100TH DAY!!!!!

today it will be my 100th day knowing this beautiful person that hs been so kind and caring @taestyhoe she been there for me more then any of my friend that I’ve known for years when i first talked to her i knew she was an amazing person yes ik we’ve never met each other in person but that day will come, rn you mean the world to me and so much more when ever you text me i get a smile on my face WE WERE MEANT TO BE lol, having a long distance friend ship is hard cuz theres moments when i need her to be with me in person to laugh with me i wanna be able to hug u when i want but believe me this will happen, its one of my goals now, so thank you for being iwht me through my hard times, being there for me when i cry and when I’m happy, rising my spirt when you know that i need it… thank you min i love you and hope for more wonderful days with you in my life