lol but imagine how much more badass all the female characters in naruto would be if kishimoto didn’t let his misogynistic views influence his storytelling

like what if sakura and ino stayed friends despite their rivalry and trained together to make each other stronger instead of dragging each other down

what if inner sakura was acknowledged to be a major threat to itachi’s mangekyo, sasuke and naruto are out cold in the hospital and itachi comes and sakura’s there and they face off and he’s like “oh shit, what is this girl? I done fucked up”  

what if sakura, after three grueling years of training, was actually a match for sasuke and put up a hell of a fight, what if sasuke grudgingly acknowledges her and she just went ‘frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’

(I know this is a bit of a stretch) but what if sakura, after being the hokage’s apprentice, healing thousands during the war, being extremely intelligent, patient, determined, and diplomatic, was at least considered for the hokage position (but turns it down because it’s naruto’s dream)

what if karin tried to slap some sense into sasuke and stood up for herself, what if her dream was to keep young girls from suffering the same abuse she did, or getting revenge on the people who used her, instead of ‘seeing sasuke smile one more time’

what if hinata was inspired by naruto to have and pursue her own goals regardless of what other people thought of her  (like being the best head of the hyuuga clan to ever live and liberating the branch family vs. just being like ‘naruto-kun *blush*)

what if (aside from the few existing exceptions) the female characters in naruto actually put up a hell of a fight, maybe even WON most of the time when they went against a male opponent

what if naruto was a genuinely empowering show for boys AND girls all over the world, what if naruto OBLITERATED the subtle undercurrent of “yeah, girls can do it, but never quite as good as guys” that taints the shonen genere

look at all this wasted potential. what a fucking shame.

“I’ve also heard mumbling about something called RNG. I think it has something to do with this, but really, none of us know for sure.”

A late birthday present for Fafar and a dedication for all those players out there that wanted Takumi, but the cruel RNG screwed them over royally by giving them Matthews and Virions instead.

Takumi,just show up for Fafar already please. *continues aggressively channeling with pineapples and miso soup and cursing the RNG*