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When there is a case that, at first, Rupert was about to turn down due to it sounding shady and strange, but when it is mentioned that DD&MD is somehow heavily involved in it, his assistant Tyrone jumps at the chance and immediately agrees they'll take the case and Rupert asks just what happened.

Rupert “oh shit my assistant is a giant fucking nerd” Mills

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Rupert has this friendly rivalry with another detective he who is eccentric and admittedly kind of a jerk, but a brilliant and talented detective who's own eccentricities hide how cunning and analytical he is. But his assistant "Tyrone" is sorta wary of him despite Rupert's tolerance of him- because Alcor knows that rival detective is a Bill Cipher reincarnate.

Dipper takes solace in the fact that at least Ia- er, Veronica, has the literal worse fashion taste ever