You’re Never Too Old for a Pokemon Journey!

Hello potential trainers! It’s important to realize that there’s no true age one must be to obtain their Starter Pokemon and begin their own Pokemon Journey! If you’re ready to begin, here’s the rules!

1) Use this Pokemon Generator to determine who your Starter will be! The beginning evolution of the Pokemon is your starter! No evolution? No problem! Lucky you! However, reroll any Legendary Pokemon you might get!
2) It’s time to begin! Draw a picture of you and your Starter Pokemon going on their adventure! That’s all! It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece! Tag it with Pokemon Journey!

I hope you and your partner can grow together! The World of Pokemon awaits!


More doodles of Aini~! Also, haha, what shesdefinitelynotcryingoverfairypokemon. I love drawing Aini being happy~! I think drawing her extremely sad would just break my poor heart! (hahawhatheart)
Sidenote: so apparently the internet lied to me! Aini actually means “MY spring” or “MY choice” in Arabic! (Or was it Muslim?) anyway, when I looked it up it said it was a Malay name but apparently it’s not


(via ▶ Magikarp baby at AX 2015 - YouTube)