2013: 30 times Liam was perfect

1. When he looked like the love child of David Beckham and Justin Timberlake

2. When he made panties drop

3. When even Harry couldn’t contain his lust for Liam

4. Any time he was in a suit

5. Which was a lot cause he looks damn good

6. When he wore this jacket…punch me in the face

7. Or this jacket…it should be illegal to look this good in jackets

8. And then he wore this one…everybody can concur that this man looks good in jackets

9. When he showed the entire world that he has a pain kink

10. When he let Zayn rub up on his body

11. When he showed off his dancing skills

12. When he was the most adorable police man ever

13. When he smiled like this and I self combusted

14. When he brought his selfie beard game

15. When even Louis couldn’t contain his awe

16. Sassy duck face

17. When he showed off his amazing abs while doing dishes

18. Uh…this interview

19. When his arms did the thing

20. When he winked and bit his lip

21. When he did this

22. When he rubbed his lip and stubble

23. When he danced with Harry like this

24. and also this dance

25. When he climbed on this pole

26. And the way that he runs shirtless into a room

27. When he flexed his arms doing this

28. HIs adorably dorky dance face

29. When he rubbed his own nipples

30. Every time he smiled his adorable smile

Preference #24 You Get Jealous (Harry and Liam)

Harry: You were on tour with the boys and they wanted to see the nightlife of the city. So, that meant that you guys were going to clubs. You had on a nice tight pair of your favorite skinny jeans and a nice black top that showed a bit of skin and your favorite pair of red converse. Most girls would wear heels to a club, but you much preferred your converses. You guys were at your third club that night, and you desperately had to use the restroom. “I’ll be right back.” You tell Harry kissing his cheek. He nods and heads over to the bar with the guys. After waiting in what seemed like an hour-long line, you finally were able to head back over to your boyfriend. When you look over at the bar, you don’t see him, so you look around and that’s when you see him surrounding by a group of girls. You didn’t really worry about it because you were used it. However, these girls were obviously trying way to hard to get his attention. You just rolled your eyes and went to get a drink from the bar. You smiled at the bartender after you got your drink and you were going back over to where your boyfriend was, but you saw that the group of girls had grown and they were all laughing and touching him. You rolled your eyes and walked over to him. “Hey babe.” You smile to him. He looks over at you and smiles. “Hey, Y/N.” He says. You smile and stand there for a good five minutes, but he still was talking to the girls. You sighed. “I want to dance.” You say to him. “Okay, baby, go dance.” He smiles. “I want to dance with you.” You say and wrap your arms around his waist. “Please?” You smirk. “Wow, someone has to beg her boyfriend to spend time with her, that’s pretty sad.” One of the girls says. “I guess he likes what’s over here better.” She says. You roll your eyes. “What I think is pretty sad, is that you girls are trying way to hard to get with someone who is taken.” You smirk. “He didn’t look taken 5 minutes ago.” She smirks getting closer to you. “We’ll see about that.” You smirk and pull him out and away from the crowd. “Y/N, Baby, I just want you to know that nothing happened. I was just being nice and took a few pictures with her because she said they were fans.” He says nervously. “I know. I trust you.” You smirk and push him up against the wall. He looks at you confused. You lean up and kiss him passionately. You smirk and pull away and then kiss down his neck and bite down a few times leaving a couple of marks. “There now if I have to leave you alone for a bit, everyone will know that you’re taken.” You smirk at him. “Now, let’s go dance.” You say and pull him out toward the dance floor, while he just has the shocked look on his face. When you get out on the dance floor and turn toward him, you see his face. “What?” you blush. “Nothing, nothing, it’s just wow, you are really sexy when you’re jealous.” He smirks wrapping his arms around you. You blush and hide your face in his chest. He laughs and kisses your head before you two start dancing for the rest of the night.

