My own Deoxys, Aini! If I remeber correctly, it means “spring” or “choice” in Malaysian? If I’m wrong, please correct me! I didn’t mean any disrespect when I named her! I just really love the Malaysian names you give your characters and I hope that this isn’t anything disrespectful… We all know the internet isn’t the greatest source for these things!
Just a few things about her: she loves all the Pokemon and finds them all fascinating (especially the fairy type Pokemon!) She loves the plants that earth has and is really sensitive. She prefers speed form and regular form, and she traveled to earth once she found out that other Deoxys began going to earth! She likes to travel around the wild and meet new friends! She hasn’t met any other Deoxys, much to her surprise.

Sooo I just found this and, although it doesn’t entirely relate to my blog… it is a shoe, and House of Alexzander is a fashion blog so…

But no seriously though, because why not? If your feet get tired from the shoes, just find somewhere cute to sit and play some Pokémon!
Yes prepared!

Nothing says confidence like a pair of shoes you know are going to hurt to wear so you came prepared to take several breaks!

I Live!

-Elliott Alexzander