Well, that happened...

So… returning from Korean BBQ, me and my friend were a bit… giddy. And we started to discussing the boys’ junk, and we came up with the following list for EXO at least. From biggest to smallest, not considering circumference… This is based on pictures we saw in the past, and just our feeling… don’t judge! We know you have thought about it as well

1) Kai

2) Lay

3) Sehun

4) Chanyeol

5) Baekhyun

6) Suho

7) Chen

8) Kris

9) D.O.

10) Xiumin

11) Tao

12) Luhan

Yeah that was our list… Obviously we made some ‘mistakes’. Here’s some material to prove my point. -all material © by respectful owners-

As for Kai… Just saying, he has some junk in the trunk, da’s all!

Our number 2: Lay

Number 1 in many ladies’ heart but 3 on our list: Sehun - just saying he appears to be… let’s say HORMONAL to put it politely-

Number four for us, with no proof whatsoever… to our 'average’ we guessed; Chanyeol

Our five, close call to Chanyeol: Baekhyun, and I must say in jeans it always looks smaller!

Suho as our number 6 because… just because

Chen as our 7th; still no prove whatsoever, let me tell you even if he wasn’t here or lower or higher. Size DOES NOT matter when there’s a hot guy like him attached! Unless… you know *raises pinky*

On our 8th place; Kris. Because we THOUGHT he was compensating with his 'cool guy image’ well… we were wrong!

D.O. as his runner up because we thought all those left would not have much to show but for the lovely personality and looks!

10th to our list: Xiumin… Because well, he’s Xiumin

Secondlast: one of our biggest, if not the biggest mistakes: Tao

And last, best right: Luhan

Considering the new 'developments’ here’s my new list:

1) Sehun +2

2) Lay 

3) Kai -2

4) Tao +7

5) Kris +3

6) Baekhyun -1

7) Xiumin +3

8) Luhan +4

9) Chen -2

10) Chanyeol -5

11) Suho -5

12) D.O. -3

Please remember, the first list is just my friend and I, and this second list. Is MY opinion! So well.. hope you enjoyed our boys :) I’m all for D.O., Luhan… so (:

Sehun : Our Baby Boy [Request - Scenario]

“W-Where is Sehun?!” You asked – no, you shouted in fact with your hand desperately squeezing onto your best friend’s hand. “H-He’s at a fan signing event!” She replied you hurriedly, causing you to groan with your head falling back. You couldn’t wait any longer – it has to come out now.

After 9 months of carrying a life produced by you and the love of your life, Sehun, in your stomach – it was time for this little life in you to come out.

The two of you didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl considering the two of you wanted it to be a surprise but considering Sehun wasn’t even here, it seems like you had to go in on your own.

“Ma’am, we have to put you in labor now.” The nurse was literally pressing on time and you grunted in pain, “Forget Sehun! I’ll be fine on my own!” You quickly breathed in and out after that, leaving your best friend there in the corridor when the nurses rushed you into the emergency room. It was just a regular day out with you and your best friend, a nice walk around the park but little did you know, your water broke and she rushed you straight towards the hospital after that.

Your best friend, immediately fished out her phone to dial Sehun’s number.

It rang for a while, but he answered. “Oh, yes?”

“Your wife is in labor!” She literally shouted over the phone and Sehun had dropped his pen. “What?!” He shouted in reply, shooting off his seat in an instant, leaving his fans to look at him worriedly.  Honestly, his fans supported his marriage with you and they even wished you the best. Of course there were a few fans who weren’t as nice as the ones who supported you but Sehun didn’t care. Getting married to you and having a baby with you was the best thing he could ever ask for but now you were in labor – in pain without him. He immediately looked over to his manager and his members were looking at him worriedly.

“Now?!” Sehun raised his voice, unable to hide the shock he received and your best friend scowled, “Get here now!”

“I-I can’t! I’m in the fan signing event now! It doesn’t end in a few hours! Are you in there with her?”

Your best friend groaned hopelessly, “She didn’t want me to go in with her, Sehun! You know she only wants you there with her now!” Your best friend was literally fighting for you but even she knew that you’d understand that Sehun couldn’t make it. But you would be very disappointed though because now, you were suffering in the emergency room.

“I want to be there so badly but I can’t!” Sehun cursed softly and kicked the table gently, causing the members to get up, walking over towards Sehun. “What’s wrong?” Suho was the first to ask and Sehun lost it, “My wife is in labor right now!”

