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How would the boys react/feel if they were sick and you went out of your way to take care of them? Like you took time off of work to stay at home with them and make them soup. I'm sorry if that doesn't make much sense. ^.^;

Awwww ;; almost like how they are now? (Guys, wish our boys get well soon because of the swine flu virus!)

Mark: He will be in denial of his sickness. He’ll keep on saying that he has so many things to do and so many dances to practice, but you just have to tell him that he’s not in the best condition ever. He’d probably argue that he performed when his nose was runny, so you’d have to force him to sit in bed as you check his temperature and cover him in pillows and blankets. He’d sigh, smile, and thank you as he tries to calm down.

JB: He will try to prove to you that he’s not sick at all. He’d try to sing for you, but you could tell that he isn’t feeling well as his voice softens. He refuses to go back to his bed, so you make him lay down on the couch as you bring him his pillows and blanket from his room. He’d sigh, saying that you don’t have to do all this extra work for him, so you’d have to assure him that you’re doing this because you love him. Smiling at the statement, he’ll give in and would rest as you make him something to eat.

Jackson: He would still love to show his affection to you. He’ll try to give you a hug, but he’d end up sneezing. You’d quickly place a tissue in front of his face and ask him to go back to bed. He’d resist, only agreeing if you came and cuddled with him as he rested. Unable to overpower his strength, you figured you might as well and follow him to bed. You would only stay there for a moment though, sneaking out after he passes out and place a cold towel on his burning forehead.

Jr: He’d try to act like he wasn’t sick at all because he doesn’t want you to work so much. Resisting his orders, he’ll sigh and let you take care of him. He’d probably ask you if you could feed him soup while he stays in bed. After that, he’d probably ask if you can cuddle with him under the sheets as he takes a nap. You’d laugh as you say you would if you could. He understands and will rest after you kiss his forehead to rest well.

Youngjae: I think he’ll play around with you a bit. Instead of him being sick, he’ll tell you that you’re the sick one here! He’d check your forehead with the back of his hand and dramatically scream that you’re burning hot. He’ll assign you with the “Youngjae virus.” You’d both laugh, which makes him sneeze a few times afterwards. Admitting defeat, he’ll drag you to his room so that as you take care of him with his cold, he’ll take care of that “Youngjae virus.”

Bam Bam: I can see him pull the whole “hospital patient” scenario. He’d constantly call you to his room to do tedious things for him: fluff his pillow, put a pillow under his legs, put another blanket on him. You’d scrunch your nose at such tasks, but you know he honestly needs such things in his condition. After every task, he’d smile and try to utter out a thank you even though he ends up coughing.

Yoogyeom: I think he’ll actually try to help you take care of him! If you were making him food, he’d get out of bed, covering his shivering body in his blanket, asking if you needed help. You’d have to force him back to bed as you prepare him his meal. Even in bed, he’d ask if you wanted him to wash the dishes or sweep the floor or something, so you probably would have to assure him that you’re fine and that he should focus on getting better instead of worrying.