa, ~China and ~MesoAmerica. Smaller <base>s were established in the surrounding areas for re<search>. ||At this time|| our very <presence>changed> the <target> species. <They> began to <mimic> us<Sirian>s and started to attempt to swim, to walk on two legs. <Their> <crania>l capacity was large enough to <observe>, <copy> and <Create>. This was <valuable>.

We<Sirian>s Began <experiment>s. {We were not alone in doing so} We began to <mix> our||VFCI||>s (Vibratory Frequency Cell Instructions) OR as <Earth> calls it DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) with the <target> species. We learned that there was enough of a match to have <success>ful trials. We <Sirian>s continued. Over the next ~10 million years we worked to raise the frequency of the <being>s by implanting our cells, introducing abstract concepts about the universe, education, and the introduction of music. We<Sirian>s protected them in their growth.||Near the end|| of our time our <child>ren had multiplied and were <create>ing new <idea>s on their own. We<Sirian>s had but one thing left to <teach> them ||at that time||. How to <live> together as ||ONE||.

Some <Child>ren <live>d with us in our <cities> and were separated into groups based on their intrinsic skills. A leader was chosen out of those who had taken the most to our instructions, and came to us<Sirian>s for council. ||At this time|| {Other Beings} had joined us in our task and also served as instructors and teachers. Those who are different, lived together as ||ONE|| being. As ||ONE|| unit. As ||ONE|| organism.

However, {This was not true of all}.

When ||WE|| were satisfied with our <child>ren and had given our <last>ing <instruct>ion, we ||Returned|| to our home. They were their own <being>s now, and would be left to their <own<idea>s and <instruct>ion.

As ~you well know, this GRAND <idea> did not stay >intact<. {those of lower VFCI} who had been here since before ||US|| {and others} copied our mission and twisted it to serve their own selfish desires. Slowly, <Dark>Being<s <corrupt>ed the <mind>s of our <child>ren, and {spread their [disease] across the <Earth>}.

Now it is time to |Re|<-awake>n to the truth. You <earth><human>s are not bound to low VFCI. You are whatever you <think> you are, because that is how your <evolut>ion works.

My starseed awakening experience

As of this writing, it is August 2014 and I am 33.

My teen years were spent in Alaska, where I was born and grew up. I shared time during my freshman year of high school with another student, about 2 years older than myself. We only shared an elective class together because of our age difference. Art class.

One day, during lunch recess, he followed the emanation of piano music playing from one of the music rooms (basically a closet with carpeted walls and a heavy door, and a piano) and came to listen to me playing. He said that it was very beautiful. We ended up spending a lot of lunch recesses together for “music appreciation hour”. We became very good friends with each other, even though we made an “odd couple” - he was a “preppy” kid and I was a “goth” girl. Appearances were meaningless to us. We shared an emotional intimacy with each other that I never experienced with anyone else. Unfortunately, he moved away out of state, and I lost touch with him (this was the 90s - I did not have an address for him and it was impossible to find him) and left Alaska at age 16, after becoming independent and graduating high school early. Yes, I really did this - I took the exam for my HS diploma on my 16th birthday, and moved out immediately. I did not have a prom, or a graduation ceremony, or a sweet 16 birthday party.

Fast forward to 2006/2007. He found me online, thanks to Myspace (remember Myspace?) and my sharing of contact information. We vowed not to lose touch with each other again, and kept in contact through emails and phone calls since then. Without going into too many details about what transpired (because it’s quite meaningless in the greater context), I will just say that we became romantically involved in late 2011. He moved to the Pacific NW in 2012, we became engaged, and we lived together.

In the midst of our involvement, I became aware of his special gifts. He is a psychic medium with extrasensory abilities. I didn’t know anything about this until 2011. He was very much a “closet psychic” due to his fears of persecution. Get this - we were close friends for years before he trusted me enough to tell me about his abilities.

We began living together, and I learned more of his gifts. He would always tell me that he knew he was not from here - not from Earth. I told him that I believed that he believed this, but that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it, not in the way he was describing it to me. He felt like he was alone and that there was no one else like him on Earth. He spoke of the Pleiades a lot. We spent some time stargazing together, and he would always show me the Pleiades. He told me that he never talked about this with anyone else, not even his half-sister, who was similarly extrasensory - and even they were close enough to call each other every single day.

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