“Oh God.” A few members mumbled softly, rubbing their hands together – they would want Sehun there too but he has to be here for at least a few hours before he could leave.

“Ah! I’m just going in there with her! You better get here as soon as you can leave the fan sign!” Your best friend huffed, hanging up as she shoved her phone into her pocket before she barged in the emergency room, putting on the gear she has to put on before she could stand beside you to let you hold onto her hand as you grunted in pain, literally forcing the life in your stomach to come out.

“Hello? Hello?! God damn it!” Sehun cursed, putting his phone back into his pocket as he sighed deeply.

“I talked to the manager, you can only leave after three hours, Sehun.”

Sehun groaned dejectedly, “Fuck.” He cursed softly, running his fingers through his hair. He shook his head, taking his seat back down in front of the fans who were worriedly staring at him. “O-Oppa, are you alright?” One of the girls asked meekly and flashed out a quick smile, “Y-Yes. Sorry to keep you waiting there. What’s your name?” Sehun picked up his pen, ready to sign whoever’s name she would say but honestly, Sehun’s mind was only filled with you and how much trouble he would be in for not being there with you because he would rather be with you now. He wanted to show you support, he promised you he’d be there but it looks like he broke his promise and even though he knew you’d understand – he feels terrible for it.

“Hang in there, baby.” He whispered to himself as he signed the albums.


“Before that, you can go ahead and see your child first, Mr. Oh.” The nurse told Sehun kindly, causing Sehun to part his lips. “Would you like to see your child first?”

Without hestitation, Sehun nodded his head.

As he entered the room filled with newborn babies, he was led to the one at the corner right. “Here’s your baby, Mr. Oh. He’s beautiful.”

Sehun’s heart leaped. “I-It’s a boy?”

Nodding once, the nurse flashed Sehun a smile. “Your wife is in ward 302. You may visit her too if you’d like.” Sehun thanked the nurse before she left him to be alone in the room. He bent over to stare at his son’s features. Even though his son was sleeping peacefully, he could analyze that he had your face structure while the baby had his lips. It was so cute, he thought. So beautiful, so pure…

In that moment, he planted a kiss on his finger, before he lightly patted it on the baby’s forehead. When the baby shifted, he jerked up, but calmed down when he noticed he was still soundly asleep. With that, Sehun smiled, “Looks like your name will be Oh Seon Jung.” He found himself noticing the baby had his lips curled up a little – as if he approved of the name.

Sehun was then reminded of his wife who was still in the ward alone – which was you. He hurriedly dipped down to just kiss the baby’s forehead with his lips before he left the room, searching for your ward.

Just as he opened the door, your head turned to the door weakly where you smiled at the sight of your husband. “Sehun…”

“I’m so sorry.” He quickly apologized, getting down to his knees as he held onto your hand. “We had a fan signing event and I tried to leave but they only allowed me to leave three hours after. I’m so sorry that you had to go through it alone. I’m-!”

“Shh…” You hushed him quietly, “What’s important is that you’re here…”

He gulped as he looked at you gratefully, how could he ever deny that you were the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Apart from his newborn son.

“Did you see him?” You asked him softly and Sehun nodded twice with a grin, “It looks like it’s going to be our little Seon Jung-ie.”

You smiled at him again and this time, you felt yourself closing your eyes to sleep. He hovered above you, planting a kiss on your forehead as he pushed your hair away from your forehead. “You must be tired…”

You gave a soft hum and he moved down to kiss your nose, “Sleep. When you wake up, I’ll be here.”

You simply gave a small smile, before you fell asleep. When you wake up, you’ll definitely reunite with Sehun, along with your newborn son.

Sehun : Me, As A Man [Request - Scenario]

“Sehun?” You called him out softly, hand twisting the door knob of the dance practice room open. You frowned when you couldn’t tell if someone was here considering it was pitch black. Sehun had called you an hour ago, telling you to meet him around this time as it as dinner time and he wanted you to come by the dance practice room after his dance practice. Although you were grateful there weren’t any fangirls coming after you anymore, you wondered what was going on when you stepped in curiously as you tried to search for the light switch with the light source from the door.

Just then, a soft thud could be heard – it made you look over your shoulder where the door was closed shut, leaving you with nothing but darkness.

