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Something i always thought about is, how do you think troll society views aromanticism/asexuality and how do you think they look at trans and nonbinary identities?

Before I get into this I want to stress that I am neither ace spectrum nor trans or nb and all of this is based off thoughts that come from a privileged viewpoint, in particular one that can view and discuss these issues impersonally. If you find it empowering to imagine troll societies treating ace or trans or nb identities the way you personally would want to be treated, or if you otherwise find personal catharsis in whatever your own headcanon is, that’s valid and none of my theorizing is an attempt to prove you somehow wrong. 

To answer… 

I imagine that in regards to ace-spectrum people the view is similar to the one we have here (though my exposure to even that is very Tumblr and therefore US-centric.) On Alternia it’s probably a liability that will get you killed if you don’t pretend otherwise, but in other troll societies I imagine it’s a social justice issue just as it is here, with a lot of the same “objections” flavored slightly differently because of the different priorities between troll and human societies (”but the propagation of the species” “everyone has to do their part” “everyone else has no problem with quadrants, so why do you think you’re so special” “you can’t truly be healthy without a moirail everyone knows that”). Interestingly, it would be more difficult to “pass” as an asexual in a troll society because unlike human society - where in general ppl who aren’t your partner don’t know anything about your sex life unless you or they volunteer the info - your sexual exploits are a communal issue in troll society bc of the “contributing to the mother grub fund” situation. 

I think too with the quadrants it would be interesting from the perspective of like… for example black feelings aren’t 100% sexual, there’s a lot of elements to a black relationship, so what does an asexual troll who otherwise feels pitch for someone do when society says they can’t be true kismeses without that element? When their potential partner will most likely expect it? When there’s a chance their potential partner will feel “cheated” somehow without it? When society will expect them to contribute to whatever communal fertilization ritual troll societies that aren’t Alternia use? What about a troll who finds someone’s presence grounding and calming and soothing but with zero romantic attraction? How does the other party feel about that? Can they still be moirails? Should they call it that? Do they face ostracism from other trolls with more traditional moirallegiances who feel somehow their relationship is diminished by the inclusion of this one in the same category?

This all has parallels to the human experience, again, just with troll-specific flavoring.

Obviously for trans and nonbinary identities, a lot of it is tied in to your specific headcanons for troll biology and dimorphism in particular, but even barring potential physical dysphoria trolls seem to have a vaguely implied social structure similar to insects where the males are (generally) (I cannot stress enough how generally I’m speaking here) more subservient / less threatening and the females are more dominant / dangerous (there are exceptions, but even the most dangerous males tend to be highbloods and immediately subservient to female fuschiabloods.) I think that would be interesting from a trans/nonbinary perspective relating to expected social roles tied to gender in a troll society. (What if a fuschiablood discovered they identified male?) 

I think again on Alternia, it would probably get you killed if it were discovered, because generally any deviation from the expected norm seems to - but that’s just my assumption. In a society more like Beforus it’s not as inherently, you know, dangerous, but most likely still full of microaggressions from ppl who don’t Get It willfully or otherwise and I am legitimately unsure of how trans/nonbinary identities would intersect with societal expectations re: gender roles tied to blood caste. 

In general, trolls do seem in canon to express a strong gender identification similar to humans whatever your biological hc is, and we’ve seen how nastily cis people here on earth gatekeep on gender id. Porrim tells us that even in Beforan society there’s a certain amount of sexism (which I always found interesting, again because it’s a matriarchal society) and in any society where gender is tied to social role or standing I think you will have bigots that can’t stand the thought of someone unqualified by arbitrary and constantly evolving standards somehow “cheating” their way into the specific “privileges” of their identity. The only major factor that differs objectively is that troll bigots wouldn’t have all those arguments tied to procreation specifically that human bigots lean on so often to justify their hate, I guess. 

Anyway that’s a whole lot of words about aliens

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Hello, may I request Rfa including V and Saeran reacting when they found out MC was their childhood bully that tormented them in the past but now is a better person?

