ok can i just say???? grease au is so adorable for yoi. and i mean this is not like you’re probably thinking. we’re gonna flip this one on its head. like, lemme paint you a picture here:

  • we got the summer, which consists of viktor (on vacation) “meeting” yuuri at some party, where yuuri gets super drunk and then just ???? starts stripping and dancing and like holy cow viktor is enamored
  • so vitya, being vitya, works some of his magic and drops a heck load of hints to his guardian, yakov, and, when that fails, baaaaasically just runs away from home. and yakov is like “that’s so irresponsible but whatever, you’re a senior and i guess we can call this study abroad since you signed yourself up for student exchange and forged my signature and you’re technically an adult so you do you”
  • and that’s how viktor traveled all the way across the world for a guy he didn’t even have a conversation with!!
  • so he’s there. and like he’s ready to find this boy.
  • BUT FIRST he has to actually get registered and stuff. and that’s where he meets chris! 
  • chris is mega flrty and if vitya weren’t making a major decision to change his entire life for god knows how long for a boy he “met” at a party, he would totally have flirted back. ok maybe he flirted back a little iT’S NOT LIKE HE FOUND THE BOY YET and whatever it’s totally friend flirting
  • so chris is like ok you’re cool dude, you’re cool. and then he leans in close and he’s like “you know, buddy, we’ve got this group, the pink ladies, and it’s great and you should join. ok? ok.”
  • and viktor is like YES but before he can chris says he has to check with the other bros of the group so vitya chills (or does his best)
  • so then at lunch, viktor meets the rest of the crew: emil, yuri (a different yuri, tho–viktor decides to call him yurio), and michele
  • and guess what! they’re all cool!! and they all think viktor is cool!! so viktor is in the group!!
  • so the boys get to talking and eventually viktor gets to talking about why he’s out in not-his-hometown without his guardian and he mentions the party and swooooons over yuuri, the most amazing boy to ever exist, and the boys look at each other and they’re like “wait. yuuri. the same yuuri that is a greaser??? that yuuri?!?!?!?!?!”
  • and viktor just shrugs and he’s like uh i guess??? that sounds about right i suppose???
  • NOW. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR GREASERS: we have phichit (highly animated, best hair of the group, too cool to be popular… but he’s totally popular), otabek (the most greaser of the greasers who may or may not (he definitely does) have a thing for yurio), seung-gil (second most greaser of the greasers, makes being quiet cool), leo (i mean.. that hair? ofc he’s a greaser), and yuuri (heartthrob (not that he knows that), cool kid (again, not that he knows that), and, apparently, awesome pole dancer)
  • bonus: minami, this bubbly freshman dude, is constantly trying to join the greasers; guang hong is this adorable quiet kid who somehow has a free pass to hang out with the greasers; mila can’t stop making fun of vitya from all the way back home while georgi thinks it’s sweet and romantic

so like… i’m just saying… even tho yuuri would probably be more likely to be depicted as sandy… this grease au would be amazing too

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on a more serious note, Bucky dating girls in a time where being gay in America was literally illegal when he clearly shows little interest in his dates actually makes a lot of sense.

listen, i will go to my grave with my headcanon of Steve and Bucky going on double dates with girls who actually wanted to date each other, so that everyone was on a date with their person of choice but it didn’t look suspicious and no one was getting arrested or beaten up

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Hiiii, can I ask HC for Second Batch Lord, if they live in modern day, what kind phones they will have? Thank You


  • 64GB memory
  • has more than 8 games which he plays on regular basis
  • doesnt care much about photos and selfies
  • A lot of music in it


  • Excellent front and back camera
  • Too many photos and selfies
  • Uses snapchat too much
  • Almost full memory card


  • Good camera
  • Photos of landscapes
  • Mostly using his phone for calls
  • Has instagram


  • Doesnt care about the camera
  • Uses his phone only for calls
  • Has many alarms set
  • Many note-apps
  • super complicated password


  • Excellent front and back camera
  • Photos of random things (flowers , rocks etc..)
  • Uses instagram daily
  • Changes wallpaper every hour


  • Uses phone mostly for calls
  • Although he has taken many photos (mostly landscapes and food)
  • Has a lot of alarms set too
  • Has a secret folder of MC’s pics sent just for him

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random q: if (when) Steve n Bucky have kids how do they do it? surrogate? adopt? how old are they? do they pick out names? how many? when do they decide to be parents and where they raise 'em?

