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What he loves most about you

Kol: Kol loves when you talk back to him, being sarcastic and rhetoircal is one of the many things he loves.

Enzo: Enzo loves when you tease him back when he teases you, it gets you both having fun and you end up laughing together.

Jeremy: He loves how good a cuddler you are. You would be watching a movie and you both would cuddle and he couldn’t help but smile

Elijah: Elijah loved your intelligence. You were such a smart girl and very beautiful one of your many great aspects.

Klaus: Your smile. Klaus thinks it’s the most beautiful thing in the world and your smile truly lights up a room.

Stefan: Stefan loved how sweet you were, you would see the best in people, even the darkest of people, you knew there was some light to be found.

Matt: Matt loves your eyes, he thinks there the most beautiful colour in the world and he could stare in them all day, which was a coincidence since he had the nicest blue eyes.

Kai: Kai loved that you could be devious and kind at the same time, you could have fun with him but you cared about the people close to you.

Damon: Damon loves it when you’re feisty towards him, but he also loves seeing your nice side, because it brings out the good in him.

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Exo and Shinee reaction to you kissing them because you can't hide your feelings for them


Taemin - “Well, this changes things…”

Key - *flustered*

Onew - “It’s good to know that our feelings are mutual!”

Minho - *approves*

Jonghyun - “Again?”


Kai - “How about you do that again, just right here…”

Sehun - “I know you like me, everyone does”

Kyungsoo - *doesn’t know what to say*

Chanyeol - “…where do we go from here then?”

Baekhyun - “Was not expecting that”

Suho - “Erm…”

Luhan - “Me? You like me? Really?”

Kris - 

Lay - “Wait…how long have you felt this way?”

Xiumin - *shy*

Chen - “Best friends no longerrrr~”

Tao - “I’m definitely okay with this”