I feel like not enough people have seen this so here’s niall singing “one time” in line for the X factor

I’m sorry but who are you? And where the bloody hell are we?

‘last night was a haze for both of us and somehow we woke up hungover in a bed that isn’t either of ours and also neither of us recognise this apartment we should probably get out of here before someone calls the cops on us’ au

 I woke up with a pounding headache and my mouth was so dry my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth. I’d had a number of hangovers in my time, but this would rank up there with the time that I woke up in the university library with no real understanding as to why I was there.

I realised after a couple of minutes this wasn’t my bed - I woke up on the wrong side, and these sheets were definitely much softer than mine. Oh god, I’ve gone home with someone - it’s ok you’ve got this. Just get up, grab your things, go outside and call a cab.

I readied my self and sat up, I was definitely not wearing the dress I left home in last night, but football shorts and a t-shirt which was at least two sizes too big. Oh god, now they’ll think I’ve stolen their clothes - should I get changed?

No, get up and go. It was then, just after I swung my legs out of bed, there was movement on the other side of the bed and I realised I wasn’t alone. The body turned over and I saw a guy, about my age with blond hair and I could tell he definitely wasn’t the owner of the clothes I was wearing.

“Oh hi, sorry I was just about to leave and get out of your hair. Hopefully I didn’t leave too much of a mess?”

I was confused, he had an Irish accent and also thought that this was my place. Which it definitely wasn’t.

“Um I was just about to leave too - is this not your room? I assumed that this football outfit I’m wearing came from you?”

He chuckled, “Darlin’ if you were wearing a football uniform of mine, it definitely wouldn’t be one from Chelsea”.

Now I was really confused. “So if this isn’t your room, and it definitely isn’t my room them whose room is it?”

Now it was his turn to look puzzled, “What do you mean this isn’t your room? Oh god where are we? I think we should go before someone asks who we are.”

He was right - we needed to get out asap, so we gathered up anything of our we could find, peeked out of the room, and hightailed it down the hallway. We heard voices in a room off to the right, but before they noticed us we were out and walking down the driveway.

“Wow that was an adventure, and definitely not something that I’ve done before. I’m Niall by the way, I think I should have introduced myself to the girl I woke up next to in a strangers house.”

I laughed, “I’m Y/N. Man I wonder whose house that was, this outfit is hideous jesus, I wonder where I picked it up from last night.”

He laughed, “Well I’ve definitely seen people look worse after a night out, anyway do you wanna come back to mine? I actually recognise this area and I make a fantastic full English brekkie, and we can try to workout what happened last night?”

Could something good come out of what seemed like it was going to be a hideous hangover? “Yeah that sounds great - first step, lets have a look at the photos on out phones and work from there!”

Niall was right, his breakfasts were fantastic. The conversation flowed and just because we couldn’t fully work out how we got to the strangers house over one breakfast, didn’t mean we couldn’t continue the conversation over dinner the next evening.

The next step (Cheating) - Niall, Part. 2
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(Part 1)

One year later

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