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I JUST HAD A RANDOM IDEA AND NOW ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD. Kim convinces the other guys to ghost hunt with him, at the school, after dark. The girls overhear. They all agree to follow them and mess up some things, so the guys believe there is an actual ghost. IT ENDS WITH ALL THE GUYS STRAIGHT UP SCREECHING AS THEY BOLT FROM THE SCHOOL, WITH KIM SCREAMING THE LOUDEST.

YES, YES AND YES. that would be so AWESOME. Can you imagine them picking off the boys one by one, even getting Juleka to dress up as some demon girl to scare em  i mean have you seen the ring, juleka can easily pull that off

Random headcanons for domestic!voltron

Me & @grandaddycoran thought of some of these together

1. Keith is mowing his lawn when he sees lance speeding down the street on a tiny ass bike.
2. Lance is, of course, trying to impress keith
3. Lance is goin hard, knees out, crouched to go faster, his face is so intense
4. Keith is strangely impressed??? How can someone that tall & lanky fit on something so small???
6. Lance does the bike thing a whole bunch and one time Keith decides to mow shirtless just to see what happens and as Lance rounds the corner he just ogles Keith and FUCKING WIPES OUT RIGHT THERE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD
7. Lance is the neighborhood lifeguard(pool boy ofc)
8. This boy LOVES the pool
9. Keith regularly takes jobs to mow the lawns
10. Hunk is the neighborhood repair boy, he fixes fences, roofs, ACs, etc. He also loves to cook & bake
11. Pidge & Matt are CRAZY good at fixing computers & other electronics
12. Sometimes Pidge will fly their drone around & fuck w/ the others
13. Allura is the neighborhood activity planner (Saturday nights are movie nights @ the pool)
14. Shiro is the neighborhood Daddy; he watches out for these poor children
15. Shiro helps repair cars and stuff w/ Matt, & occasionally helps Hunk
17. COOKOUTS. EVERY. WEEKEND. Ofc he’s not that good so chef Hunk will assist. Daddy Holt will bring them peas
18. Coran is also at EVERY neighborhood activity that Allura plans. With cookies.
• They’re all in the neighborhood watch
• They’re trying to stop the neighborhood robberies by a group who calls themselves zarkon
• Shiro is the leader of the N. Watch ofc
• Keith doesn’t know how to swim that well & will purposely go in the water so that Lance will help him
• Cute Klance swimmings lessons.

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Whats ur headcanon abt neil wearin glasses?

•he never cleans them and they get smudgey and he complains about them but does nothing to clean them until the lenses are too cloudy to be comfortable

•he knocks them when he gesticulates and they get skewed on him nose but he just KEEPS GOING and doesnt fix them. no matter what. they could be half way down his nose and he would just keep talking

•when it rains he gets so angry bc why the Fuck does water INSIST on fucking up his glasses? he did nothing to deserve this? he didn’t even WANT glasses and now it’s just getting sucky

•he ALWAYS forgets to wear them in the morning so when he shuffles out of the dorm he’s squinting at whatever he’s looking at

•if he doesn’t wear them while on his phone or laptop or watching t.v/exy games, he gets really bad migraines, and if he wears them for too long he gets really bad migraines, so really he can’t win

•he hates it when people try to grab them and put them on. like, no, don’t touch my glasses? you’ll smudge them and gah get away

•he both loves and hates going to the optometrist. he hates having to go through the letters and lights and “1, or 2?” bullshit but he loves choosing new frames

•he hates putting contacts in but he does it anyway on game days and during practice. he tried wearing his glasses but it didn’t work

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King Aleron loves his eldest son, really. He's the perfect heir a King could ask for. But sometimes Auguste gives him grey hair. Sometimes he skips his lessons, pays someone who looks like him to wear his clothes and play pretend while Auguste goes riding, he takes food in the kitchen when no one is looking. Then Laurent came and Aleron thought Auguste would stop and stay the responsible boy he mostly is (1/2)

Auguste is the perfect brother anyone could ask for, but now he brings Laurent with him to do shenanigans: Laurent distracting the servants while Auguste is taking food in the kitchen, the two of them disguising themselves to go in town, or sneaking at night in the garden to see the stars, or playing hide and seek in the palace where NO ONE could find them. So yeah, King Aleron loves his sons, but they SURE give him grey hair sometimes (2/2)

gOD YES they were partners in crime :c and this is where laurent picked up his love for sneaking about in disguise im dying

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Concept: harry sitting on a large sofa, surrounded by pillows, reading a book. Louis comes in to bring him tea, worms himself into harrys side and asks him to tell him about the book hes reading. They sit there for hours and everything is peaceful

that’s so sweet and totally #confirmed

Headcanon: The Split

Let’s talk about THE SPLIT. We now know, and in truth it should have been obvious all along, that it was a terrible idea to try and rip her darkness out of herself, yet Regina did it. Now let’s talk about why.