Fun fact: One of my friends in school used to bully me (of course he apologized and he was a kid then so we became friends later) 


  • he was a really cute kid 
  • like literally the cutest 
  • and you made fun of it 
  • there was no reason at all 
  • but you used to call him girl 
  • since he was so pretty 
  • and of course that made him feel really bad 
  • but you two came to different schools later and he forgot you 
  • even when he didn’t forgot that he was called “girl” or “girly” when he was a kid 
  • and one day all the memories came back 
  • like literally hitting him 
  • and he remembered your face 
  • “MC? is just me… or we came to the same school as kids?” 
  • of course you didn’t knew that
  • in te moment he confirmed it you apologized about it 
  • “I guess I was jealous”
  • “Jealous?”
  • “I mean… you were way prettier than me… so I had to do something”
  • at the end he understood that you didn’t really wanted to hurt him 
  • and you just admired his looks (in a weird way)


  • he was always an artistic kid 
  • and you were different 
  • you cared a lot about grades and math 
  • and he didn’t 
  • so you were pissed 
  • and you started to made fun of him 
  • and made other kids do it too 
  • of course he had his friends and it was basically you and your friends making fun of him 
  • “hey… you know what is 2+2 or you are to dumb for that?” 
  • basically calling him dumb because he didn’t likes the “most important” subjects 
  • and he never forgot the face that made him suffer so much 
  • but you did forgot him 
  • of course it was a bad moment for you 
  • you were new at school and wanted to make friends 
  • and being “fun” was a way to do it 
  • but you only made fun of Zen 
  • and the day you came to his house he stopped at the door 
  • “You… I think I know you” 
  • “Um… I am MC” 
  • “No.. from other place…” 
  • and BOOM 
  • “You went to school with me” 
  • and you also remembered him 
  • “Oh now I remember…” 
  • he was kind of afraid of letting you in 
  • of course there was no thing you could do to him 
  • but his memories came back 
  • “Zen… Omg I so sorry. I just didn’t knew how to act and you were really kind it was easy… to made fun of you” 
  • of course he wanted to forgive you 
  • and you seemed like a really nice person now 
  • “Is hard to be the new girl at school… I’m really sorry if I made you suffer” 
  • “It’s okay MC, is all in the past now”


  • you were one of those popular girls 
  • who made fun of people 
  • people like Jaehee, smart
  • not that you weren’t smart 
  • but your grades weren’t as good as hers
  • she was smart at had good grades 
  • so you and your group of friends used to throw her books 
  • and put sings on her back 
  • it was not nice to her at all 
  • dealing with all in her life just to have other kids making fun of her 
  • but then when you entered the RFA 
  • she got to know you better 
  • and when she discovered who you were she was in shock 
  • I mean, there was no way a bad person like the girl in school became as nice as you 
  • of course it took her a couple days to get used to this 
  • and then she came with the topic 
  • and of course you didn’t remembered all 
  • “was I that bad? I thought it was just some fun names sometimes… I am so sorry Jaehee. I don’t know what to say” 
  • she was very happy that you wanted to made up your past mistakes 
  • but she also knew that you both were young back then 
  • and school is a wild place 
  • “MC I know you changed and I am glad for you. Thank you” 


  • there were not much kids who made fun of Cumin in school 
  • mostly you 
  • and that was because his father was really important 
  • but you didn’t cared about it 
  • he was just like other kids 
  • and you made fun of his way to be 
  • he was just so correct all the time 
  • it pissed you off 
  • and you started to made fun of it
  • he didn’t cared at first 
  • it was nice that someone was brave enough to do it 
  • but then it became a bad thing 
  • everyday you made fun of him 
  • and that wasn’t nice 
  • of course with the time he got used to it 
  • and when you left school he never knew about you 
  • and the moment you entered in the RFA and he got your name he was… 
  • well he didn’t knew what to think or do 
  • so most of the time tries to avoid you 
  • in order to not have to remember those times 
  • but he was always reading your chats 
  • and the way you acted was totally different from your old self 
  • and one day you found him in the chat alone
  • “Jumin, can I ask you something?” 
  • “sure.” 
  • “Did I made something bad to you? You have been avoiding me since the start” 
  • of course he had to tell you what happened 
  • but you didn’t remembered like that
  • of course you told everyone you were classmate with Cumin 
  • but nothing more 
  • and you just thought it was a friendly thing 
  • “Oh Jumin, I didn’t knew you felt like that. I am really sorry, I feel so bad now. But you didn’t say nothing… I thought it was funny, again sorry”
  • of course he knew you meant well so he decided to forgive you 


