It’s really interesting to me that people think that Merlin is a show about good vs. evil. I mean, in some places it is, sure, but I feel as though the overall war is about good vs. good. If we think about alignment charts (which, yes, I know are overused, let’s not argue about that now), Merlin is obviously lawful good – he’s the crusader. Arthur is more neutral good, the benefactor. And Morgana is chaotic good – the rebel, fighting from her heart for a doomed cause. Thoughts?

With Merlin being Arthur’s servant, the chores that he was required to do often took up a large amounts of his day. With Merlin also dating you, Merlin struggled to spend time with you, so he came up with a ‘brilliant’ idea for you to visit him while he was working.

It was starting to go well, with not that many close encounters, but soon, Merlin and you started to get sloppy with Arthur being very close to catching you on many, many occasions.

The most recent time that Arthur almost caught you two was in the morning when you and Merlin were spending alone time together instead of Merlin cleaning Arthur’s room.

When the pounding of feet coming towards Arthur’s room that made you and Merlin spring apart, the two of you started to panic.

“Where do I hide?”You hissed, looking around the messy room for a place to hide that Arthur would not find you.

“Closet,”Merlin told you and you nod, scurrying towards the closet. With taking the steps into the closet, Merlin followed to lock the door. 

With Arthur walking into his room three seconds later, he stared at state of his room.”Why is my room still a mess, Merlin?” Merlin didn’t know what to say that would seem slightly plausible, but Arthur choose to speak for him.” Here is some encouragement to help you finish. Do it now or I will feed you to the dogs.”

As soon as Arthur left with his threat, Merlin breathed a sigh in relief as he unlocked the door. 

Call of Kilgharrah (pt. 1)

Fandom: BBC Merlin

Pairing: MerlinxSister!Reader

Warnings: Crappy writing???

Request:The knights and Auther reacting to merlin’s twin sister who’s really, like really, attractive. - requested by dccomicnerd-world 

Author’s Note: I kinda strayed a bit from the request but the reader meeting the boys will be in the next part! The * means there is extra stuff about it after the fic

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You were drawn out of the darkness of sleep by a mighty voice calling your name. This has become a tiring routine for nearly a week now, ever since your grandmother died and you had to live on your own. As the calling began to drive you crazy from lack of sleep the voice stopped completely. You relished in the silence for the first time in days, but part of you also felt like something bad was going on.

Just when you thought the silence was gone for good one last word echoed through your mind. “Camelot.” The voice roared, causing you to clutch your ears and hunch over in pain, tears streaming down your cheeks.

Almost immediately you stood up, tears stained to your cheeks, throwing your clothes and other worldly possessions into a leather sack. Camelot here you come. It was still dark when you began the trek, and though you’ve never been to the great kingdom it seemed as though you have gone there a thousand times.

Your feet knew where to take you, though your brain couldn’t recognize anything after the area around your cabin. Every once in awhile you’d zone out and then find yourself miles ahead of where you’d last remember and in a matter of a day you arrived in Camelot.

You immediately became overwhelmed by the amount of people in the kingdom, it was almost over crowded as you pushed past and bumped into several people. Your feet, once again, dragged you towards a local inn. “I’d-uh-like a room, please.” You informed, unsure of yourself.

“Sure thing.” The rough, elderly man agreed, a suggestive grin appearing as he leaned over the counter separating the two of you.

“How much?” You quizzed, reaching into your knapsack. It took you quite some time to even feel the small pouch that held your coins and by time you did your knapsack had spilled most of its contents onto the dirty flooring.

You bent to your knees and began to file your now filthy close into the bag in which they belonged, someone knelt before you. Looking up you saw a dark haired young man helping you scoop your clothing into the bag. “I’m Merlin.” He informed, shyly.

“(Y/N).” You replied with a sweet smile, though you were obviously irritated. Once the bag once stuffed to the brim you jumped back up and dropped the pouch of coins onto the counter. “Thank you, Merlin.”

He nodded at you and then left as you moved your attention towards the inn keeper. “So, how much will that be?” You questioned for the second time.

He eyed you up and thought for the moment. “Are you here all alone?” The man asked, concerned. You nodded in reply. “It’s on the house.” He announced with a grandfatherly smile. Your smile grew as you thanked him profusely, sprinting towards your room.  

You settled into your rather uncomfortable bed, not really knowing what was next. You picked up your whole life and came to Camelot because of a voice you heard in your head, you were convinced you were just crazy and the voices were just made up.

But as you started to fade into sleep your name began to plague your mind, your feet pulling you out of bed and into the deserted city. A few knights walked across the streets every now and then. You ran to hide behind a fruit stand as a group of guards passed by, keeping as quiet as possible.

Once they passed you sprinted towards a hidden door to the castle, pushing the door open a bit harder than you’d like. It slammed against the wall, echoing through the barren halls. You heard a shout reply to the sudden noise, footsteps soon following the call.

You saw a staircase and ran down the cobblestone path, grabbing a torch, that was completely new to you in reality but it felt as though you had ran down it a million times. You knew every twist and turn, every indent in the steps, every misplaced stone that could trip anyone. You felt at home here.

The stairs were much longer than you had expected but you ran down each and everyone of them, anticipation growing in your belly as you saw the end nearing. The close to the last step you got the more another figure grew. A man was there, he seemed oddly familiar.

“(Y/N), I see you’ve made it.” A bellowing voice noticed your arrival as you foot planted itself on the base of the flooring.

Before you sat the most magnificent creature you’ve ever seen. He seemed to be a solid brownish color but when he moved, and the sunlight changed its position on the creature’s body, shades of beautiful purples and blues caught on his skales. A gasp caught in your throat as you took a step forward, bumping into the other man. “Hello?” You stuttered, feeling an odd tingling feeling throughout your veins.

“(Y/N)?!” The young man quizzed, eyes widening. That guy from the inn!

“Whats going on?” You asked, stepping towards the stairs. “Are you the one that’s been..”

“Yes.” The beast informed, his chain rustling. “It is time you and Merlin meet.”

“Why must we meet, what’s the significance of it?” Merlin asked, just as confused you were.

“Merlin, this is your sister.” The Dragon said, plainly. “Twin sister, to be exact.”

Merlin didn’t believe what the Dragon had said, and you: from the events of the last few weeks having a long lost twin seemed plausible. You could see the similarities between the two of you; the shape of your face and your voice, though much more feminine, fit with his. It made sense. After much convincing from the Dragon he finally began to believe what was said and immediately acted like a brother would.

“You need to protect her, Merlin.” The dragon announced, “Her powers are just as great as yours and will start to come out very soon.”

“If-if I have powers..why haven’t I experienced any thus far?” You quizzed, truly confused, and everything before life with your ‘grandmother’ came to the surface.

“When Hunith was carrying the two of you the Druids heard of the arrival of Emrys* they also heard of the arrival of Amara**, (Y/N)’s true name. A twin was not planned in your prophecy, Merlin, they were afraid of what she could do. When you were born they snuck into your room and gave Amara a potion to make it as though she had died. They laid her to rest that day and once everyone left her the Druids came to retrieve her and wake her.

“They have been watching over you, making sure you’re safe and know that you are coming of age, it is time you meet.” He looked between the two of you. “You need to be with her, Merlin, at all times; as her powers come in you will need to show her how to control them. You will need to protect her. Do not leave her side.” He warned, “Now go, take her to Gaius, she is not safe at the inn.”

* Emrys means immortal in in Greek

**Amara means never fading in Greek