• Right before 9pm on December 24th: participating in leisurely Christmas Eve activities with friends and family...
  • December 24th, 9pm: *BURSTS IN THROUGH A WINDOW, ROLLS INTO THE LIVING ROOM, HOLDING A VIDEO CAMERA, FULLY DRESSED IN TRADEMARK MAROON & LIGHT BLUE SWEATER WITH STRIPPED SCARF AND GLASSES* December 24th, 9pm eastern standard time. From here on in we shoot without a script. See if anything comes of it... instead of my old shit! *JUMPS ONTO A CONVENIENTLY PLACED BIKE*
#145: what he says to you before you sleep.

Mark: “‘Night,” is what he says as he leans over you to turn off the bedside lamp. It’s not much, but you were just happy he was there beside you to say it. “Night, Mark,” you say, looking at him. “Night,” he says again, and then reaches over to move a piece of hair out of your face. 

Jr: “See you in the morning,” is what he says as he yawns, closing his eyes and shifting himself slightly, intertwining his legs with yours before getting comfortable. “See you..” you say back quietly, eyes also closed, and then you both fall asleep… 

JB: “Get some rest, okay?” he says, running his fingers through your hair as you yawn. You nod with your eyes closed as he chuckles lightly to himself, leaning over to kiss you on your forehead before he lays his head down on the pillow to drift off to sleep himself.. 

Jackson: “I’m hungry,” he says, eyes scrunched together at first until he opens them. “Are you kidding,” you reply, turning onto your back in bed as you face palm. He laughs, pulling you closer to him as he kisses your forehead. “I’m just kidding,” he says, hugging you tightly.

BamBam: “Sweet dreams,” he says, grinning as you scoff at him jokingly. He reaches over and touches your face. “Dream of happy things,” he says, yawning, and then closes his eyes. He was so cheesy. But you knew he meant what he said. 

Youngjae: “Love you,” he yawns with his eyes shut, stretching his arms a bit before he reaches over to put them around you. “Love you,” he repeats, and you smile as he drifts off to sleep, knowing he didn’t say it much, so whenever he did it felt extra special. 

Yugyeom: “Good night,” he says with his eyes already closed. “Good night,” you say back, and his mouth curves into a toothless smile as he turns his head into the pillow slightly, and you know he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s blushing.