Bitty’s Lucky Medallion

I have tried writing this Zimbits AU a half dozen times, and I cannot get it to work. I’m throwing in the towel and posting it as more of an outline. So what happens is this…

It’s basically canon compliant, except that no, I realise that’s a lie, because it hinges on the idea of Bitty not knowing who Jack is.

Starting again. It’s a Bitty-doesn’t-go-to-Samwell-to-play-hockey AU. He really goes there mostly because “one in four, maybe more”.

But backtrack to pre-university acceptance. Suzanne gifts Bitty a teapot (and this scene I tried writing with no luck). Why does she give him a teapot? Bitty likes tea, maybe, I don’t know. Point it, she saw it at a little antique store and was like “I’m going to buy that for Dicky.”

Now, inside the teapot is a medallion. This medallion becomes Bitty’s lucky medallion. What happens is this:

Bitty is holding the medallion when he gets an email telling him he’s been accepted on a partial scholarship to Samwell. Previous to this, Bitty and his mother are drinking tea in the kitchen, waiting for said email. Bitty’s like, “Do you think the tea tastes funny?” And Suzanne’s like “well, now that you mention it,” and turns out that sitting in the base of the teapot they’re using for the first time, is a medallion that has flavoured the tea (and that fact is based on a real story, and is the inspiration behind the-fic-that-never-was).

So they upend the teapot, and out pops a scalding hot medallion, which they rinse down, and as Bitty is looking it over, in comes the email with his acceptance.

Now, I did say this was a zimbits au, and here is the zimbits part.

The medallion belonged to Jack Laurent Zimmermann. It’s for ice hockey. (The teapot belonged to Alicia. Don’t ask me how it found its way to Georgia though, because I do not know).

So fast forward to Samwell, and Bitty carries the medallion with him everywhere as a good luck charm. Bitty still skates, though not competitively, and one afternoon decides to go and check out Faber, maybe see if there’s a chance he could get on the ice at some point. While at Faber, he walks past one of those display cabinets with team photos and trophies and whatnot, and something causes him to stop and take a look at it.

Who’s photo happens to be in the locker? Why, team captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team, Jack Laurent Zimmermann,

What a small world, Bitty thinks to himself. I should probably give him his medallion. Because who doesn’t want to keep an award like that.

Bitty doesn’t go out of his way to find Jack, because who has the time for that, also he’s nervous about what to say, and also exams and assessments and he kinda really needs the good luck medallion still. He figures it wont hurt to hold on to it for a while.

Then Bitty spots Jack on campus one day, walking down the sidewalk. It’s his moment, and even though Bitty hasn’t prepared, and will feel sad to part with his medallion, over he goes to Jack.

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Another pic I just finished with MS Paint, this one of Jacksepticeye : )  My friend and I are in the early stages of working on a game and I’ve been starting to make “art” for it, so that’s why there may be a few of these popping up on here from time to time. I won’t put them all up, tho, because that would probably get real old real quick. But I’m gonna put up a few that I’m particularly happy with or think some of you guys might like seeing : ) Any tips are greatly appreciated : )


                                        50 YEARS HAVE PASSED

It’s been an incredible 11 weeks. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my fan artwork for the series. There have been times when I felt like quitting, and just watching the series. It is thanks to all of you, for giving me the courage to keep moving forward.

Never give up on the things you love. Your work is never meaningless.