  • he went to church school sometimes 
  • it was not a regular thing but he used to love it 
  • it was nice to see other kids 
  • and made friends with Saeran 
  • but you weren’t as nice as others
  • of course you liked him 
  • and being a innocent little child your feelings were weird
  • and the only way to show him that 
  • was being a pain in his ass 
  • you used to pull his hair 
  • and throw food at him 
  • and he hated it 
  • but didn’t wanted to say nothing 
  • because his mother didn’t knew about this 
  • and he didn’t wanted her to 
  • and got the next month it was like this 
  • but then he stopped going more and more 
  • and one day he just didn’t came back 
  • and at the moment you entered the RFA you knew it was destiny 
  • of course you were very embarrassed about who you treated him in the past 
  • and you didn’t say a thing 
  • but he came with the subject in one call 
  • “Why you were so bad to me?” 
  • “oh… that… well I am sorry for being a bully… I guess I liked you and I didn’t knew what to do…” 
  • “YOU LIKED ME??” 
  • just that made him forgive you and even forget what happened 

  • he was an angel 
  • and he had “everything” 
  • of course you wanted to be like him 
  • good grades and he even had talent in art 
  • and you were really jealous about it 
  • so… you kind of made fun of him 
  • to stop his talent 
  • “Is that a drawing? Looks like crap to me” 
  • and since he was really sensitive it made him feel really bad 
  • of course you didn’t continued once he stopped drawing 
  • you goal was archived 
  • but didn’t felt as good as you thought 
  • but you never had the chance to apologize 
  • and this was density 
  • “V, can I have a word with you…” 
  • he was waking up after the incident in mint eye
  • “I know… that I made some bad things to you in the past, but I really want you to know the reason why. I was jealous about your talent, and making you stop was something that looked nice in the moment but I know that was a bad idea. And I really think that you should do what you love no matter what… and again I feel really sorry for being a jerk.”
  • He just smiled 
  • he had forgive you many years ago 


  • this boy was really shy 
  • and you were not at all 
  • and that made it 
  • you used to made fun on him 
  • about how he was always following his brother 
  • it was not big deal
  • but he felt really bad about it 
  • it was not nice to say this to a cute little boy 
  • but you didn’t cared at all 
  • it was fun, right?
  • of course years later you thought it was cute 
  • but the past was in the past 
  • until you saw him 
  • Saeyoung confirmed that he was Saeran 
  • and all those memories came back to you 
  • “Saeran… do you remember me? We went to the same school… and… I made fun of you” 
  • of course he was pissed 
  • and saying that in front of someone with a gun wasn’t the best idea 
  • “But I want you to know that I am so sorry about it. I didn’t knew what I was saying, I was stupid and now I realize my mistake… Please forgive me” 
  • he knew you were different 
  • but he couldn’t trust no one 
  • so he decided not to 
  • of course after he came back with Saeyoung you apologized again 
  • this time he decided to forgive you


in the FAHC, Gavin is like the Spencer Shay of the crew. Sometimes, he touches the stove and it lights on fire. Or he buys an ostrich and just…brings it to the penthouse.

“Geoff, look! It was free!”

“Gavin what the FUCK is an OSTRICH doing in OUR PENTHOUSE!”

“Geoff cmon!”

Although he is ridiculous, he’s like the protective brother somehow, always checking up on everyone whenever there is just a hint of something wrong. 

just….it fits his character…so much

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For ship thing, MCxKenji obvs.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Who said “I love you” first

KENJIII. He clearly already does you can fite me on that, if you’ve seen his recent diamond scene, I mean, “I’ll fight for you, so you don’t have to.”