We’re going to rewind – a LOT. Snow White. Regina has always hated her, yet even in her hatred she protected Snow as a child. She kept the truth of what happened to Daniel from her because she was too young to understand. Now, obviously that logic failed Regina when it came to FORGIVING her, but one must understand the sort of trauma Regina experienced watching her mother murder the boy she loved took its own sort of toll. Regina had to blame someone. And after years of abuse and control from her mother, having likely developed a syndrome of believing it’s what she deserved for not being good enough, Regina was in no state to blame solely her mother. Moving on; 

As QUEEN Regina had hundreds of opportunities to murder Snow, (her ultimate goal,) yet she never took those opportunities. Yes, she was foiled at times, but she had plenty of chances where she could have, yet she either didn’t, or she ultimately self-sabotaged. Because she didn’t REALLY want to kill her, not until much later when she was completely gone from whatever remained of the real Regina leaving only the queen. Yet through it all, through everything she ever did or tried to do to Snow, Snow always won in the end. Everything always worked out for her; and thus Regina’s resentment grew. (And this is important!)

Regina, now believing nothing could ever truly go wrong for Snow White, abandoned her murderous plots, and decided instead to play fate, and just prevent happiness for her, and again the same plot played out its course. So, fast forward to the present, where Regina is deeply hurting over Robin. She’s vulnerable. She’s consumed by grief and struggling to cope. This is after going to hell to bring back Emma’s love, (Remember dead is dead? Apparently only for those Regina loves.) She’s finally confessed out loud how difficult it is for her to repress her darkness, yet she manages. She’s able to keep herself in check. She opens up. She trusts. And when Snow White speaks, Regina listens.

This is what Snow would do. This is the answer, isn’t it? Things always go right for Snow, why not try it her way for once. Snow is good, she would never flippantly lead me astray. (Or try and curse an innocent unborn baby because it’s a ‘monster’ COUGHS) So. Regina does it. She doesn’t think. She’s miserable, she’s hurting, she’s vulnerable – and she does something that is COMPLETELY against anything Snow White might normally suggest. Instead of accepting herself, instead of being proud of her progress, she takes the easy way out. She tries to cheat, as it were. And now she’s in a shit load of trouble. I doubt the show will KILL Regina, but the threat looms. It’s a metaphor in its own sickening way, in my opinion, and I imagine they’re going to (as per usual) re-merge them, taking away what happiness Regina has managed to scrape out of the shambles of her life and force her to go back to coping and being prisoner to her own guilt and anguish. 

TL;DR: Regina’s PTSD and skewed perception of Snow and how easily her life goes made her very vulnerable and all too trusting when making such a huge decision, and as usual my little reckless self-destructive queen has royally screwed her own story. But I am certain if SNOW WHITE had not been the one to offer the idea, Regina would have NEVER gone through with it.


Maria’s bedroom, like the rest of her apartment, is done in calming neutral shades of grey and white. There are few bright colors, the ones that do exist coming from the spines of books, plants, and the photos she has on nearly every surface. The place is kept almost obsessively clean - even when she spreads her books and research around, there’s an organization to it. Even with the restrictive color palette and the constant state of extreme neatness, the place has a lived in feel because she keeps her mementos on display, especially the photos she takes. 

Her car is very nondescript – it’s a 2014 silver Toyota Prius hybrid, a vehicle that is both safety and economically conscious. 

For her last meal, or favorite meal, she would have to pick beef stew. It’s a comfortingly simple dish that reminds her of being snuggled up with a book on a cold day. Add a piece of homemade bread and she’s a happy camper. 

