Jealous Jade

Req: Please do a fanfic where jade gets jealous because beck was talking to some girls. She confronts beck and he cant believe what he is hearing and is in shock that she cant see how beautiful she is. So beck loses it.

**Takes place post- “Jade Dumps Beck” in season one**


Jade’s POV:

“We get back together and the first thing you do is go talk to other girls?!” I accuse with my hands on my hips, slightly out of breath from running over to Beck.

Beck looks at me confused, he didn’t know I was standing at my locker watching girl after girl come up to him as he was placing his books in his locker.

“Jade, come on!” Beck said, rubbing his forehead with two fingers.

“What? Am I giving you a headache?” I asked in a loud voice, “Should I call over all those pretty girls from before to comfort you? Apparently one girl just isn’t enough for you, huh Beck?!”

“That’s it,” Beck growled under his breath. He slammed his locker closed, swung his back pack over his shoulder and grabbed my wrist, pulling me to the janitor’s closet.

“Let go! This is sexual harassment! You all see it! You’re all witnesses!”

I stop fighting him once we get inside and my wrist is free of his strong grip. I shut the door and lean my back against it.  My heart stopped racing and I spoke slowly, trying to hide the shakiness. 

“I’ve already apologized about the dog thing; I really did have good intentions. But if you don’t want to be with me,” I take a deep breath before continuing, “if you’d rather be with those prettier girls, then go right ahead. You can’t just get back together with me then flaunt them in my face when we’re dating.” I stuck my chin out and crossed my arms.

“Do you seriously not get it?” Beck finally spoke, narrowing his eyes.

I narrow mine in response, waiting for him to keep talking.

“Jade, you’re the hottest girl in this whole school…There isn’t anyone prettier than you. Or wittier, for that matter!”

I look at him skeptically.

“I don’t understand how you can be so…insecure all the time!”

“Maybe I wouldn’t be so insecure if you didn’t flirt with other girls!” I spat without thinking. Beck gets angry at my accusation and drops his bag onto the floor. He takes the short step towards me and places his hands against the door on either side of my head, boxing me in.

“I have no reason to flirt with other girls when I have you. You’re the-

"Then why do you flirt with them?” I counter.

Beck slams his hand on the door, clearly annoyed at my interruption. I lift my chin in defiance, not taking back my comment.

“You drive me off the walls, you know that? You’re so freaking beautiful and probably the closest thing to perfection one could ever be, yet you don’t believe me when I say that I’m not flirting with anyone else? Why can’t you just believe me that I only want to be with you?” Beck seethed. My eyes grew wide. I’ve never heard him get this angry before.

“Can’t you just trust me for once that I love you and am not interested in anybody else?!”

I bite my lip, not responding. Beck’s eyes bore into mine but I let my expression remain stoic. I can hear Beck’s breathing getting heavier until I finally nod my head.

Beck snaps and moves his arms to wrap them around my waist and pull me to him, forcefully. His lips meet mine in a rough manner. After two minutes of kissing, Beck pulls apart and I look up at him. The intense look in his eyes startle me.

“I love you,” Beck spoke with earnestness, making chills run up and down my arms. I never tire of hearing that phrase.

“I love you too,” I reply with ease, my fingers playing in his hair. Beck smiles, relieved, and bring his lips to meet mine once again.


A/N: Hope this is what you wanted! It’s difficult to make a character who usually doesn’t have strong emotions to get angry like that but I’d like to think I made this believable!

Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy it! :)
(if only a scene like that had happened on the show…)



REQ FROM ANON: Sasuke being like the #1 male host (as in host clubs in japan or those maid cafe services, but male! :) wanted by every girl and he specifically only likes picking Sakura as his favorite

I loved this prompt and I love Sasuke picking Sakura out of everyone else :) unfortunately because I wanted to go farther with it I kind of scrunched too much stuff in such a short period which makes it seem a little overwhelming. Nonetheless, I hope you like! (strong T)

Sasuke peeked over Karin’s shoulder to see if there was any trace of her either ready to come through the door, or in line as one of the tens of women waiting for him. He had his arms around two women, Karin and Ino, while two other women snuggled up comfortably onto his lap and began to slide their hands up and down his shirt, stopping dangerously at the V of his abdomen.

