Vixx will always be that group...

who doesn’t need fake subtitles and captions of them being provocative and cussing at each other. Especially when there’s Ken

KEN:D Song
  • KEN:D Song
  • Ken
  • VIXX TV EP.81
KEN :D Song Translations - translated by JaellybeanSG, w/credits to 

(Even when) I’m lonely or sad
I won’t cry
Just endure it for a while and it’ll be okay, why do I need to cry?
Laugh while running, look at the trees
While looking at the blue sky, sing
My name is
My name is
My name is Ken~dy!
Somehow when I’m alone, I become gloomy
During these times I will chat, with the me inside the mirror
↑Smile ↑Smile
Black rose Jaehwan ah~
[violent coughing] Ahh this is tiring me…
Kendy~ KE~NDY!


[MV] VIXX - “태어나줘서 고마워 (Thank You for Being Born/Thank You for My Love)” Official MV