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omg su you mentioned magnus, simon adn jace being a mini squad can yOU PLEASE GIVE US MORE HEADCANONS ABOUT THAT PLEASE

boy we had an ENTIRE HOUR wasted just talking about this after we saw that picture mcg tweeted with alberto on top of the  with @raphaelsantiaghoe and bELIEVE ME IT WAS WORTH IT

  • one particularly quiet night, magnus is just chilling in his loft just counting how much money he made that day so everythings cool hes fine
  • then jace and simon just barge in with like 60 cans of beer in their hands and a questionably large bag of in n out in their hands
  • magnus is shook hes like “yo what the fuck :)”
  • the boys are just getting comfy on the couch and magnus goes “i thought we were doing it in the dumort it takes me a year to clean the mess up” but because simon and raphael are like kinda broken up after the betrayal thing so they cant do their meet up there
  • like in all slumber parties, they play poker, gossip like hoes for like 3 hours, prank call meliorn, get drunk out of their minds and talk shit even more
  • they play monopoly and it ends up with magnus freaking owning the whole board and jace crying
  • after 5 cans of beer in, simon joins jace with crying because he misses rafi
  • jace falls asleep on the couch bc he cant handle eating too much
  • magnus and simon get way too emotional for some reason and simons like “bro im so glad i met u and ur in my life bro” and magnus’ like “bro :’)”
  • then they draw dicks on jaces face while he sleeps
  • jace wakes up again and they drink again and then he falls asleep on the couch aGAIN
  • when they wake up again its almost 10 am, jace isnt on the couch anymore hes on the floor, simon has 67 missed calls on his phone (50 from jace because he was so drunk that he got lost in the loft while going to the toilet and he got scared by a duck sculpture and you guessed it, started crying again), magnus has yoga pants wrapped around both his legs and is wearing a shirt that says “monopoLIAR :(” on it, and alec left him 700 voice mails bc he thought he died
  • and yeah they do this at least once every week cause they really do enjoy spending time w/ each other, even when they have to resurrect jace 3 times when they do so 

listen bruce can be fake af but he won’t deny tim caffeine because he also would take the opportunity to drink coffee and be able to tell alfred that it was because his son wanted coffee!!!!

and if u work the night shift a coffee shop u can bet you’ve handed something to batman at least once like the batmobile just fuckin shows up in the drive thru and orders two drinks and the coffee shop employees are just impressed and kind of horrified when batman is with tim because there’s??? so much caffeine?? it’s 3 am how are u gonna sleep later???

Headcanon: Tracer actually has chronal accelerators built in to the walls of her house/flat/other living space, so she doesn’t have to wear the harness 24/7. All Overwatch HQ’s were also built similarily. There was also an idea to adapt a couple mobile carriers in this way for long-term missions far from civilization, but it was shut down beacause of budget issues and the fact that she wanted them to look like old Police Phone Boxes and noone in Overwatch understood the reference.

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Can I get how Zarya, Zenyatta, Hanzo, and Dva would react to an S/O who sleeps with a lot of clutter on their bed?? (like plushies, scissors, pencils, lotions, headphones, things like that (cause thats all whats on my bed right now))

Zarya: Immediately cleans off their bed bc honestly no one can sleep like that??? She keeps the plushies on the bed, though, because they’re soft and wonderful. Insists that they keep their bed clean so they can sleep better.

Zenyatta: Is much like Zarya, but a bit gentler, and helps his s/o find good spots to organize their things and keep them off the bed, aside from the plushies.

Hanzo: Is just shocked honestly. He’s speechless, then just goes ‘wtf’ and cleans their bed off. Is almost offended.

D.Va: Honestly her bed is the exact same

imagine dan and phil finding out dan’s neck is so sensitive for the first time. phil tentatively asking “can i try something?” and dan trying not to recoil when he realises phil’s going for his neck. phil gently kissing the skin and dan letting out a gasp of shock and pleasure, his grip on phil’s back tightening at the new sensation. hearing dan’s reaction, phil gains a bit of confidence and starts to lick and nibble at the spot, causing dan’s hips to buck and his breathing to speed up. as soon as phil starts to suck, dan’s a mess, letting out shaky moans and whimpers until he’s coming untouched in his jeans.