Maria’s handwriting is almost like calligraphy. As someone who’s been writing and recording her thoughts and experiences since the advent of writing, she’s had a lot of time to practice. She still harkens back to the days when writing was essentially an art form, rather than something so commonplace. Despite the flourishes and style to her writing, she can still write amazingly fast and often apologizes for her writing being difficult to read. 

fun human!carmilla headcanons:

-carmilla needing glasses and being overly bitter about it

-sometimes she just forgets she has to breathe and starts freaking out when her chest starts hurting

-getting a paper cut while reading and being horrified she’s bleeding that easily

-getting used to her lessened sense of smell and hearing

-carmilla’s def one of Those People who’s like “water is gross”

-suddenly she’s slower and less strong than laura and it’s Not Acceptable

-without her cat like instincts she’s super clumsy

-laura having to remind her she has to eat a normal diet at a normal schedule

-her threats are just funny now bc she’s totally not strong at all anymore

-laura does something cute and carmilla’s heart does that little fluttery thing and she immediately thinks she’s dying bc wtf was that

-she’s younger than laura now

-she can’t remember when her actual birthday was so they just choose to celebrate on the day she became human again

-she tries drinking blood just to see what it tastes like as a human and is appalled at how much she does not like it

family drama

Jason: [bursting into room, Damian in his arms, anguished] It’s a violent case of hiccups! Will he live, Doc?

Damian: [kicking] Let–hic–go–hic–Todd!

Dick: [drops everything, becomes very solumn, ear to Damian’s heart] He needs medicine badly. Nurse!

Tim: [salutes and grabs water bottle] Of course sir, right away sir!

Dick: Hold him down.

Jason: You got it.

Damian: [struggling] I’m–hic–going–hic–to hang you–hic–from your–hic–thumbs!

Dick: [stonily] Grab his nose, Nurse.

Tim: He’ll bite me, sir.

Dick: Get yourself together, man! Are you a goddamn nurse or not?

Tim: Aye aye, sir! [pinches Damian’s nose]

Damian: [voice muffled] Hang–hic–you above–hic–PIRANHAS–hic!

Jason: The patient is delusional!

Tim: Hurry, doctor!

Dick: [squirts water bottle into Damian’s mouth] LET US CAST OUT THIS ILLNESS!

Damian: [angry gargling]

Jason: AGAIN!

Dick: [squirts eight times in sequence]

Damian: [choking]

Tim: Best to put him out of his misery, doc

Dick: Keep hope, nurse!

Damian: [sputtering] I DESPISE ALL OF YOU!

Jason: He is healed!

All three: Hallelujah!

All three: [parade to Bruce’s study singing hymns, burst in and drop Damian in Bruce’s lap] THE POWER OF MODERN MEDICINE!

Bruce: [looks at boys]

Bruce: [looks at Damian]

Bruce: Why is your brother soaking wet?

Dick, Jason, Tim:

Damian: Hic!

Dick, Jason, Tim: [pounce]

Damian: [latching onto Bruce like a spider monkey] FATHER NO HELP ME



Bruce: I’m changing Robin’s uniform to neon pink.

Damian: [gapes]

Damian: [softly, full of loathing] I will disown you.

Bruce: Are your hiccups gone?

Damian: I will not have it! Do you hear me? I will not!

Dick: His hiccups are gone.

Damian: Neon pink doesn’t camouflage well into the night, I couldn’t–

Tim: What, and red, green, and yellow do?


Bruce: [nods wisely] Alternative medicine.

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Ok. Real talk let me in on the fckn cuddling. What type of cuddlers are the RFA members? + v and saeran


- He likes being wrapped all around his s/o
- Big spoon for sure
- Probably lets Elizabeth sleep on the bed with him so she’s sandwiched between him and his s/o somewhere
- He likes to have one arm wrapped around his s/o’s body protectively, with his other arm out behind his s/o’s head and playing with their hair


- He loves having his s/o either curled up on top of him or resting between his legs with their head resting on his torso
- Also plays with his s/o’s hair; his free hand likes to be holding his s/o’s on top of his chest
- Sleeps on his back usually (but like. Who does that?? No one, that’s who) so his s/o either needs to be right on top of him or no cuddle for them :(
- When they’re cuddling or right before sleep he’ll sing quietly to his s/o or make quiet chatter. He likes having some form of noise


