1. his talent being overlooked ALL. the time
just because louis can’t hit some of the high notes that liam harry and zayn sing, people say he’s not as good. that’s bullshit. his voice the most unique, he has great control as well as projection. AND louis is a talented writer.

2. when he pulls his microphone away from him when singing higher notes
whether the reason is that he’s insecure or something else, he does it all the time. all i want is to hear your voice loud and clear SING IT LOUIS

3. his own business & accomplishments always being tied back to harry & the rest of the boys
just hold on. his son. his success in the industry. being a songwriter. his current filming in doncaster ??? even when they’re on different continents, louis’s solo successes are always somehow invalidated and there’s ALWAYS that doubt from people that he won’t be successful without the others.

4. his voice literally killing you in every. song.
he has the least amount of solos but BY FAR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE ??!???! it’s so so angelic and vulnerable sometimes but it also has that RASP god i love him

5. he makes you laugh so much at 4am you can’t breathe
self-explanatory but we all been knew louis is and always has been the funniest and most spontaneous member

6. he’s the only one with one direction left in his bio

7. his 4 lines in i want to write you a song going by too quick😭
it’s truly the most beautiful thing to ever exist in this world and the sole reason that’s my favorite song

8. when you usually dislike smoking but can’t help but find louis hot
i’m so far up his ass this is not okay (but it actually is)

9. he will always stay true to how he started and yet is accused of changing bc of fame every day
his home and his family are the most important to him. he went back to film in doncaster, still loved football, loves his sisters, and loved his mother so so much.

10. all of the criticism he gets for literally no reason
just hold on performed on xfactor dedicated to his mother was hated on and people said it was him using his mom for promo???? his voice and abilities are constantly doubted in getting him a successful solo career even when he proves again and again he’s got the connections, the songwriting skills, the performance experience, the voice, and the fanbase. he’s criticized for being a mega-famous 25 year old man with a son who smokes and has tattoos… like seriously¿

11. seeing so. many adorable gifs and pictures of him each day that it actually kills you

12. not fucking knowing when his single is going to drop

-Louis and Steve performing Just Hold On at Ultra.

I had to bring down the quality of the video to 480 from 4K to able to post it, which makes me sad, cause it’s such a good quality video! :( but i hope you guys enjoy it anyways. he did amazing! So so proud of him! :) Thank you to my cousin for recording it for me!!! <3