But yeah. I hc he’s just unsure of how to say it or how MC will react. And he eventually just blurts it out and gets all shy, but then MC will say it back.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

I’d like to think both of them would cause they are so attracted to each other and they both really love taking photos together and of each other. 

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Kenji. A random, “good morning, sexy,” here and there. Or inappropriate doodles that make MC giggle.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

MC! I feel like they can get very sentimental. Kenji on the other hand likes to gift intangible things like whisking MC away to some amazing view or new place like a high-end restaurant, or an amusement park, or some other unique experience I probably can’t even imagine. 

Who initiated the first kiss

WE ALL KNOW IT WAS MC. I mean, how could you not? The man is gorgeous. MC was already falling for the handsome, confident flirt, but it was that little shy thing with him covering his face that did the trick and made them decide they HAD to kiss Kenji.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Both. MC likes to kiss Kenji all over his face: his eyes, his cheeks, his lips, his nose. Kenji likes to do that too but then he gets distracted and starts kissing lower and lower and MC just wakes up and finds him in certain fun places.

Who starts tickle fights

Either. Usually during sparring. MC knows Kenji has this one tickle spot under his rib and they do it to tease him and distract him. Kenji likes to do it at random. Like they’ll be sitting on the couch and he’ll start cuddling with MC and then it becomes a tickle thing. Why? He LOVES the sound of their laugh.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Kenji. This man will never pass up the opportunity to just worship MC and shower *pun wasnt intentional but yes* them with affection. It’s sweet or sexy kisses and bathing each other. Depends on his mood, really. Usually both.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

I already hc-ed this exact situation as Kenji in another post lol. Like he’ll usually have afternoons off if he doesn’t need to prep the nightclub, and he’ll bring a home-cooked meal by MC’s work and they’ll just eat together. He honestly just spoils them with their favorite foods.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Kenji was! Well they’re both generally NOT shy people, but Kenji has his moments where he’s caught off guard. He frickin blushed at MC’s questions if you recall. But it was a good shy feeling. It made him notice MC, brought it to his attention that, hey, they’re different and really cool, and I am really starting to like them more than I thought I would.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Either? They’re not really afraid of that kind of stuff. Kenji smacks them but MC likes to leave them alone or pick them up and release them outside their window.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

KENJI. He also gets very touchy. Grasping at MC’s waist and getting so close together while dancing. Kissing them like no one’s watching. There’s also a lot of lame pick up lines.

Send me a ship <3

Random Chocobro Instrument H/Cs

Noctis: Piano. As prince, it’s pretty much expected Noctis take up at least one approved instrument, piano just seemed to make the most sense. Although he found lessons to be exhausting, he gets rather caught up in the rhythm when he’s by himself playing just to hear the music. He can never seem to play the same when he knows people are listening, however, and recitals as a kid were his worst nightmare (cue tiny!Noct freezing up in the middle of a song and everyone in the auditorium clapping anyway because he’s the damn prince).

Ignis: Violin (as well as some piano). An elegant and refined instrument that pairs well with Noct’s piano playing. Therefore, the two of them have been known to do a few duets from time to time when they were younger. A rare sight to see is when the two of them really open up with each another and let the music move them as one.

Prompto: Harmonica. Something simple and easy enough to carry around. Prompto has never been good with idle hands. When it’s too dark to take pictures and there’s not much else going on, the sound of the harmonica is both uplifting and complex enough to capture whatever mood he’s feeling. He’s also found that the chocobos aren’t startled by the sound, and will crowd around him to relax while he calmly plays his tunes.

Gladio: Guitar. Mostly to attract the ladies because let’s be real, every ladies’ man knows at least a few guitar riffs. However, that isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy it enough to learn a few songs solely for his own enjoyment. With enough time and effort he could be really good, although his duty as shield is a pretty hefty distraction from such a hobby. 