- He koala’s his s/o let me tell you
- Arms wrapped around their chest, legs twined with theirs, his head nuzzled into their neck protectively
- A little spoon if I’ve ever seen one
- He almost always sleeps on his stomach though so if they’re cuddling as they’re going to sleep, his s/o will probably end up pinned underneath his body weight (aka a lot of pins & needles in their limbs in the mornings)


- She likes to spoon
- Big or small doesn’t really matter to her, but she secretly likes when her s/o is all wrapped up around her, their warmth pressed against her back
- Holds hands while cuddling how cute
- When she’s feeling extra-cuddly she twines her legs with her s/o’s and stays like that for hours


- He’d probably be the type to let you sit on his lap while he’s working
- It’s not actually cuddling but it’s definitely something that happens ok
- When he’s actually cuddling, he likes to face his s/o and his s/o to face him, with both people’s limbs just tangled together haphazardly
- He surprisingly likes quiet cuddling, but he’s 100% not opposed to just giggling and talking with his s/o while they cuddle
- If he and his s/o spoon, he 100% loves being the little spoon you can all take little spoon Luciel from my cold dead hands

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So fanon is wonderful and I love what this fucking community has created (Theodore Nott as a character for instance) but I was thinking about all of the things that are ACTUALLY CANON. Like. Things that Break Your Heart in the Best (And Worst) Way that are fucking Canon. So anyway, here’s a list

- Remus and Sirius still called each other ‘Moony’ and 'Padfoot’ after Azkaban

- Dobby and Malfoy call it the Come And Go room

- Neville learns to be brave all by his fucking self because until the 5th book, he canonically has no friends

- Luna’s clothing is stolen from her and hidden /throughout the castle/

- James, Sirius, and Peter decide to become animagi for the sole purpose of helping Remus handle the full moon

- Remus Lupin cannot get a job anywhere

- Draco Malfoy tried to become Harry Potter’s friend

- Fred and George are smart but just don’t care, and are actually SUCCESSFUL

- Angelina gets harassed for being black

- Quiddich has no gender. Anyone can play regardless, it just has to do with how good of a player you are.

- Ron is really good at chess

- Trelawney gets roughly 60% of her predictions correct (I have a whole long big rant about her I’ll be posting at some point)

- Malfoy knows about Sirius’s Padfoot form

- No one in the Order of the Phoenix (except for the marauders) knew about the animagus forms during the first war

- Crookshanks is friends with Sirius

- Luna painted her ceiling

- Neville and Ginny went to the Yule Ball together and he kept stepping on her toes

- Cormac was your stereotypical “fuck boy” and scared Hermione Granger of all people into hiding

- Lockhart loves to sign his name, and calls it “joined up writing”

- Neville’s parents never recovered

- Arthur is confused why wearing a kilt and a poncho would be weird

- Neville’s grandmother fought off Death Eaters and is a fucking bad ass

- When Hermione’s teeth grew because of a jinx, Snape did literally nothing, sending Goyle up to the hospital wing and saying that he “saw no difference” with Hermione

- Malfoy made badges about Harry Potter

- Ginny was possessed by Voldemort and Harry (and the rest of the world, it seems, sometimes) forgot

- Harry’s mirror in his room at the Leaky Cauldron in Prisoner of Azkaban, talked to him

- Remus was bitten because of something his father did.

- Peter got an Order of Merlin - first class

- Snape almost got an Order of Merlin for catching Sirius (then he escaped again lol)

- Mollys clock had a hand for each member of the family. I wonder what happened after Fred…

- Luna’s mother experimented with spells

- Draco legitimately repented

- Harry told the secret of the sorting to his son… it’s a SECRET POTTER!!! Remember when Ron was worried it would be wrestling a troll?

- Hagrid was in his late 60s during the Battle of Hogwarts

- Remus was a half-blood

- Owls literally understood human language

- Dean didn’t grow up with his biological dad (or any dad as far as we know, though he does say “parents” at one point)

- Minerva is Scottish™

- Ginny wrote a poem for Harry when she was 11

- Sirius’s entire immediate family was dead when he got out of Azkaban.

- House Elves are a lot more powerful than wizards give them credit for

- Winky and Hagrid were both alcoholics

- Sirius heard rumors of Voldemort’s potential return before Dumbledore did

- The Sneekoscope never lied

- Sirius was laughing while he was being arrested

- Sirius and Buckbeak were bffs

- The Gryffindors used to have a reserve team… that didn’t happen again, I guess?

