lol i love tvd and acotar and the throne of glass series but

am i the only one who sometimes thinks it’s weird that rhysand is like 500 and feyre is 20

also related to that what effect would it have on your personality to be that old

maybe i’m all alone here but it’s a little creepy…imagine making out with someone and suddenly he draws back and pulls his face off and is like, 90. and rhys is even older 

i still love them though

it’s just something that ALWAYS bugs me, also with the vampire diaries and rowan and aelin

imagine king henry the 8th had never died, and he’d lived all this time and had all his quarrels and affairs left and right and then he met you (you`re like a 39th of his age) and is like, you’re my biggest love ever. and you’re like, that’s fine. let’s be together forever.