Kai : Mine [Scenario]

 “Hey hey hey, keep your hands to yourself, mister.” You pushed his hands away with a cheeky grin but he pouted at you over your shoulder. “But there are no customers yet…” He groaned, arms snaking around your waist again to yank you backwards as he twirled you away from the cash register. “Kai!” You squealed heartily when he lifted you up and down before he spun you around to face him. His hands were firm on your waist, urging you to place your arms around his neck and that was exactly what you did. “You know, I kind of regret choosing the same job as you.” You mumbled at him and he feigned hurt, lips parted with a soft gasp.

“You hurt my feelings, angel.”

You snickered, tiptoeing to peck his lips once before you smiled at him sheepishly, “Does that make it better?”

He thought about it for a while before he spun you around, making you gasp when he was the one leaning against the counter before he pulled you closer until your chests met, “This might.” He muttered quietly as his lips inched closer just so he could kiss you delicately. His lips massaged yours delightfully, exchanging saliva with you as he tilted his head to get a better angle with his tongue poking at your bottom lip – wanting you give him entrance but you shook your head against his lips. He smirked, a hand pinching your waist but you put on a strong stand, making him frown on your lips when your lips didn’t part for him. As he tried to pull away from kissing you to complaint, your lips parted before you yanked him back to crash your lips together. He felt good being able to slip his tongue in, tasting the corners of your mouth and he felt like he was doing the right thing when you hummed in appreciation, letting him lead the kiss.

When a small ‘ding’ could be sounded, you repelled from Kai almost too instantly, turning around where you darted towards the cash register to smile brightly at the first customer of the day who was too oblivious to notice that you and Kai were making out just a second ago.

“Hi! May I take your order?”

The customer smiled at you before he said, “I’ll have a latte to go, please.”

“Alright! That’ll be $3.50.” You held out a hand and he placed the money in your hands before you hit the cash register to open, slipping the money in before you handed him back his change. “Please take a seat and wait, sir.”

“Sure.” He gave a small nod before he moved to sit down on the chair, his back facing you. You looked over your shoulder where you smirked at him, “A latte to go, Kai.”

He groaned and let his head fall back as he walked over to make the guy’s order. With a few buzzes and clinks here and there, Kai had passed you the perfectly made latte sealed up in a paper cup and plastic lid. You wrapped it around with a tissue paper before you called over for the customer just to hand him his latte. “Thank you, sir! Please come again!”

He simply smiled and gave a courteous nod before taking his leave. Just as the man left, Kai spun you around by your waist, giving you his signature smirk when he noticed that no one was around – that customer was simply an early bird. “I’m not done with you, angel…” He growled at you before his lips kissed yours again, making you squirm in his grip when his arms were possessively around them, making it almost impossible for you to break free. When another soft ‘ding’ could be heard at the door, you broke the kiss effortlessly, spinning around in Kai’s arms just to come face to face with a female friend of yours you see around some time in the city.

“Hey!” She smiled at you and you greeted her back with Kai still holding onto you. “Hi, Kai.” She smiled at him politely and Kai gave a monotonous nod, you knew deep inside, Kai could be finding out ways to assassinate her for interrupting the kiss but it wasn’t her fault!

The two of you were at work, for Pete’s sake. And just because the owner of this café was a close friend to Kai and you, that doesn’t mean that you two could slack off on the job. It’s not that you two slack off anyway; it’s Kai who can’t stop getting enough of you especially when there was only the two of you working on this shift today. Another two workers will take over in the evening but as of now, there were only you and Kai.

How could he not take advantage of this especially when literally everyone else around the area knows you two are a couple?

You lightly elbowed Kai’s stomach, making him groan quietly before he faked a bright smile, bowing a little to welcome her, “Welcome!”

She laughed quietly and made her order before taking a seat, causing Kai to mutter a few curse words before he went over to make her order. You simply leaned against the counter, watching your boyfriend do his job while he looked effortlessly handsome – he looked so handsome with the apron around his waist, his hair pushed back with the white dress shirt that hugged his body nicely. When he glanced at you, he smiled by himself when he could tell you were staring at him. “Liking the view, angel?” He cooed as he placed the cup on a small plate before he turned to walk towards you with a grin.

“I love it.” You whispered, lips so close to his and you could see he puckered his lips for another kiss but you simply took the cup from his hands on the plate, dashing out from the counter just to serve your friend. “Enjoy.” You smiled at her before you bent back up, making eye contact with Kai who motioned you over with a finger. “Come here.” His dark voice entered your ears as you took a few steps away from your female friend but you were still a few steps away from Kai, with the counter being your barrier.

“What if I say no?”

