Gift for my lovely Cinny-Blouse. Thank you so much for the card and the Sikka sketch <3<3<3 I really loved getting them. ((hugs)) You are an amazing friend and I am so glad to have met you. Love you!

~Happy Holidays

Sometimes, I wish Kishimoto-senpai makes Road to Charasuke series which  Sasuke as the main hero and Hinata as the main heroine.

Imagine both of them are having adventures together! They teamwork would be great and fun to watch, and adding a love-line between them would be complete the perfect plot for the series! Come on who wouldn’t like rtn sasuhina being together? They are going to be the hottest and the baddest couple ever! Just like these pics!

Since in Naruto series they didn’t get the chance to have any interaction, so why not  make another series like this one? I assure it would be great!