A lot of people turned on Pam when she became more assertive,” Fischer says. “That always made me sad. I’m so proud of her that she found her voice. But there are some people, particularly men, who are far more attracted to her as a wallflower. I think that’s so telling in what they’re looking for in a woman.
—  Jenna Fischer on playing Pam in The Office
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*coach’s voice* STILINSKI!!!

*isaac’s voice* perdeu mascottinho


“No, a body of water. YES, dumbass, a dead body!”

am I attractive to gay guys?

*scott’s voice* I’m the hottest girl *isaac’s voice* yes, you are

“sweetheart, my last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, so i think i can handle a werewolf”

*stiles’s voice* if you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind

*stiles’s voice* you don’t care about getting hurt but you know how I’ll feel? i’ll be devastated

We’re trying fox the fox.

You really have to learn not to trust a fox. Know why? Cause they’re tricksters. They’ll fool you, they’ll fool everyone.

I’m in the arms of my first love, the person i’ll always love.

A allison morreu mas td bem pq ela vai voltar like a skyscraper

A allison morreu mas td bem pq “it’s teenwolf. You never know… No one ever really dies”

salguei a santa ceia pra nascer sccallison shipper, não é possível

salguei a santa ceia pra nascer allisaac shipper, não é possível

vc shippa allisaac, eu shippo sccallison e no final td mundo se fode pq a allison morre