His eyes darkened, “Don’t make me come over there and get you myself.”

You laughed in a hushed voice, lightening his heart when you walked around to get back behind the counter. Kai placed a hand at your cheek and smiled at you lovingly, “You have no idea how great it sounds to just push you up against the counter and kiss you all day, angel.”

“I-“ Before you could even reply, a ‘ding’ could be heard, making Kai’s head fall back with a loud groan, “Everyone is so annoying!” He half-whispered, half-shouted irritably. All you could do was snicker before you pinched his nose, turning around as you head back to the cash register to take the person’s order.

Person after person, Kai is trying his absolute best to keep calm in counting the minutes until your shift with him to be over. Many guys that had came to the café had tried hitting on you, until of course, Kai swooped in out of nowhere to show them that you were strictly taken by him.

Be it kissing your cheek out of nowhere before he moved to the other side to ‘take some sugar’ or snaking an arm around your waist as he reached for another clean up or even tilting your head carelessly with two fingers just to give you a solid, breathtaking kiss in five seconds to stun the guy who had tried to flirt with you.

Now it came down to your final customer as there were only two minutes before your shift ends. And need Kai say, he would honorably kill the guy who was trying his best to steal you away from him.

“Finally! I managed to come in the right time.” The guy smiled at you while you gave a small nod. You remember this guy very well as one time you came for the evening shift, without Kai of course and this guy tried to flirt with you. He even asked for your phone number and other details but he couldn’t get them off you as Kai had came just in time.

Heck, even Kai remembers this guy very well.

And he does not like him one bit.

“Yeah.” You smiled politely, “May I take your order?”

His eyes showed a glint of seductiveness but it had no effect on you, “Can I take you to go?”

You faked a laugh before you shook your head, knowing that Kai was probably giving him a death glare that he wouldn’t notice, “In all seriousness, mister. What is your order?”

The guy decided to just come clean and order a cup of white coffee. Just as you had taken his money and wanted to hand back his change, he held onto your hand, “I want you to make my coffee, dear.”

You gulped and took your hand back. “I-I don’t do the coffee here…”

Before he could come up with another cocky and flirtatious reply, Kai noticed that your shift with him was over and just in time, the owner of the café, Lay had walked in. Kai ripped off his apron before he threw it on the counter and Kai spun you around, pressing your hip lightly against the cash register before his lips crashed against yours. Whilst sucking onto your bottom lip, leaving an evident sucking sound to be heard, Kai’s hands undid your apron to take it off you. Just like that, he broke the kiss and tossed your apron to the side where he held onto your hand to tug you away just so Kai could come face to face with the customer. “I’m afraid that our shift is over. Someone else will be doing your coffee – not my girlfriend. Good day, sir.”

With that, Kai dragged you away from the cash register and snatched an apron with his other hand to press it against Lay’s chest. Lay simply snickered when he had already saw all of this take place. He was rather impressed that Kai managed to keep it cool and not bite the head of the guy off. “One white coffee for the bastard over there – try to poison him if you can.”

Lay laughed and took the apron, “I’m afraid I’ll go the jail, Kai.”

“We’re leaving…” Kai grumbled, storming out of the door with you in his hands.

Although you didn’t want to admit it, having the same job as Kai wasn’t that bad after all.

Kai : Something Else For Breakfast [Scenario; Smut]

The sizzles from the pan could be heard when you cracked a few eggs in it before mixing them around for a while with the spatula to make Kai’s favorite, scrambled eggs. The only thing he’s scrambling is probably the bed sheets, considering he’s still sound asleep. It was a Sunday morning and as much as you didn’t like it – you had to go back to work today. It’s to replace the upcoming week of holiday that will be given to all the workers and needless to say, you were one of the workers that needed to come back to the office to give ‘extra help’.

Even if you didn’t want to, even you who have a high position, needed to go back.

What more those who had lower ranks than you?

You tilted your head left and right with your feet tapping on the floor as you waited for the eggs to cook, occasionally mixing them around with you lowering the fire to let it cook slowly. As you hummed a small tune, with your feet tapping the beat, your eyes grew wide with your lips emitting a soft gasp instead when arms snaked around your waist. Those pair of masculine arms that felt like home had reeled you into his embrace, followed with a warm chest that pressed against your back lovingly with his hot breath hitting the crook of your neck as he planted a small, light kiss to start off your morning.

“I guess you could smell the food?” You chuckled lightly, looking over your shoulder a little to see that he had his eyes closed with his lips pressed to your neck, “No,” He muttered quietly, shaking his head and it made you frown. “Then…?”

He grinned sheepishly, lifting his chin where he opened his eyes to meet with yours.

