• *Kara comes with a new shirt*
  • Kara: look what I bought, you like it?
  • *Lena spills some of her water onto her shirt which made it see through*
  • Lena: I'm so sorry babe, didn't mean to. Really like it now though...
  • Kara: Lena you got me all wet, it's...
  • Lena: (interrupts) That's what she said. Come on you didn't seem to be bothered by that last night
  • Kara: Well, (stutters)because I wasn't
  • *Lena goes up to Kara, looks at her and bites her lip*
  • Lena: Would you forgive me?
  • Kara: Lena that's unfair, you know that turns me on

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My beautiful Kara! If humans were made in the same sense as everything else on earth, then why do we have the ability to place ourselves above others? Bc we see humans as Superior? When we alone have given ourselves this role. Life could be simple yet the human race choose for it to be difficult! I could be asleep in a hut in a field, not worried about money nor school bc those could have never existed unless we made them. Yet humans allow themselves to suffer complex lives..why?

*voice echoes through the endless void of Space* HEH~ MY KARAMATSU-DARLING, ALL OF THE ANSWERS LIE IN GLITTER~

The end of our 2nd generation girl groups :(
  • KARA: Disbanded
  • 4Minute: Disbanded
  • 2NE1: Disbanded
  • Wonder Girls: Disbanded
  • T-ARA: Disbanded
  • SISTAR: Disbanded
  • Currently the only 2nd Generation Groups left are: SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, f(x), After School, Nine Muses, Girl's Day, Davichi. (However some of these groups I suspect will disband, but their companies have not said anything yet)
Now this is the kind of relationships Kara deserves

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houseofvenskus No #Vasquez on @supergirlcw tonight, but maybe this will hold you over? Any guesses on what I’m saying? #supergirl