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(1/2) What do you personally think the quadrants "meant" relationship wise on Alternia? On the subject of matespritship, I kinda had the idea that they actually do feel love how humans do, but since their society kept saying That's Not How It Works pretty much everyone thought they were the Only One who felt these things for their matesprit. Some of them may or may not be able to confide this to their SO which would likely lead to them

(2/2) saying “wait I feel the same way, don’t worry” and they would… Probably continue thinking they were outcasts and hide it, but I think you get the idea? I hope that was clear ^_^;;

hhffff I don’t even know how to explain my current HC for it, I think about it way too much

Lately I’ve been settling into the idea that Alternian law took something that was natural for trolls – a natural species-wise“norm” of bi/pan and poly sexuality/romanticism vs the human parallel “norm” of mono/het – and set up a very rigid system where deviance became punishable by death and young trolls were expected from very early on to learn to box up their emotions in very specific ways for the good of the empire, because Doc Scratch’s Alternia was a planet that cranked out military fodder to conquer the universe with first and foremost. So socially give them the bare minimum they need to stay sane (your pale relationships) and propagate the species (your flushed relationships) and kill off anyone who can’t hack it exactly the way they’re supposed to, because the empire doesn’t have time for their bullshit. I also think it’s established that trolls as a general species are more physically durable and resilient and their threshold for violence is higher than humans because of it, making blackrom a more viable norm and more believable urge for them to feel biologically. 

So this is why you see the Beforans still referencing quadrants - it’s a natural system for a species that tends toward polyamory, allows for more intense “blackrom” than the average human relationship would want or need or be very healthy with, and kind of outgrowths naturally in troll societies. The details obviously vary with whatever individual people see as the intrinsic qualities of each type of relationship (moirallegiance and blackrom in particular are hotly contested things I’ve read tons of interesting theories and headcanons about.) 

All this to say, I think that troll societies tend to settle into quadrants-as-the-norm and bi/pansexuality-as-the-norm the same way human societies tend to settle into monogamy and heterosexuality. But, as Dave says, both humans and trolls are complex emotional beings who can feel a lot of different things in a lot of different ways, so there’s no one size fits all for trolls just as there isn’t for humans. But for trolls, not fitting the bi/pan quadranted system makes you an outlier the same way that not fitting the monogamous hetereosexual system makes you an outlier here on earth (in most places.) 

On Alternia, that’s especially hard on them because uhhhh you get fuckin’ put to death if you don’t conform. So I think to bring this around in your example, that situation absolutely exists and tbh is probably not uncommon, but the majority of trolls rationalize it/repress it and become good conforming adults. Here on earth we have no idea how many lgbt+ people truly exist in the world because so many have repressed themselves so deeply - for example, there are sociological studies out there that suggest a LOT more people are bi/pan than we truly realize because people are so conditioned to think of same-sex attraction as something else and 100% think of themselves and self-report as straight. 

If you’re going to be ostracized at best and put to death at worst for something you’re probably going to repress the hell out of it as much as you can, especially if it’s all happening while you’re as young as the Alternian trolls were when they had to start dealing with this in a real way. 

I think that your “average” troll would be content with a full quadrangle the same way your “average” human is content with their marriage… but keep in mind that at least in the US first marriage divorce rates are inversely proportional to the age of that marriage (meaning the older you are when you are first married the more likely that marriage does not end in divorce) and Alternian trolls are supposed to have it figured out at the equivalent of 18. :^)

Anyway I hope all that made sense. I like them being intrinsically different from humans in some ways beyond blood longevity/psychic abilities because … I like trolls to feel more “alien” as a whole. Not just in regards to their “default” preferences but also in regards to blackrom as a biological need that isn’t considered intrinsically unhealthy in their society (even on Beforus) despite its association with some level of physical violence. Not everyone does (and some people prefer them to be even MORE alien) - and that’s cool too - just my own thoughts and preferences. 

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No clue if you’ve done this already, but perhaps headcanons on Strife? 🙏

Sorry this took forever. I’ve been preoccupied, but I’m trying to start updating more frequently. As always, thanks for the ask. :)


- I think he and Fury will be close, similar to the relationship between War and Death. They both get irate at Death for always defending the youngest Horseman’s rashness, but I think Strife would loathe him the most for it.

- The reason he’s chosen guns for his primary weapon is because he grew tired of Death’s unsolicited advice of weaponry, but he’s proficient with melee weapons when the situation calls for it.