- Aberforth had a thing for goats

- Pig-widgeon and Crookshanks’s disappearance from the 7th book are never explained (bitter)

I have more. I know I do. But it’s almost 3 am and I need sleep. If you care, I have sources for Every Single One of these, hit me up, I’ll prove them all!

General Oikawa Tooru Headcanons
  • oikawa is 100% the guy who gets practically high off of energy drink, like give him one and a half and he’s entered a new plane of existence 
  • is NOT a morning person
  • he goes to school in disguise and gets fully prepared in the bathroom at school; he brings everything, concealer, a comb, hairspray, EVERYTHING
  • kindaichi caught him in the bathroom once and he has never recovered
  • when he can’t sleep he goes on midnight walks
  • or texts iwaizumi who promptly phones him just to tell him to shut the fuck up and go to sleep (which, surprisingly, works)
  • he is way too into conspiracy theories; if you mention area-51 to him he will grin madly and pull out a full ring binder that he keeps in his bag just for those occasions
  • cries at the end of E.T all the time
  • if you want to see the beautiful, talented, amazing (’narcissistic’ iwaizumi grumbles in the background) oikawa tooru cry, mention the ending of E.T every time
  • hates the aoba johsai volleyball uniform, and he always complains that turquoise doesn’t go with his figure (shut up oikawa it totally does)
  • once drank thirteen spritzers and wasn’t drunk but had like, four jello shots and then he was gone
  • he can rap the entirety of nicki minaj’s part in monster and bang bang
  • memorable quotes include;
  • “volleyball is great, don’t make me smack you”
  • “everything is blackmail if you try hard enough”
  • “i have ten copies of E.T, try and fight me, i dare you”
  • he is the vodka aunt

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Would you do RFA+Searan taking care of MC on her period? Please!!


- When he wakes up to find blood covering your lower half and the sheets he panics.
- He thinks you’re dying Jumin how do you not know what a period is wtf
- Calls his personal doctor before you’ve even woken up
- You wake just as the doctor is walking in and Jumin is pacing. You’re very confused. “Jumin why is there a random person here did someone die??”
- Jumin gestures to the blood under you and the doctor laughs. You look down and you’re embarrassed as all hell but you realize Jumin called in a doctor for a period and you bust out laughing as well. 
- Once the doctor “”diagnoses”” you, a very flushed Jumin sends her away and fishes a pair of sweatpants out for you to change into. (Jumin owns sweatpants??)
- His caring for you really just consists of taking off work so he can laze around the house with you, and making Assistant Kang get whatever tools were necessary to “”cure”” your ailment


- Honestly? He’s probably a huge believer in that having sex is a good way to cure sickness. 
- But if you’re Not Feeling It he can just sit and rub your stomach, sides, back, anywhere you might have cramps
- Also keeps plenty of pain meds on hand so he can fetch whatever you need quickly
- Would go on pad/tampon runs and wouldn’t be embarrassed to pay for them himself unlike other people (I’m looking at you, Yoosung)
- He’s a good person to have around on your period 10/10 get a Zen if you can. He will take good care of you


- Despite majoring in a medical field he’s lowkey afraid of blood
- But he does his best to be a good support for you!! He buys tampons for you (and gets super red in the face at the checkout)(and buys the wrong size) but he’s trying okay
- Probably cries if you’re in pain he feels so bad
- Also takes care of all of the chores because he just wants you to rest and not be in any more pain
- If you get weird cravings he’ll try to make even the most disgusting food combinations taste good (”Grilled cheese with relish?? I thought gross cravings were a pregnancy thing?” Gets the plate thrown at him.)
- He’s so relieved when your period’s done, he hates seeing you in pain :(


- She knows what periods are like, and she’s suffering right there with you.
- Neither of you ever believed that “periods sync” bullshit but when you both woke up one morning and had a mini-fight over who used the bathroom first, you were both suddenly believers.
- Jaehee was more cramp-heavy while you had a heavier flow, and you almost got into another fight when you demanded she take the day off work because Jesus Christ, Jaehee, you can hardly stand you can’t go to work today
- She tries to object but she suddenly gets hit with the worst cramp and she gives in.
- She always has plenty of tampons, pads, pain killers, and comfort food on hand. She also keeps track of the time so she can know when you can both take more medicine, and when you should change out your tampons or pads. No toxic shock for you today, no ma’am.
- You spend all day watching Zen’s DVDs and cuddling and just trying to get through the first day of Hell Week.


