Violet’s Plan?

As I read through chapter 125 again, there was one thing that caught my attention. Upon finding Violet, Sebastian asks him why he (Violet) would allow things to turn out in such a manner if he had known what was happening all along.

This is an extremely valid question. Violet knew about the blood extractions and should have even recognized that he was in danger having the ‘rare’ blood that was in demand. Violet’s answer, however, is a bit odd. He starts talking about seeing ‘them’ smile and how he didn’t want them looking sad again.

I assume that he means his friends, but that is strange. On one hand, Violet could be saying he was willing to sacrifice his own health as well as allowing other people to die just see his friends happy and smiling. While they’ve probably gone through some rough times since being expelled from Weston, this seems a bit extreme. They are looking for happiness, and Redmond even says as much.

Yet, staying with the cult put them in danger, and now they are wanted criminals. Violet could see this coming, but he didn’t protect his friends. In fact, he purposely invited them! He says he did so in hopes that word might reach Ciel.

While this line of thinking might seem a bit convoluted as Violet could have sent word directly to Ciel (anonymously or as someone else if needed), but this brings up another issue. If Violet invited Cheslock and the others in hopes word would reach Ciel, then Violet knew there was big problems and dangers with the Blue Sect BEFORE he invited his friends. Plus, he never thought of providing them with any warning about the cult. Up until the deaths were reported, the rest of the S4 had no idea what was going on.

So, Violet invited his friends to a place he knew was dangerous, didn’t tell them of the dangers, silently watched as they became a part of the cult, and helped them to draw in new people to be put into danger.

All because he wanted to see them smile?

Perhaps I’m just thinking too much (wouldn’t be the first time LOL), but this seems more than a bit warped. Of course, there is still one big question that we don’t know. How did Violet get mixed up with Bravat and the cult in the first place? He never even attempted to answer that question. When Sebastian asked him why he was going along with everything, he only talked about the rest of the S4 and how he wanted to see him smile. The Violet makes another bizarre statement.

Why couldn’t Violet bring himself to end it all? He invited his friends and Cheslock in hopes word would get to Ciel. Again, this means he knew at least some of the dangers of Bravat and the Blue Sect before inviting them. So, why didn’t Violet just leave before or send out some warning rather than an invitation.

Perhaps it goes back to how and why Violet got mixed up with Bravat in the first place. Is it possible that Bravat has some other hold over Violet? He kidnapped Lizzy and is using that against Ciel, so it wouldn’t be unlike Bravat, and Violet could be valuable because of his blood type.

Now, this all could be nothing. This might be nothing more than a way to tie the story together, but I think there is still a possibility there’s something beyond that.