“Sasuke-kun,” they purred in unison. Sasuke did his best to keep his killer smile, treating them with the utmost respect that he knew they didn’t deserve, but they paid good—enough to keep him alive and well.

“Your time’s almost up, ladies,” the manager of the host club said, coming to their booth to refill their drinks. “Sasuke’s our most popular host, and we’ve got to get the satisfaction of all the customers, so if you want to spend more time with him, you’ll either have to spend more or come back later.”

Sasuke quietly breathed a sigh of relief as one woman, the one who positioned herself almost on top of his crotch, checked her purse, sighed, and kissed his cheek goodbye. Her lips were at the corner of his mouth, close enough to be a regular, full-on kiss, but the rules of the club were that there was to be no hanky-panky with the customers, no kissing, no touching (at least, on Sasuke’s part), and absolutely no sex during or after hours.

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Omg platonic armin/mikasa plz. Getting ice cream or something

Title: Ice Cream
Pairing: Mikasa x Armin

The small blonde let out a disgruntled sigh as he sat on the cold wooden bench just outside of the base. They had some downtime and he really wanted to go into town for some ice cream, yet everyone was too busy to go with him. Even Sasha, and she loved food! 

He leaned back against the wood, eyes flickering upwards to watch the clouds as he let out another sigh, this one being a bit louder than the last.


“What—“ Startled, Armin looked to the side to find Mikasa standing there. “Oh hi Mikasa!”

“Hi… Why were you sighing so loud?” She asked, taking a seat beside her long-time friend.

“Oh was I? I am sorry.” He replied hastily before relaxing once more. “I am just a bit sad. I really wanted to go into town for some ice cream since it is such a nice day today and we have some downtime, right? However no one has the time to go with me.”

“I will go with you.”

“Really? You want to?”

“Sure. There is not much to do around here today.” Mikasa said with a small roll of her shoulders.

“Great! Let’s go!” Armin chirped, quickly getting up. Gripping his friend by the wrist, he headed towards town with Mikasa in tow.

Taking a few licks of her chocolate ice cream, Mikasa looked around for a moment before turning towards the blonde soldier sitting across from her. Having found a small picnic table near the ice cream stand, the two wasted no time taking it before someone else got to it first.



“You ah—“

“I what?”

“You have ice cream on your nose,” Mikasa replied, a small chuckle escaped her, taking Armin by surprise. He had never heard her laugh before, given everything that has happened to them. Quickly wiping it off, Armin went back to eating his ice cream, a small smile on his face.

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hey there! i have a hankering for impala sex fics. can you help me out?

Yeah man I will give you all the car sex fics you desire and i’m not even sorry


Be·dev·il - To torment mercilessly; plague; To frustrate with perverse enjoyment.
AC/DC blasts through the car as the Impala roars over a dark road. Cas wants to play - but Dean isn’t having it.

Admin Notes: *fans self*


The Improbable Trials of Humanity

Dean is what grounds Cas after the fall.


Noah Would Have Fainted Had He Seen It

Castiel decides he wants to spoil Dean and takes him on a trip. Sex follows because it’s tradition.


Feeling Human

Dean leaps before looking when he offers himself up to help Castiel with that “virginity problem" (takes place right after they leave the bordello in ep. 5.03, natch).


Wanting to Try

Dean and Cas go for a midnight burger run after a hunt. A night that was originally planned as just looking for food quickly turns into something more… delicious.



Cas knows that Dean’s focus isn’t where it should be.



Dean has learned that sex is different when there’s an angel involved.


Conservation of Space

There aren’t a lot of things more tortuously unpleasant than killing a succubus, exactly two minutes after she managed to cover you in whatever passed for her crazy pheromone crap.


Mobile Suite

It’s impossible to get any privacy with Sam in the room, and Dean’s tired of waiting for him to leave.


I hope you like all of these :) there was so much impala sex that had formatting problems and if you guys are anything like me then you know how horrible that is. I did my best guys I did my best.