binge watching spn makes me think of our supernatural detective babies and while pete is already a demon, mark is susceptible to possession so…it probably happens a few times. the poor kids. Pete just loves his Marko and can’t hurt him, but also needs to get that demon out of there

anonymous asked:

Your Kenny headcanons were adorable! Can I request some for Kyle and Pete (separately)? I love them both soo much♡

Thanks so much! And, funny you’d request these two cuz they’re my favorites as well! And I fuckin LOVE the goth kids. Coincidentally, they’re the only 2 I’ve ever written fanfics about… (the Kyle one is old, the Pete one is unfinished, but if anyone wants to see them, I could make it happen). Anyway, now that I’ve finished sharing regrettable facts, here we go!


  • Studying: You would often study and do homework together. Many times Kyle would try and help out with your homework, but usually leave you a bit lost. He also asks you for help quite often and lets you explain, even though he understands it just fine.
  • PDA: Any though of PDA would make him very flustered, thus much of his affection is displayed in privacy. From time to time, though, he can be convinced to hold hands while around others. Even still, he blushes like a madman the whole while.
  • His Hat/Hair: On one of your first dates, you wrestled Kyle until he finally took his hat off, and, upon seeing his mess of bright red curls, had to reevaluate your definition of cute. Since telling him of how nice he looks without the hat, he tends to leave it off when you wo are alone. Though he denies it now, once, in the cozy, quiet darkness of his bedroom, he mumbled to you about how much he loves when you play with his hair.


  • The Other Goths: Once in a relationship with him, he would incessantly pester the other goths to let you hang around with them, no matter how ‘ungoth’ you look. Once they finally accept you, you all become close friends. Pete will forever deny that he tried so hard to get you accepted into the group.
  • Coffee: Due to his coffee addiction, many dates take place in the few coffee shops around South Park. For the longest time you assumed he took his coffee black, but once caught him putting tons of sugar in it. After looking like a deer in headlights for a moment, he asked you to never tell a soul. Since then, you often bring him highly sweetened, fancy coffee drinks as little surprises. Not only is it a cute gesture, but no one looks twice at you when you order a ‘quad, venti, extra hot caramel macchiato,’ effectively saving his reputation.
  • “Conformity”: Though he insists that the generally sweet affections between the two of you are very ‘conformist’, it has never discouraged him from clearly showcasing his love. He thinks that no one notices, but when he’s around you there’s almost always a smile on his face.