Okay so they retire from all the superhero nonsense, like they’re around if the world is actually going to End without them, but otherwise they’re free to just be. I also think they live in Upstate New York, with a big garden.
I think they adopt, I think they both have strong feelings that whilst it would be lovely to use a surrogate and have this little person be biologically linked to one of them, there’s so many kids that need a family to love them and care for them already, so they adopt.
I’ve always only seen them as having one kid, I think they’d adopt a baby girl, and if they got to name her, she’d be called Lilly-Rose.

Also they have a golden retriever called Apollo that they ended up adopting after doing a public appearance at a rescue centre to boost recognition and funds. And despite Steve insisting they weren’t leaving with a dog, when this tiny puppy attached itself to Bucky all day and he was met with two matching sets of pleading puppy dog eyes, he didn’t have it in him to say no. So they have a dog too.

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*deep breath* Oh my goD I LOVE THIS BLOG ALREADY AND I JUST GOT HERE These are some of my favorite skellies. Especially US!Pap/Cherry. That being said! I have a kinda cute one: Plum, Cherry, Hunter, and Hound come home to find their s/o being a total dork, dancing around and singing the DuckTales song. By the way, love the names you chose for them :3


I’m so glad you like the blog so far! :D And thank you! I made Cherry’s a little longer just for you! *audible wink*


– Plum hears the music as he’s walking to the house and perks up. Are you singing? Oh my gosh!! He hurries along and opens the door as you’re dancing across the living room floor. Eyelights morphed into stars, he joins in. 

– He may not know the song, but that’s fine. He shimmies and mirrors your moves as best he can, feeding off of your enthusiasm. His cheekbones are dusted plum by the end, and he dissolves into laughter when it sinks in how absolutely bananas you two must have looked. 

– He’ll ask what the song is from, too. After you tell him about the show, he’ll ask if you can watch some of it together. You end up binge-watching the entire series, and now the next time he catches you singing and dancing, he’ll be able to follow along perfectly.


– Cherry shortcuts straight home from work, so there’s no warning when he ends up right in front of your dancing self. You sing the chorus into his face with a grin, easily adapting to the new obstacle and swerving to avoid him. 

– It takes him a moment to register what’s happening. He thinks he’s taken a shortcut to some parallel universe where everyone’s singing, but then he remembers that you’re just a big ol’ dork and grins wide.

– He takes out his phone and hits record, following you around as you dance and sing through the house. Some parts of the song are lost to the sound of his laughter. The camera’s still on when the song ends, so it catches him winding an arm around you to pull you forward into a kiss. You’re giggling now, and the video cuts off when he leans in for another.

– He turns the song into your personal ringtone afterwards. He even watches some of the show with you, but he doesn’t think it completely matches the magic of that incident. 

– He’ll look back on that video as one of his favourite moments with you. He’ll watch it if he’s sad, or he’s missing you, if he’s bored; He’ll just never get tired of it. Cherry saves it in three separate devices so that he can keep it forever.


– Hunter’s worn out from work when he enters the house, which means he’s cranky. He lays eyes on you dancing on the couch and decides he’s already had enough. He doesn’t want to take any of his irritation out on you unless necessary so he just continues past you to head to his room.

– But then the lyrics sink into him and he stops just short of the door. Ducks??Race cars?? Lasers?? Airplanes?? He turns around, trying to sort out the words into something that makes sense. You finish the song before he can, so he takes that opportunity to make you explain to him what the hell you’re going on about. Once it’s cleared up, he stares at you lamely. He goes to his room to get some rest.

– He’ll only sit through the sit episode with you if you ask him to. Otherwise, he avoids it like the plague.. Mostly because whenever he thinks of it, the damn song gets stuck in his head. Unfortunately for him, it’s a catchy tune.


– When Hound comes through the door, you’re close enough to yell the “DUCKTALES!” part loud enough that he freezes in alarm. He really wasn’t prepared for that. 

– But a second later, he realizes what you’re doing. He closes the door behind him and stands awkwardly in the middle of the living room as you dance around him. He watches you with an amused smile, taking pleasure in your unfiltered joy.

– He’ll ask where you learned the song, and when you show him the opening he finds it charming. He’ll watch some of the series with you just to see how invested you get. In the near future, you’ll find little collectibles from the show have mysteriously appeared in your room.

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Head canon: Otabek and Yuri 14 & 16!

Oh, let’s see!