Liam: You and Liam were out to dinner. You were really excited because since you had been on tour with him for a few days, you two haven’t had alone time because he’s been busy. When you got to the restaurant, he smiled and pulled out your chair. You giggle and sit down. “Such a gentleman.” You tease. He smirks. “I try.” He says before sitting down across from you. “I’m so happy that we were able to get away and be with each other.” He smiles and grabs your hand. Soon the waitress walks over, “Hi, I’m Mandy, I’ll be your waitress tonight.” She smiles. “Can I get you two something to drink?” She asks. You nod and go to speak, but she turns to Liam first. He tells her what he wants and she nods writing it down. She almost leaves without taking your drink order, but you clear your throat and get her attention. She puts on a fake smile and you tell her. She then leaves and comes back with Liam’s drink and she gets yours wrong. “Umm, this isn’t what I asked for.” You say holding it out to her. “Oh, um sorry.” She giggles and reaches for it before spilling it on you. You gasp and stand up. “Oh, I’m such a clutz.” She says. “I bet you are.” You mumble. “I’m going to see if I can clean this.” You say to Liam. He nods and you go to the ladies restroom. After spending 15 minutes and try to get the stain out, you decided to give up and just enjoy the rest of the night. When you walk out, you see the waitress sitting in your seat and talking with Liam and flirting with her. You roll you eyes and walk over there. “Um excuse me, shouldn’t you be working.” You say. “And not talking to my boyfriend.” “I’m just talking with the member of my favorite band.” She says innocently. “Oh, right and let me guess that was your plan all along right. You get my drink wrong and spill it on me so I would have to leave and then you could have at it with my boyfriend.” You say. “I can’t believe you would think I would do that.” She says innocently. “I’m just a fan excited to meet him.” She says. “Oh, whatever.” You say. “Babe.” Liam says. “She’s just being nice.” He says. You glare at him. “Right. You know what, fine, if you want to spend your night with her then go ahead. I’m going back to the hotel.” You say. “No, babe don’t. You’re overreacting.” He says. You glare at him and grab your purse and leave the restaurant.  He sighs and gets up and follows you. “Y/N!” He says. “Stop!” He says. “I can’t believe that you were saying I was overreacting.” You say. “I saw the look in her eyes Liam. I know when I girl is trying to get with someone. “ You say. “And you just let her sit there and flirt with you.” You say. “I did not. We were just talking.” He says. “Whatever, fine you were just talking.” You say. “But maybe I should just go find a guy and just talk to him.” You say. Liam groans and sighs. “Baby, I don’t understand why you are being so jealous right now. I talk with fans all the time.” He says. “I’m jealous because you let her treat me like that and you didn’t care, you were just content with flirting with her. You may not have realized it, but you were Liam.” You sigh. He sighs and walks over to you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too. “ He whispers wrapping his arms around you. He sighs and you look up at him. “I’m sorry I got jealous. I was just angry because I could tell her actions.” You say. “And plus my dress is ruined now.” You sigh. “I’ll buy you another one.” He smiles. “Don’t worry.” He says kissing your head. “You’re so good to me.” You whisper. He smirks. “Well you deserve it and plus you’re really cute when you’re jealous.” He says leaning down and kisses you.   

Preference # 22 You Join Him On Tour (Harry and Liam)

 Harry: You just finished your tour a week ago, and you flew to your hometown to spend a few days with your family, before you flew out to join your boyfriend and One Direction on tour.  You were excited because you had requested that you had the next few months off because you just ended a huge tour and finished your album, and you really wanted a break. So, you were able to spend the next few months with your boyfriend. Your plane just landed and you were at the airport. As you were leaving, there were paparazzi everywhere and quite a bit of fans. You smile and take a few pictures with the fans. After a bit, you then get in a car and they take you to the hotel, where the boys are. When they drop you off, you carry your bags up to the room, which Harry was staying in. You knocked on the door, and you heard someone practically running towards the door before opening it quickly. “Y/N!” He smiles and picks you up and hugs you tightly. You giggle and drop your bags and wrap your arms around him. “I can’t believe you’re here and that I get you everyday for the next three months.” He says. You giggle and kiss him. “Eww take it to the room. “ You hear a familiar Irish boy say. You giggle and pull away and look and see Niall walking down the hallway. “I don’t know if I can handle all this for three months.” He says referring to you and Harry. “Too bad mate.” Harry smirks. “We’ll tone it down it.” You say to him. “Excuse you.” Your boyfriend says. “I don’t think so.” He smirks.

Liam: You just finished recording your album, so you had a few weeks off before you had to start the preparations for your next tour. You decided that you were going to spend those weeks with your boyfriend. You met him in the middle of his own tour and met him at the venue they were playing at that night after your plane landed.  When you got there, they were goofing around and his back was turned to you. You smirk and sneak up behind him and jump on his back. He makes a little scream and grabs your legs and looks back and smiles when he sees you. “Finally.” He smirks and leans in to kiss you. You smile and kiss him back. “Annnd it’s already starting.” Harry groans. “She hasn’t even been here for 2 minutes and they are already making out.” “At least they’re not having sex right out in the open.” Louis jokes. Liam rolls his eyes. “You guys are just jealous because my girl is here and yours aren’t.” He smirks. “And you’re also jealous that I’ll be getting some.” He smirks. You gasp and hit his arm. “Ow.” He groans. “What was that for?” He whines with a pout. “Be nice!” You say pointing at him. The boys smirk and start laughing. “Yea, Liam, be nice.” Niall says. “You’re so mean.” He jokes. You giggle and jump down from Liam’s arms and go over and hug the guys. “Don’t worry guys, I got your backs.” You smirk at Liam. They smirk and all hug you. “This isn’t fair.” Liam groans. “You’re supposed to be on my side.” He says. You shrug smirking at him. “Love you!” You giggle.