- Up making jokes before you can even change your pants
- “Hey babe happy Shark Week~” 
- “Seven I’m going to strangle you–”
- “Haha your face is almost as red as your pants.” (Seven.)
- He’s joking right up until your eyes begin watering because fuck your cramps were bad. Then he’s all over you, tucking you into bed and giving you painkillers and doing anything he can to make you comfortable
- Probably tries to invent something to “cure periods” Yeah okay bud
- Just ends up abandoning his work for a little bit (”Sorry boss lololol”) and cuddling you 
- Still ends up cracking jokes to get you to laugh or get so annoyed you forget about your pain

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an incomplete list of all the nicknames tater has been called:
• tater
• tater tot
• tots
• tits
• sweet potato
• pots
• masher
• mashed potato
• bangers and mash
• T
• tay
• tay tay
• taylor swift
• lexi
• lexus
• A M
• am
• ally-al
• t-dog

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Is it alright to ask for some brotherly headcanons between tim and damian?

Im always ready for some brotherly headcanons!

  • I have this headcanon that Damian and Tim do get along, just in their own way
  • Damian comes barrelling into the room out of nowhere and knocks Tim to the ground in the middle of an explanation, they’re rolling around wrestling and Tim’s still babbling while Damian grunts and occasionally yells out an insult.
  • “No no,” Bruce says when a worried business partner stands to pull the boys apart. “They’re fine or there would be more elbows being thrown; now listen, Tim’s getting to the important part of why this deal is a bad decision”
  • Damian likes cereal, but he pours the milk first. It drives Tim up the fucking wall.
  • “What are you…That’s wrong!”
  • “I do not appreciate soggy cereal, Drake, though I suppose you like your cereal to match your personality”
  • “…..did you just call my personality soggy?”
  • “Like a wet paper bag; useless and disgusting”
  • [horrified gasp]
  • Once Tim made the mistake of asking Damian to get him a cup of coffee with three spoonfuls of sugar in it; Damian did not put sugar in it
  • Two words: PRANK WAR
  • It started when Tim got out of the shower and his hair was neon pink (he rocked the color for an entire month and a half because no way he was letting Damian get to him)
  • In retaliation Damian woke up with baby blue nails (he too rocked them for an entire month and a half, even going so far as to fix any that chipped or faded)
  • Jason was the one to stop them when he got caught in the crossfire (his favorite Wonder Woman shirt was splattered tie-dye. Damian and Tim were lucky to have survived)

I could keep going but Ill stop ;)

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Can you do a thing where mc is one of those beautiful competitive ice skaters? How would the rfa(and possibly V and saeran) react to this and how do they celebrate when she wins a competition? Thx~


- He’d be completely surprised that you’re an ice skater! How’d you find time to chat with him? 

- When he find out you’re in a competition, he’d be blown out of the water!

-lowkey jealous of how successful you are, but also support the hell out of you.

- The boy would make banners, and get the rest of the RFA to come to the competition and support you with banners, flags, and pins. When its you’re turn to skate he has to have 707 cover his mouth cuz he just was to scream for your success. But he knows he has to be quiet. 

- When you get your medal he’d rush to great you on the ice, but fall on his ass. The RFA would have to pull him back onto waiting area since he would keep slipping with each attempt to get up. 

- When you two meet after the ceremony, he’d hold you close and spin you around. He’d be filled with pride that you accomplished so much, and he was happy to be there for you.


- He’d be in awe of you. He’d plead to see you in your ice skating uniform. He already thought you were the most beautiful person in the world, but with the added elegance of ice skating he’d be overwhelmed. 

- He self-instates himself as your #1 fan. 

- You’re in a competition? He’d use his fanbase to get them hyped up for your debut by talking about it in interviews and in responses to fanmail. For once zen’s army is your army as well. 

- On the day of the competition, his fans, now your fans now, fill so much of the stadium. They all have zen banners and banners support you as well! - 

- Before you go on, Zen would give you soft words of encouragement and how he’s proud of his favorite Ice Princess. 

- Once you finish your performance the stands would roar with support and cheer for your magnificent performance. 