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su its my birthday could i have some bday wishes pleeeeeaaaaaase? i would ask for some saphael headcanons but you already said those so idk maybe your fave headcanons about the gang?

omg happy birthday anon!!! I hope you have a beautiful, fun and peaceful year with all your friends and family! I love you !!!

so for the gang headcanons
  • luke always brings the whole gang food from the jade wolf when theyre meeting up cause hes the squad dad
  • clary has like the best scary stories and even though he doesnt let anyone know, jace is legit terrified of scary stories

  • so one night the whole squad gathers and after dinner they sit in a circle and clary starts telling her story
  • izzys head is on clarys lap, raphael has his arm swung around simons shoulder, magnus is literally on top of alec (pda couple lmao) lukes sitting in between jace and jocelyn and holding her hand while jace sits right next to meliorn whos sitting with his legs crossed

  • jace gets really spooked out after a while and he looks around to find someone to hide behind but theres only luke and meliorn around
  • he could hold onto everyone besides meliorn cause izzys his sister, alec his brother, clary and him are close, and magnus, jace and simon are like a mini squad inside the group bc jace and simon regularly show up unexpectedly in mags house with like 400 cans of beer and junk food

  • and also because he kinda likes him
  • anYWAYS he slowly scoots closer to meliorn whos like whatchu doin hoe and he grabs his arm and holds him like a freaking koala holds onto a tree

  • he looks at him and says “not a word, seelie” and meliorn just grins
  • and thats how everyone in the squad finally finds their cuddle buddy

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warren/alex with a s/o that believes that you should only have sex after marriage and she's kind of naive so the other guys would tease her thinking she did it with warren/alex but she's clueless so one day they were teasing her in front of warren/alex and like their s/o suddenly asks them what peter and the others are talking about & they get so protective over their s/o and their innocence so they take them to their shared bedroom but not without mouthing "i will murder you" to the other xmen

im yellING

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If Lance and Keith got into a serious verbal fight who would cry first?

why are you guys asking me headcanon stuff omg??
lance cries first, angrily. keith cries when lance storms out. he can deal with the fighting but he can’t deal with the leaving

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Nightcrawler pregnancy hc-- "what if they look like me, lieb?" *they take his hand in both hands and rub it with their thumb affectionately before looking back up to meet their eyes* "...That's what I'm hoping for." *ps Kurts heart busts a million nuts*

omg i cri bc kurt is so cute

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How do you think the team feel about klance? Also, can we still ask about your voltron headcanons?

if they get together, i think…. hmm. hard to say.

  • i feel like nobody would really care except for coran and hunk. they like to gossip about it– idk the way i see it: when hunk wants to complain about keith and lance, he goes to pidge. when he wants to gush about keith and lance, he goes to coran. 
  • shiro’s like, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of forming voltron, like, how can he say no? they’re happy. 
  • pidge thinks the pda is gross, but doesn’t exactly expect much when it comes to lance and this sort of thing. 
  • allura would probably give them a stern talking to about how this changes the team dynamic and could effect the forming of voltron and all that stuff. love’s great and all, but if there’s fraternization amongst the paladins, things could get messy– and she’s got an entire civilization to avenge.

i don’t mind it! i’ll have to make an ask or headcanon tag, though, i feel a bit bad flooding ppl with this stuff.

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all this club shit just makes me picture harry and louis at a club, standing all up in each others business because it's loud and they can't hear each other but they still need to talk. and dancing.... oooo damn don't get me started with that....

omg i kNOW me too

Ok so warren with his chubby so is just too cute for words. They’re constantly cuddling and hugging and just fluffy. So one day they’re telling warren how they can never find clothing that makes them feel comfortable in their body so he makes it his mission to spoil them with all of these amazing and lavish clothes and stuff. and she wears the clothes all the time. So after her closet is overflowing with all these awesome outfits, they tell warren that they can’t find any lingerie in their size that made them feel confident. So of course warren would do anything to make his baby girl feel good so he buys her so many sets and she has to get a second closet built in for all of his gifts and I just have a lot of feelings about warren showering his baby girl with tons of gifts and custom made things and one of a kind presents and you know every time he gets her something she is going to spend a while thanking him ;)


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Do you think Lance can grow facial hair??? Or do you think it'll be patchy? What about Keith? Can these boys grow beards???

i hc lance as vietnamese and keith as korean and if my friends and family are any indication, neither of these boys are very good at growing facial hair at all. my dad (who i base a lot of my viet lance off of) can only grow it on his upper lip…everything else is just spotty and weird. keith has probably never really cared and i think lance….would be hairless on his face if he could be. i mean i hc that lance shaves his legs, so….yeah.