Ingrained habits/forces of habit

In terms of ingrained habits, I’m sure they’re used to gruelling practice sessions. From waking up at “no human should ever be up at this godforsaken hour” o’clock to countless hours at the ballet studio (Yuri) or the gym (Otabek).

This probably translates into their everyday life. Following my previous hc about Yuri being a angry ball of nerves, he probably can’t sit still for too long and needs to do something physical (dance, go out for a run, rearrange his entire wardrobe according to colour, print, designer, etc.).

I believe Otabek, on the other hand, had completely adapted to his nomad lifestyle from the beginning of his career and thus packs light, has learnt not to get too attached to people or things (other than his family, of course) and I’m sure he always goes for the healthiest option on the menu when he eats out and doesn’t even question it.

Dark secrets/’skeletons in the closet’

We all know Yuri is obsessed with cats and anything related to them, but what most people don’t know is that he actually finds them so damn adorable he starts talking to them in this high-pitched baby voice, like he physically can’t help it. Only his grandfather knows about this, since he’s been doing it since he was a little kid, feeding any strays that somehow happened to get into their backyard.

I’ve seen this in plenty of fics and I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that Otabek knows how to knit and do plenty of household chores. I’m sure he grew up in a big family, and all kids would sit around grandma and learn how to sew, knit, cook, you name it. It’s not that big of a “dark secret” but he doesn’t talk about it with just anyone. It’s actually a good two years into their friendship before Otabek even dares mention it to Yuri during one of their weekly night calls one random Saturday. And it takes all of his courage and then some to bring himself to send Yuri a scarf one Christmas as a present.

The selfie he got as a response with a beaming Yuri, neck and half of his face wrapped in the royal blue scarf Otabek had made for him, makes all of his worrying completely worth it.

Thank you for the message, lovely Minx! 💖

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First just want to say you are awesome, love your imagines so damn much! :D so, about that pregnancy imagine... can you give me the reactions of the US and SF bro's realising that they themselves are pregnant with their S/O? like do any of them panic? do any of them figure out immediately that they are pregnant and not just sick? how do they tell their S/O about it? I have a mighty need for this, go nuts!

Aw man, THANK YOU! I’m really happy to hear that!! You are also awesome - I’ve been reading all of your tags, they’re seriously so sweet. (also your icon never fails to make me laugh, oh my god)

This was such a fun ask, thank you for sending it in! Also a note to add before this: With a monster/human situation, since the human has considerably less magic than average monsters, the monster parent’s load gets much heavier. The baby soul saps their magic reserves and it affects different monsters in different ways.

The pregnancy imagine referred to is here.

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   “Everyone who says my breath stinks it obviously smelling their own. I’ll have you know I brush my teeth with nice mint and use mouth wash three times a day. And I bathe regularly. I have to keep clean. My teeth being a mint green is equivalent of yours being white. Just how I manifested into this world.” 

Concept: Jack is traded to the New York Islanders (which we know wouldn’t happen but roll with me here). The Islanders share an arena with the Brooklyn Nets. Who are part-owned by Jay-Z.

Very shortly into Jack’s first season, Jay-Z hears about another JZ who plays on the hockey team. That’s amusing, thinks Jay-Z, so he brings the family to an Islanders game. Afterward they decide to stop by the locker room to introduce themselves. Bitty, who is always there after home games to drive his husband home, turns a corner and runs directly into Beyoncé, and then proceeds to die on the spot, his life now fulfilled.

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Sooo, I read that post about aliens and mental illness and I just kind of ran with it. Keep in mind these are just how I personally experience various issues.

I feel like our brain chemistry would be really interesting to them. Maybe they’re all super intelligent but with a streamlined brain that runs at peak efficiency, whereas our brains are seen as more of a, and this is a technical term, “who the fuck designed this?!” The more aliens learn about us the more they’re inclined to put their head in all six of their arms and take a stress nap because we’re just so messily put together and there are so many things to go wrong in something so unnecessarily complex!

Humans are seen as so hypervigilant that sometimes our brains send us false alarms. The panic button is going off, we’re totally prepared for fight or flight. But nothing is actually wrong. While the aliens are panicking like THIS IS NOT A DRILL OUR HUMAN IS IN A CORNER IN THE FETAL POSITION DEAR ALIEN JESUS WHAT IS IT AFRAID OF and the other humans have to explain that no, Kevin does not sense an invisible threat, this is just something his brain does and he needs to lie down in a quiet room for a minute and he will reset.