- He has a strong dislike of angels because he thinks they take themselves too seriously, openly mocking the Hellguard at every given opportunity. Although he realizes it isn’t wise to trust demons, he prefers their company to that of angels.

- Human trinkets fascinate him despite the fact he doesn’t understand their purpose. He likes that humans enjoy seemingly useless things for the simple fact they’re amusing. Fury argues that it’s because humans are/were simply undeveloped, but Strife finds the “primitive” artifacts hilarious, often collecting overly endowed figurines for the sake of a laugh.

- He initially cut his hair because he thought the long, raven locks made him resemble Death too much. With Death’s mask, this isn’t an issue but he still keeps it short as a matter of convenience.

- Makes dirty jokes like nobodies business anyway, but always tries to up the ante anytime he’s around an angel, excluding Azrael. While Strife isn’t the angels greatest fan, and he’d never admit this willingly, he does harbor a certain like for the angel because he isn’t as uptight as his others of his kind.

I have this headcanon that whenever Jason and Tim have an opportunity to refer to Damian’s age, they keep progressively saying he’s younger and younger just to get under Dami’s skin.  

*Watching TV and there’s a sex scene*

Jason, leaping over the coffee table to cover Damian’s eyes: Don’t let him see! He’s only ten!

Damian, hissing like an angry cat: I am fourteen you idiot, and I already know what intercourse is!

*One of the Titans cuss in front of him*

Tim, allowing his coffee mug to drop and shatter on the ground in order to cover Damian’s ears: Conner you can’t speak in front of him like that, he’s seven for hecks sake!

Damian, bright red with anger: Unhand me Drake before I punch you with my FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD FIST

*After carefully glancing around to make sure no one is watching him at one of Bruce’s charity galas, Damian sneaks a sip of champagne*

Jason and Tim after appearing from out of nowhere:

“Goodness gravy, Damian! You’re only three years old, stop trying to grow up so fast.”

“Why don’t we get you some juice? Nine month olds are allowed to drink juice right?”

Damian: *screams*


  • Draco is a massive snugglebug
  • Harry first finds out, when he befriends him after giving back his wand
  • Draco always sits just a hair closer than others
  • He often puts his hand on Harry’s forearm, when he’s speaking
  • To show harry stuff, he always takes his hand, tugging him to where he wants him
  • It gets even more obvious when hey get a flat together, after leaving Hogwarts
  • Movie marathons are accompanied by Draco’s feet in Harry’s lap
  • (not gonna lie, Harry starts massaging his feet about the second time Draco puts his feet in his lap, further encouraging this behaviour)
  • Harry often ends up with Draco’s head on his shoulder after a long day of work at St Mungos
  • They’re also hugging A LOT
  • Hermione and Ron always feel like they’re in a double date, when they go out with them
  • Harry ends up being an Auror, even though he starts hating it pretty fast
  • Draco also hates it because it means Harry comes home injured way too often for his liking
  • One time, a really bad curse hits Harry and he’s not stable for two days
  • Draco takes time off work and stays in the hospital the whole time, clinging to Hermione when she comes to visit
  • Harry wakes up and the first thing he sees is Hermione consoling a crying Draco
  • He clears his throat and Draco immediately turns to him, gripping his hand so hard it hurts
  • Harry tries to console him as good as he can because he can’t stand to see Draco cry
  • When he’s released from the hospital, Draco makes them a fancy dinner and afterwards they cuddle in the couch
  • Draco is the one to bring up their relationship
  • He says something along the lines that he can’t lose Harry and that he realised he had to tell him about his feelings otherwise he’d probably never tell him
  • Harry reacts by kissing Draco senseless and telling him he has an offer for DADA professor
  • As boyfriends, they’re almost never apart
  • If you find them in the same room, they’re definitely touching in some way
  • Hands on the small of the back
  • Holding hands
  • Arm around waist
  • Thighs pressed together
  • Draco also plays with Harry’s fingers, when he’s nervous
  • Harry can’t grade papers in the same room as Draco because he would be sitting on his lap
  • They don’t need a heater in their bedroom because Harry is always warm and Draco plasters himself to his side every night
  • Just Draco being cuddly and soft with Harry

