Because every couple has their problems.. 3 DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS FOR THE WIN!!

I think it would be really hard for Elsa to break her habits of being alone and hiding her feelings because she’s been doing it for so long. I think Jack and Anna would get a little frustrated at her at times. This will be continued and it will be cute and have a happy ending!

Let me help you //Jack and Flake//frostypeterpan

He finally wanted to know. Why wasn’t he allowed in the basement anymore? And why was his father so secretive about it? And now he saw his chance. His parents were out for some boring concert or something, and he snuck down in the hallway. The basement was locked, but Flake knew where the key was and easily unlocked the door, silently slipping inside. He chuckled and turned on the light. What he saw there, let him freeze in place.

There was another boy, around his age, chained to the wall, bloody, beaten. Asleep? Passed out? He couldn’t tell, but the other looked bad. What was he doing here? Why had his father… why had he someone chained to their basement wall? 

He quietly went over to the other, crouching down beside him. He looked even worse from here. He was scattered with bruises and lashes, naked, gagged. And his wrists looked like he’d been there quite some time. Flake immediately knew that he had to find the keys to those chains. The other had to get out of here. It was enough that this house was hell for himself, he would make sure it wasn’t for anyone else.

He softly touched the other’s arm in an unharmed spot and spoke, very softly. “Hey."