And man oh man can you imagine finding a human with executive dysfunction? Humans are an industrious race and they are constantly in motion. In fact it drives the aliens a little nuts that their human crew can’t sit still. Then for a week at a time a crewmate doesn’t change their clothes or eat or sleep or do anything really besides get super into this one game on their phone. When the aliens try to assign them tasks, thinking they are just in need of direction, for the first time in months those tasks don’t get done. They begin to think the human is broken. And then at some ungodly hour the human is found working at feverish pace to catch up their workload, cussing under their breath the whole time. Oh yeah, they laugh about it when asked, sometimes my brain just kinda stops responding, but I shake myself out of it usually.

So uh yeah that’s my garbage fire of a contribution to this au. Enjoy.

some ladynoir stuff
  • chat noir will drape himself over ladybug’s lap during the downtime on their nightly patrols and moan about how awful plagg is just for some head scratches from ladybug (let’s be honest, plagg taught the kitty well; complain and receive cheese/ladybug)
  • they once spent an afternoon atop the notre dame after an akuma attack critiquing civilian’s fashion choices. both learned that their partner has excellent taste in fashion.
    • ladybug: “oh my god is that a man bun? those things should be burned.”
    • chat noir: “who the hell wears crocs anymore? they look like shit, and they make your feel smell. god, shoes have three deciding factors: quality, price, and style. crocs have the rare combination of being expensive, poor quality, and being ugly. it’s quite a feat for one shoe to suck this much. i will judge anyone who wears crocs.”
  • ladybug uses chat noir as a mannequin to measure some of her designs during their downtime. 
  • there are frequent arguments over akuma names because some are too stupid to say aloud. ladybug believes in creativity and free will and vows to let the akumas keep the names they declare themselves with. chat noir files petitions to change many of them because he absolutely refuses to admit he nearly got beat by a Mr. Pigeon.
  • if ladybug and chat noir are literally anywhere together outside in public without an akuma, someone’ll always ask, “are you two together? are you on a date?”. chat has to hold ladybug back from clobbering them.
  • during their stakeouts, chat noir sings “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and has gotten to 1 before, even though it usually ends up with him getting pitched off a roof.
  • one early morning, there was an akuma battle, and chat noir learned that ladybug has bad bed head. he makes sure to keep a comb in his pocket now at all times for whenever there’s an early battle, and ladybug doesn’t have time to fix her hair before going to school. she doesn’t say it, but she’s really thankful. (also really jealous because tikki, pockets, give me pockets, god fucking damn it)
  •  one time there was a mermaid akuma in the seine and chat noir fell in the water and revealed he couldn’t swim. ladybug saved him and made him take swimming lessons. nothing beats coming to sunday morning swimming lessons and finding one of paris’s famous superheros with floaties and a kick board.
    • you can bet your ass that ladybug constantly makes “a cat to water” jokes every second she can.
  • ladybug keeps a tally of how many puns chat noir makes. his gets to 162 in one night before she sets a limit of 10 puns per day. he breaks it all the time and has to wear the Collar of Shame™ for the rest of the day, which is black collar with a huge pink bow. (ladybug thinks he secretly likes it).
  • chat noir actually hates ladybug’s puns and buys her the “Punning for Dummies” book for Christmas.
    • she gets him “31 Ways Not To Be A Douchebag”.
  •  ladybug doesn’t actually know how to use a real yo-yo. chat noir laughs for two weeks.
  •  ladybug and chat noir regularly attend movies as themselves because no one really knows why the superheroes are going to the movies, but it probably means there’s an akuma or something equally bad so let’s just not go. it just means they get the best seats every time.
  • sometimes when they’re really tired and stressed out, and ladybug is being bossy and chat noir is fed up with hearing it, he’ll say, “okay, deborah” which causes her to pitch him off the eiffel tower.
  • chat noir can never get into a hammock. he always flips over every time he tries to get on one.
  • one time ladybug flubbed a back handspring, and the news stations got it live. chat noir plays it on repeat for a week.

neil doesn’t say anything, but after lola he can’t look at lighters the same way. the next time they’re on the roof, neil flinches and andrew doesn’t hesitate before throwing his lighter off the roof. “piece of shit,” he says. “never lights when i need it to.” he carries matches from then on.

