Reasons why “Jessica Jones” is one of the best shows on Netflix that I have ever watched
  • An interracial relationship that is never questioned because of the color of the characters’ skin
  • A gay couple being shown having the same issues as a cis couple
  • David Tennant plays a truly terrifying villain
  • Multiple characters are abuse victims and all of them are shown trying to work past their ptsd
  • The main character is a drunk, bad ass, private investigator who’s whole plot doesn’t revolve around the fact that she’s a woman that does all the same things a man would
  • All the fight scene’s are done really well
  • Also did I mention David Tennant

Know what I miss? The Marvel One Shots. They should do more of those, but really obscure stuff. Like, The Collector and Howard the Duck playing chess. Or Vision sitting down to try different foods for the first time. Or Ant-man using ants to fetch the TV remote because he’s too lazy. Or the ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ kids joking around in class. Anything really.