You gulped as you felt a bit scared, “S-Sehunnie?” You croaked out softly and with two claps, there was a pathway of lights ahead of you, causing you to clasp your hands together tightly in front of your chest where you looked down the pathway only to see Sehun on the end with a smile on his face – and a tuxedo. You blinked at him, letting your lips part as you unintentionally dropped your bag.

He had an arm extended to you, with a heavenly smile on his face. “Noona, come to me.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion – what was going on…?

Today wasn’t your birthday nor was it his, today wasn’t any anniversary – what was it?


He tsk-ed with a grin, “Don’t make me wait just because you know I will, noona.”

You gulped and decided to move your body where you brought yourself towards him. The moment your hand was in hand with his, a dim spotlight was shined on the two of you, causing you to jerk in his grip when he had a hand on your waist, while the other was holding your hand up with his at the side. Your hand naturally went onto his shoulder when he surprisingly made you twirl in his grip, making you stop perfectly with his hand planted on your waist. You stared at him uncertainly, “S-Sehun… What are yo-“

“Let’s dance, noona.”

As if it was on cue, some music came on – suitable slow music, a dance for two.

It echoed in the room and it made your body move along with his. You weren’t exactly a dancer but you didn’t have two left feet – so it was easy for Sehun to control your body as if you were created to dance along with him. Whenever he made you twirl, you’d twirl for the amount of seconds he’d want you to before he’d pull you close to his body again. When he spun you around in his arms, you’d move gracefully with him and honestly, it doesn’t even feel like he was younger than you by a year.

You felt the dominancy he had in him and that was exactly what he wanted to show you.

In his arms, you felt like you had to follow all of his moves – he was in charge, he was the one to call the shots. He spun you around one more time as he pushed you away with his hand still in lock with yours. He tugged you back, causing you to twirl into his arms before he had his arms wrapped around you from the back. Just on time, the music came to an end, bringing a confused, yet happy smile to your face.

“Sehun… Are you trying to tell me something?”

“Shh… I’m not done.” With that, he retreated his hands from your body to clap twice. The whole room was lit up again with the normal lightings, allowing you to see that there was a table at the side of the room beside the pathway of lights in which, you could spot your bag too. There was this table and two chairs along with a closed meal – you could easily sense the members had helped him with this too before the lights came on because now, there was no one but the two of you.

“Come.” He held onto your hand, dragging you towards the table where he pulled the chair for you, urging you to sit down and you did. Just as you sat down, he knelt down onto the floor with one knee as he held onto your hands delicately. You looked at him with wide eyes – your heart was racing.

“Noona,” He called out softly, he sounded so gentle yet strong at the same time. “I know, I’m younger than you by a year and I know that sometimes, you may feel as though it’s hard to come to me for help because I’m younger, but I can take care of you the way you want me to.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, looking at him carefully, “Sehun, since when have I-?”

“I overheard your talk with Minho-hyung the other day.”

You bit your lower lip in guilt – he was right.

Minho was down the hall the other day and he decided to talk to you while you waited for Sehun to finish his practice. With that, Minho asked if you would go to Sehun for help but you answered with an honest ‘no’, saying that he was younger than you and you wouldn’t really feel good if you went to him for help. Little did you know, Sehun was eavesdropping to your conversation – even if he knew it was wrong.

“S-Sehun, I-“

“I don’t expect you to rely on me fully but I want you to know that even though I’m younger, I am capable of being the boyfriend for you. I am capable of taking care of you. Promise me something, noona.”

You swallowed hard as you blinked at him – he sounded so desperate, so in need of you to just believe him and for the first time, you found yourself seeing him in a different point of view.

“Promise me you’ll come to me first if you’re in need of help. Not anyone else.”

He gave your hands a squeeze, “Come to me.”

When he saw you hesitating for a ‘yes’, he added, “Please.”


“I want to be able to take care of you, noona. I know I can do it. I know I can.” He sounded so serious that the ceases on his forehead was showing. You smiled a little, giving his hands a squeeze as well, “I… I promise, Sehun-ah.”

His body shot up to bend down as he hugged you tight, inviting you into his embrace as you hugged him back while you got up to hug him properly. You felt his hand at the back of your head, stroking your head lovingly, “Thank you, noona. Thank you for giving me a chance. I love you so much.”

You smiled into his chest, hugging him back tighter, “I love you too, Sehun-ah.”

And that day was the day you saw Sehun as a man.

Not just the maknae of EXO-K, not the cute silent boyfriend you knew.

A man.