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The Vanyar were the first and smallest of the Kindreds of the Eldar. They were the fairest of all elves, hence their name: the Fair Elves. Unlike the others who were attracted to the sea or the building and forging of things, the Vanyar culture seemed to revolve about Valar and Valinor. This is probably the reason why they choose to stay in Valinor proper centered around Taniquetil, the seat of the rulers of Arda, and thay loved the light of Valinor best.

The Great Middle Earth Bake Off

Bard Bowman flexed his fingers nervously as he and the other eleven bakers headed into the bake off tent for the first time.

He had promised himself he wasn’t going to be nervous, it was just a baking competition, no, actually it was the baking competition.

It’s that beautiful time of year again: Bake Off (aka the only good thing about summer).

So I am shamelessly self-promoting that Bake-Off au I wrote alongside it last year; featuring a main course of barduil with tasteful and complimentary side dishes of bagginshield, dwori, farawyn and angbang. 

Bakers: Bard, Thranduil, Bilbo, Ori, Bombur, Beorn, Balin, Faramir, Arwen, Éowyn, Radagast and Mairon

Judges: Galadriel and Samwise Gamgee

Presenters: Merry and Pippin

On Your Marks! Get Set! Bake!

Thranduil blames the Dior and Elwing for the destruction of Doriath and Sirion just as much as he does the Feanorians. He holds them accountable for the lives lost too.

He is appalled at the fact that Dior even brought a Silmaril into Doriath. He’s terrified. He sees no logic in baiting the Feanorains, knowing what they already did to the  Teleri. They are sitting ducks. He tries to counsel Dior, tries to make him see how wrong it is to have the jewel in Doriath. But he does not listen.

And when the Feanorians send a letter wanting it back, Thranduil is enraged when Dior refuses. So knowing full well what will come, Thranduil starts planning an escape route

He isn’t surprised when Doriath is destroyed, and he puts as much blame on the Feanorians as he does his own King. Dior could have saved them.

He hears of Elwing, and her survival, and is glad for her and the survovirs that follow. Though when he learns she carries the Silmaril—the same one that saw Doriath ruined—he feels sick to his stomach. Though he himself did not travel to Sirion originally, he sends word to Elwing, pleading with her to return it to the sons of Feanor. Those are his family members in Sirion, friends as well. He warns her what will become of them if she refuses, he tries to remind her of his father, yet she does not listen.

And weeks later, Sirion is laid obliterated, Elrond and Elros are taken, and Elwing escapes with her life….and the Silmaril. By this point, Thranduil can’t even be angry anymore. The blame is still there, but he didn’t expect any less from a daughter of Dior.

Though when he learns of the Arkenstone, and he sees what it is doing to the dwarves, he tries to warn them. He even gets personal, or attempts to, but they do not listen. So when the dragon comes, he simply doesn’t care.

He’s become desensitized to such things.