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I too am procrastinating!! I'd really like to see Dex and Nursey sharing Lardo's room, Dex becoming more comfortable with himself and Nursey, and realizing that the team has his back

hooray for procrastination! okay room sharing, lets bullet point this shit (also i kind of stuck to the prompt but the main focus is on room sharing and being comfortable with each other and less on everyone having each others’ backs, sorry it kind of ran away from me)

  • to start, dex gets the top bunk and nursey gets the bottom obvs bc honestly can you imagine nursey successfully climbing up to the top without falling off the ladder at least once a week?
  • music is a big point of contention for the first month 
    • dex blasts dad rock whenever he’s coding and nursey listens to his indie shit so loudly that even when he’s using headphones dex can hear it from the top bunk
    • they reach a weird understanding one day when nursey puts a playlist on shuffle and they end up both singing along to the middle by jimmy eat world and they discover they both  are still in  went through a punk rock/pop phase (yes i have been reading @heyfightme‘s punk au)
    • from there on they reach a pretty easy agreement that when they’re both in the room and neither are studying, it’s tb punk from the 2005 era or anything they’ve recently discovered
    • (for the sake of avoiding arguments) 
    • (also because both love watching the other get lost in the music as they scream the lyrics)
    • (please take a moment to imagine two 6′2″ hockey players yell the words to i don’t wanna be an asshole anymore by the menzingers to each other as they jump up and down in the middle of their bedroom at 4pm)
  • it takes a while to get a bathroom routine down bc nursey has A Lot of skincare products and he likes to bathe william, not all of us are neanderthals that enjoy feeling crusty

the rest is under the cut bc i got carried away

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Langst (with a small serving of fluff on the side)

Ok, so here’s a little headcanon that I wrote yesterday as a result of a conversation with @librebananr about season 3 of Voltron and how Lance needs some love. I also want next season to have a snippet of insight into Lance’s family, even just a photo, so the following occurred:

Imagine the really emotional reunion between Pidge and Matt. Everyone is so happy to see the two of them together and Lance shows them both a smile, making Matt laugh with his exaggerated behaviour.

Later whilst everyone’s gathered to hear Matt’s story, Lance is further back in the room just watching the warm scene, but as he feels his cheeks grow wet he has to leave quietly so that no one can notice his tears. So no one can know how hard it is for him.

Except, someone DID notice. They had been keeping an eye on him since hearing the forced tone of his laughs.

Lance finds himself curled up on his bed, his thumb gently stroking the worn sides of the photo. A knock sounds at his door and he jumps, shocked that anyone had left the group. He doesn’t answer, hoping that they’ll think he’s not in, or just asleep, and walk on. He tenses at the sound of the door opening.

Not wanting to speak to anyone, he keeps still, closing his eyes as he tries to keep his breath even, attempting to feign sleep. The person doesn’t make a sound after walking up to his bed, and Lance can feel his heart hammering. Oh god, he can’t cry now! He can feel the fragility of what little strength he has, struggling to hold back his tears. He knows just a few words could shatter it. But the person doesn’t speak.

After a minute or two, he listens as the person sits down beside the bed and feels a heavy weight rest against his back. Rather than weighing him down, or making him feel cramped or confined, the weight of the person’s head is reassuring in its physical presence. It grounds​ him. The warmth he feels from it is probably imagined, considering the layers of clothing separating them, but the feeling is still pleasant.

Lance listens as the person’s breathing starts to even out, soon finding himself growing tired as well. Just before he falls asleep, his curiosity wins out and he glances over his shoulder to identify his silent comforter.

His neck complains as he quickly snaps his head back around, his cheeks starting to burn. It wasn’t the short locks and orange headband of his best friend. Nor was it Coran’s red hair. It wasn’t the short clipped hair of Shiro. Neither was it the soft locks of Pidge. No. What he had seen was black locks of hair… and the mullet was unmistakable… But the thought that HE had come, out of everyone, meant that Lance’s usual hostility was nowhere to be found.

But it felt nice to be understood. Even if it was by Keith.

Especially if it was by Keith.


There you go! Sometimes even just knowing someone is supporting you can help, and Keith’s a bit too awkward to initiate any heart-to-heart. Please feel free to request headcanons as they do tend to come quite easily!

The team arriving to a planet that has similar conditions than earth. Suddenly it starts raining, Allura is all “Paladins be careful, even though Coran mentioned this planet should be safe, we can’t take any risks”. But before she finishes, Lance has already taken his helmet off and raised his head to feel the raindrops on his face. The rest of the paladins watch him quietly and then proceed to also take off their helmets, one by one. Allura understands the situation and doesn’t say anything. They remain in silence for a while, just with the sound of the rain. Eventually you can’t really tell If the water running down Lance’s cheeks came from the sky or his eyes.