i think michael pays attention to the little things in life and sees things that others aren’t noticing.

he never goes out when he’s home and of course there are plenty of reasons why, but have you ever looked at the people luke, calum, and ashton hang out with? yeah some of them are genuine but how many do you think are really there for the attention it gets them?

like michael clearly sees that half of the people he could be hanging out with are fake and will only create drama and problems, and that shows a lot of maturity (and is 100% michael) to just stay home by himself rather than go out with people who could give 2 shits about him.

michael is a lot more aware and intuitive than people give him credit for.


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47 Michael 🐢🐢

47. “No one needs to know.” Michael whispers as he heaves out a sigh, grabbing the fruity scented lotion from his girlfriend’s dresser so he could moisturize himself. It wasn’t that he was known for stealing her stuff, Michael normally kept out of her space- just in fear of like breaking something or accidentally poisoning himself with blush or something. They weren’t strong reasons to stay away from her area- but to him they were good enough. However, Michael found a new interest in her Eucalyptus Mint lotion [lemme just tell you that this shit is the bees knees ok ok]. He liked the way it would leave a strong scent, and his skin would practically glow and become soft after he lathered it on.

“No one needs to know what?” Almost jumping out of his skin, Michael throws the open bottle across the room, while quickly replying with “nothing.” His girlfriend of two years is just standing in the threshold of their room, laughing at the fact that he was a terrible liar. So, instead of saying anything, she just walked to pick up the lotion bottle from the ground; Michael watched her the whole time that she bent down and stood back up. Giving him a side glance, she clicked her tongue before closing the cap.

“So that’s why this runs out so quickly.”

Soulmate Michael (AU) Pt. 3

Imagine #3.3

(This is NOT the last part)


Background: Loosely based on the universe of which the movie In Your Eyes takes place. Michael and (Y/N) live on opposite sides of the world, they’ve never met, they share no similar blood, yet they have one strange connection. From a young age, though they never realized it, their senses have been connected. They thought they were crazy, until when they finally made some more sense of their bizarre connection.

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

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oH man

okay so i went to the 5sos soundcheck in melbourne and a girl asked ‘what came first the chicken or the egg’ and luke looked excited and said loudly ‘I WATCHED A YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THIS’ and calum was like ‘see other teenagers watch….other things before going to bed, luke watches science videos on youtube before going to bed’