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Scenario #126: You go to the BRIT Awards with him

Liam: The boys had won the ‘British Video’ award and were being interviewed backstage in the winners’ conference room. You and Lou were standing to the side of the room, watching the boys thank the fans and answer questions from the press. “I dare you to steal the award from them” she nudges you, signalling at the award currently being held in Liam’s hand. “How?” you laugh, signalling at Paul who’s standing near the boys in an intimidating stance. “Just run by when they’re distracted with a question” she replies, egging you on, “I’ll do your hair and makeup everyday for a month.” “Deal” you tell her. Just as Louis answers a question, you run past them, quickly snatching the award from Liam’s hands. “HEY! That’s mine! (Y/N)!” you hear Liam call out after you as you run back towards Lou. “I guess she wanted to keep it safe for us before we break another award"Louis chuckles along with the rest of the boys.

Zayn: The crowd breaks out into cheers and loud applause as the boys walk on-stage to present an award. "It’s a great honour to be standing up here and presenting an award tonight…” Harry says into the microphone. Zayn stands a bit to the side, glancing in your general direction at times. You had made a poster to hold up for comic relief, as Zayn had previously told you that he was nervous about the award night. As you hold up your sign, Zayn looks at you and tries to hide his laughter while reading your sign, which says “YASSSSSSSSS ZAYN. OH MY GOD YASSSSSSSSS YOU LOOK SO HOT RIGHT NOW. YASSSSSSSSS”

Niall: You and Niall had this sort of on-going game where if he was bored during an interview or feeling a bit cheeky, he would turn to you and make a funny face (granted that you were present). The boys are backstage after having won the award for 'British Single’. The interviewers ask the usual questions, and the boys reply in high spirits, grateful for all the support from their family, friends and fans. “So do you boys have any plans for later tonight?” a reporter asks. “Yeah. We’ll probably just hang out or go to a bar.” Liam answers, looking at the other boys. “Tonight, anything could happen, really” Niall comments, before turning towards you, running his hand through his quiff and raising an eyebrow at you suggestively. 

Harry: “Oh my god. I love this song.” you comment, standing up with the rest of the crowd, as you hear Arctic Monkeys play the opening bass line. Harry chuckles, bopping his head and body to the beat. You and Harry start air guitaring while miming the lyrics to each other, as the other boys tease at how ridiculous you look. But soon enough they join in, and the camera captures the moment. “Thank you for coming with me” Harry whispers in your ear as the song ends. “Thank you for inviting me” you reply, grinning at him. 

Louis: Louis had invited you to attend the BRITs with him. “How do you do this?” you ask him, flabbergasted by the amount of celebrities and paparazzi at the venue. He chuckles, grabbing your hand and gently squeezing it. “(Y/N), you’ll be fine” “I’m going to trip.” you groan, as the limo stops in front of the red carpet. “You’re not going to” he reassures you, “come on! I’ll hold you hand!” You take his hand for support as he escorts you out of the limo and on to the red carpet. Louis and the rest of the boys are quickly ushered to an interviewer as you stay behind with the rest of the girls, not used to all the attention. Throughout the interviews, Louis glances at you to make sure you’re okay. Even blowing you a kiss and giving you a wink at times.



I couldn’t be more proud.I mean look at them.They got 2 Brit Awards (even though they broke one) and here they are,so close to get their third.

I love you,good luck.