I really like Pam’s character and how she plays her. There’s a lot of implications that the Mayor, Colonel, and Mark are in love with her, or did love her at some point. And instead of being a throwaway character, she has a major role in unlocking the mystery. She didn’t come to the mansion to mourn for Mark, she came because something was wrong and she was gonna figure it out her damn self.

It’s just nice that the only female character we have is strong and independent. She cares, but she’s not over emotional. She’s willing to put herself at harm to solve this mystery.

I just really love Selene, so thank you Pam for playing the character amazingly!


dancer! au in which kim is a pro but trini’s hips are just illegal

they meet at a club. kim’s there for fun but trini likes to own the place with some sexy dance like tango so when she sees that there’s someone just as good as she is, she goes to talk to the girl. turns out she’s a pro dancer but trini’s competitive and confident ass is giving exactly -1 fucks about that. so they dance together. hello sexual tension. a lap dance happens later. they fuck. end.