- When you get your medal, Zen would ask if he could be the one to give you your flowers and medal. It just makes the moment even more special. 

- sidenote: considering how revealing your uniform is, despite the skin tone mesh, Zen has a hard time not releasing the beast. 


- Jaehee would be surprised, and start researching it. She’d be amazing at all the strength and science that goes into the movements. She never took so much interest in it until now. 

- She’d watch your practices and take notes on what you needed to work on, and set goals up for you. 

- She would time things and do the maths on what you were slow on and what you stumbled on because you were rushing it and causing yourself to lose balance on. 

- On the day of the competition she’d tell you that she was so proud of the progress you had made and to not doubt yourself because you worked hard and earned this. And no matter what she’d always love you. She’d understand how pressure of situations can make you lose your sight.

- When you receive your medal and flowers and leave the rink, she’d be crying tears of joy for you. You had accomplished what you had set out! You followed you dream! She would be so proud of you.


- He didn’t think much of it, until he saw how you moved on the ice. It was like you took his breath away. The beauty of it all  was inspiring! 

- It challenges the beauty of cats- no; it challenges the beauty of Elizabeth the III! 

- Unfortunately he couldn’t watch you practice as much as he liked, but he had  a bodyguard record it for him so he could watch it through his day. 

- A Competition? He’d get advertisements going showing your face and clips of your successful practices for get people to support you. The face of Jumin Han supporting you in the competition was sure to help! 

- He’d also give you a small present the day before the competition. It would be a new Ice skating outfit, one that reflected the emotion and energy you were trying you express in your skating along with the music. The fabric of course was the best of the best. 

- He’d definitely attend your competition. ( Poor Jaehee rescheduling everything-) And when you win your medal he’d lose his composure and stand up, smiling and cheering for you. That was more precious than the metal in your medal.


- lol he already knew you were an ice skater when he did a BG check on you. 

- He secretly hacked into the security cameras and watch you practice, and if you had a fall he’d do his best to comfort you when he went to pick you up from practice. And if you surpassed a goal, he’ take you out as a reward celebration.

- He’d go to the competition and resist the urge to hack the lighting and give your show extra effects. Give ‘em the ‘ole razzle dazzle. 

-He’d stand on top of his seat and cheer for you when you go the medal. He’d probably have to escorted out of the building- 

- Once you two meet after the ceremony, he gives you a huge bouquet of roses. He’d be beaming with pride. 


- He would wish so dearly that he could see you better. He can see you somewhat out of his left eye at least. He never suspected you to be an ice skater. 707 probably didn’t tell him to surprise him. 

- He would pick you up from your practices and ask you about your day. He’d want to hear it in vivid detail. 

- During the competition, there’d be an announcement that this competition would be have a special photographer. You were confused, but shrugged it off. 

- It wasn’t until you were receiving your medal that you saw V, kneeling infront of you taking your picture. He smiled up at you and took another picture. 

- After the ceremony you two reviewed the picture together. You didn’t say it outloud, but you did notice that there were more pictures of you than the other contestants. 


- He’d pretend to be uninterested, but secretly watch you throw security cams in case something went wrong or you hurt yourself. 

- If you so much as a fall, he’d send a vague text saying that “ I hope your practice didn’t cause you too much pain.” 

- He wouldn’t show up at the competition, but you weren’t angry. 

- A personal headcanon of mine is large crowds and cramped spaces are overwhelming to him. So its understandable why he wouldn’t be there.  

- He would be on the edge of his seat at home however watching you whispering. “ C’mon you can do it! You’ve been practicing for weeks! ….Don’t lean over to far- YES THATS IT!”

- After you got your medal and the ceremony was over, you’d get a text from Saeran telling you to come outside. You walk outside, your feet still sore from the skates, and see Saeran standing there with a tablet showing the security camera feed and a bouquet of roses. 

- It was one thing seeing you in your uniform on camera. It was a completely different thing seeing you in person wearing it. He gulped as nerves started to take hold. He’d shove the bouquet at you. 

- But how you look holding them making it worse, You look like the angel he was promised. He can’t hold himself back anymore and hugs you close.

- “ I knew you’d win..” he whispered. All the text messages, the tablet, and the whisper now all click. You now realize he was watching over you the entire time. You hug him back forgetting about the flowers being squished between you.