He had his messy bed hair but his hair still looks perfect nevertheless. His eyes looked slightly heavy but they glazed with glee as he stared at you with love and happiness. His lips curled up into a small, heavenly smile and it lit up your heart.

It should be a crime on how absolutely stunning he looks in the morning.

He made you shiver inwardly when he whispered, “My angel wasn’t in bed with me, how could I continue sleeping peacefully?”

It was your turn to smile at his cheesy remark that made your heart flutter as you stared at him over your shoulder. Unknowingly, your hand let go of the spatula, letting it stay in the pan when Kai had lured you away from the stove. His strong hands gripped onto your waist, hoisting you up until he had you sitting on the counter with him in between your legs.

“K-Kai, I’m cooking…” You mumbled softly but he ‘tsk’ed quietly, shaking his head where he lifted your chin to effortlessly slammed your lips together without a protest. The sound of the back of his throat can be heard when he relished on the taste of your lips. He felt your legs hooking around his waist – it made him smirk as you pulled him closer, arms moving to go around his neck to yank him down lower. He gladly allowed you to as his lips moved with yours in sync as if this was a passionate dance of love. His head tilted to get a better angle at kissing you and it made you gasp when you felt a hand at the back of your head to keep you in place as he kissed you while his other hand glided down your curves, crawling in your panties where he cupped the between of your legs.

He hissed at the dampness of your arousal that coated his fingertips, he felt dominant and powerful. The drive to pleasure you even more, to make you climax and screaming his name had increased as his fingers found your clit easily where he pinched it lightly, earning a throaty groan from you that made the erection in his boxers form faster. He only had a pair of boxers on with a white v-neck shirt whereas you had a white dress shirt of his on with a pair of panties.

Perfect, he thought.

Your head fell back and you moaned in bliss when his fingers massaged your clit, thumb stroking your bare entrance where as his other fingers moved, pinched and rubbed in a synchronized pace that drove you to your climax as each second went by.

“Ah! Kai!” You moaned erotically, body arching towards him and you buried your face in the crook of his neck when he pumped two fingers in, stretching you with a smirk when he heard you moaning his name in a soft mantra that once again, added to the delirium flowing through his veins.

“K-Kai, the eggs I’m cooking.” You managed to breathe out in one go when he surged in three fingers, thrusting in and out roughly where he had you forgetting about everything. He abruptly stopped and it made you wince with your eyes opening to frown at him. He gave you his gorgeous smile before he leaned over to switch off the fire – saving the eggs from getting burnt and he faced forward to grin at you. “You’re not cooking anymore. I’m eating something else for breakfast.” He growled, slamming his lips back to yours with his tongue shoving past your lips roughly in dark desires to taste you here before he moved down.

“Mmm…” You managed to hum sensually, making his boner twice as hard when he lowered himself down until he was bending just to suck on a spot on your neck. He took some flesh in his lips, biting and nipping on your skin to leave an evident love mark. The pleasure flushed through your veins when he sucked hard, tongue occasionally licking over the mark again and again, making you fist his luscious hair with your ragged moans entering his ears.

So endearing, he thought.

He then kissed his way down your chest and you swore you heard him muttering something about ravishing on your breasts later. You felt like something clicked in your body and it felt like deep waves of pleasure had drowned you when Kai sped up his pace of his fingers thrusting in and out of your body, making you reach your climax in seconds. He slyly slid his fingers out that were coated with your release before he got down on his knees, he managed to suck his fingers clean before he placed them on your inner thighs, spreading them apart just enough space for him to lick you clean with that godly tongue of his. He licked you all over, making sure he licked every drip of your arousal as he occasionally kissed your clit, giving it a few licks that made you whimper before he slid back up, brushing his hard on that was evident in his boxers. You gasped when he took one of your hands around his neck, making it glide down his clothed stomach before your hand was hovering above his length.

Curiosity struck in you when you forcefully palmed his erection, making him grunt in pleasure and your breath hitched when you could feel he was hard, thick and ready for you.

“Angel… You might want to skip work today.” He warned you in a seductive voice, eyes opening, head lifting up to greet you with his eyes clouded with lust.

“I guess I could call in sick…” You rasped, earning his signature smirk before he yanked you off the counter, into his arms where your crotch landed directly on his erection where he stifled a moan when your arms clutched around his neck, legs wrapped by his waist instinctively. You let out a quiet moan when he hoisted you up, just to make you land on his length again, the friction alone was simply exquisite.

“That’s my angel.” He hurriedly said before he paced to the bedroom.

The scrambled eggs on the pan, was left untouched until a few hours after.