I was watching the music video of Secret by The Pierces (PLL’s theme song) and I found some VERY interesting connections between Mona and Charlotte/”A”, as well as Mona’s “death” and Charlotte’s murder.

In the music video, we see Catherine (the BLONDE) and Allison (the BRUNETTE; yes, she has the same name as Ali from PLL but we’re gonna ignore that, considering she has two L’s in her name anyway). They’re the two singers that make up The Pierces. Catherine and Allison are having tea when Catherine says she has to tell her something, but makes Allison swear to never tell. We never see what Catherine tells her, but as many assume, it is that Catherine murdered someone.

The next scene has Allison on the phone talking to someone, and she is revealing Catherine’s secret to them. This is parallel to when Mona called Aria telling her that she has proof that Alison is “A”.

Keep in mind that Catherine is blonde. We see her walking down the hallway heading to Allison’s bedroom, just like how “A” (Charlotte) broke into Mona’s house and headed up the stairs.

Catherine then enters Allison’s bedroom, and Charlotte walks into Mona’s bedroom.

Both victims are then “killed” and dragged around.

What I found intriguing is that Catherine put a blonde wig on Allison, much like Mona’s hair having been dyed blonde in the Dollhouse.

The episode Mona “dies” is 5x12, titled “Taking This One to the Grave”, which is obviously a homage to the song itself. Both victims are seemingly dead.

That’s until Mona was revealed to be alive in 5x25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, and Allison comes back alive at the end of the music video. Allison KILLS Catherine in revenge by strangling her.

Who else died by strangulation? CHARLOTTE! She was hit with a rod then strangled from behind, like Catherine was.



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Never thought I’d breathe this in the wild…..

Fairy tail 526 : Secret FT Memories Title Revealed link with Lucy vs Zeref! Confirmation Rahkeid’s demon, Secret name August, God Serena

Fairy tail : Theory Prediction 526 +

- Secret Fairy tail Memories Title is Eclipse/ the Carla’s prediction (Lucy crying) the 7/7/2017 ?
- My name is August, the true son of Zervis, he’s Moses??
- Rahkeid a demon, the secret book !!!
- God serena / Dreyar family link secret clue



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