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HC for Campbell: Isntead of dying like Cave he gets arrested like in the show and when David gets back he gets put in the machine. ((The pizza part totally happend bc imagine that angs))

OOOH!!! You’re REALLY blending the CC plot into this!! If you want to explain more, I’d love to hear! This sounds awesome

If there’s ANY way to get more of David and Max father son bonding in ANYTHING I’m all ears ALWAYS.

i can’t stop thinking about when and how dan finally made the decision to stop straightening his hair

do you think he just embraced it one morning and decided to leave the curls, nervously walking up to phil and wondering how he would react when phil just reached out and flicked a curl and stated that he liked it

or do you think he threw himself down on the sofa and dramatically started whining about the inconveniences of hair straighteners and how he burned himself AGAIN when phil just rolled his eyes and told him to stop straightening his hair, so dan stopped

or maybe they got caught in the rain and dan’s hair curled due to the moisture and phil looked at him and smiled, confessing to dan that he loved it when his hair went curly and just like that dan packed away his straighteners and forgot about them

Loser Club hc

  • Winter break turned out to be beyond freezing
  • They couldn’t even go outside to play in the sparkling white snow
  • After through planning and it freezing to death all the losers are in the safety of Bill’s house
  • They’re fighting over what movie to watch when Bev dumps out her backpack that was filled with makeup and I mean filled
  • The boys have never seen so much makeup and just gape at the sight
  • Bev declares that she’s gonna do each boys makeup
  • They protest so loudly and almost hysterically
  • But in the end they couldn’t say to no to Bev I mean how could they
  • So with some pop music (nkotb) playing in the background Bev gets started
  • Ben is first why because Bev has always wanted him in makeup
  • She sets aside neutral colors like olive, grey, muted blue, champagne and a few other colors for Ben
  • She gives him olive eyeshadow with touches of neutral blue, it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make him look awkward but enough to bring out his eyes with brown eyeliner
  • She uses champagne powder to cover up any red spots and blends them into his skin and lastly she applies some nude lipstick
  • Ben looks freakin gorgeous omg were the losers in awe
  • Next was Bill, for Bill she mostly used light colors like pale pink, coral, light purple, and a little lavender
  • Lavender and light purple was his eyeshadow with a little brown eyeliner to accent his eyes
  • Pale pink blush and soft tan to to hide and blemishes
  • She gives him coral lipstick as a finishing touch and Stan almost faints but how attractive and beautiful Bill is like Stan just can’t cope
  • For Richie, Bev gives him a punk rock look I mean it’s not like they’ve discussed this before oh no definitely not
  • She applies deep purple eyeshadow with thick black eyeliner cateye style
  • His blush is a dark brownish and his lips are coated in black lipstick
  • Richie flips and he is so excited I mean he looks so badass and Eddie can’t stop staring at him with utter fascination
  • Stan gets all nude colors and boy does he look good
  • She gives him light pink blush to bring out the natural beauty Stan already has I mean this boy doesn’t need makeup he’s so gorgeous without it and Bill just keeps stuttering
  • Mike gets all the bold colors and I mean bold. Bev uses bright orange eyeshadow and he just looks stunning, she adds highlights to his face to bring out his features and man it does lastly she gives him sunshine yellow lipstick and Mike is practically glowing that’s how stunning he looked with the bold colors on his dark skin
  • Eddie gets all the glitter and sparkles
  • His eyeshadow is a glittering pink that makes his soft eyes shine, he gets the lightest powder and then sparkle blush that make his cheeks look so pretty and then Bev gives him cotton candy glitter lipgloss
  • Richie just starts crying because Eddie looks like a god he’s just so beautiful
  • The boys decide to collaborate and do Bev’s makeup instead of her usual look they use soft colors
  • It takes them many tries but they give her sky blue eyeshadow and pale green eyeliner
  • Light champagne powder and pink blush they also give her the glitter lipgloss she gave Eddie and she looks like a goddess as well
  • Ms. Denbrough takes a couple Polaroid shots of the group and each loser gets a copy
  • It was the best winter day ever