He Hurts You After a Fight Without Meaning To: Part 4

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He wakes up from Y/n’s loosening grip, her fingers trying to slip from his. Unconsciously, still dazed from sleep, his hand holds tighter against hers, pulling her arm against his chest until he can feel her pulse against his heart.
She loosens her grip again, fighting her arm out of his strong hold.

“Harry, no” she whispers so quietly, that if it weren’t so silent in this room, he wouldn’t be able to make out her words.

His eyes open, wide, shocked because it hasn’t hit him sooner.

“Y/n!” He gasps, letting his body fling up so that he can get a good look at her.

She’s pale, lips chapped, and her eyes glare nothing but anger. She remembers everything, her entire body shows it, but there’s nothing she can do to stop him from explaining himself. He needed to explain himself, because if he doesn’t, it’ll seem as though he had Y/n leave without a fight. And he needed to fight for her.

“Y/n, I’m so fucking sorry, please let m-”

“I don’t care. It’s two in the morning and I feel like shit. Just take me home.” She growls, pulling the blanket closer to her.

He pushes bis lips into a line, nodding his head understandingly. Especially in her condition, he wasn’t going to fight her. She is already going through more than she deserved. He gets up from his seat to call a nurse from the hall, but no nurses were to he seen by the reception desk. He was about to press the “need of assistance” button before a nurse came in to run tests.

“Oh, hello, Harry. Has Y/n awoken yet?”

“Yes, she just woke up. She wants to know if she can go home yet.”

The nurse nods slowly before walking up to Y/n’s bed. She checks everything needed for her tests, and Harry hopes desperately that she’s able to go home. He doesn’t know if he can spend another night worrying about her.

“You seem to be in good shape, but I recommend taking it easy the next few days. Too much movement can put you at risk. You can experience lightheadedness, migraines, nausea, or concussions. So, again, take it easy for a week or so and you should be perfect.”

“Thank you.” Y/n smiles, standing from the bed, but nearly falling over the second she stands up right.

“Woah, there. I guess we’re taking it really easy, huh?” Harry questions, holding onto her sides to keep her balance.

The nurse smiles, writing down her last bit of information.

“Okay. You can change into your previous clothes. Just leave the gown on the bed once your done and you’ll be good to go!” 

Harry thanks the nurse before providing Y/n with what she needs. She still hasn’t even looked at him, much less spoke to him. No matter what Harry does, Y/n completely brushes it off. And it’s not like Harry can blame her, he knows it’s his fault. If he could have just talked the argument out like any other normal boyfriend would, they wouldn’t be in this position. They could be sleeping together, or making love. They could be doing anything other than packing to leave the hospital.

“Are you ready?” Harry asks, drumming his fingers on his knees.

“Sure” Y/n breathes out, folding the gown upon the bed so that the nurses can clean the room later.

It’s been a short ride so far, and silence is completely making Harry insane. He reaches for her hand, a habit he developed ever since he started dating her. There was never a trip Harry made where he wasn’t holding her hand, or imagining it. The action was essential, more of a need than a want when it came to traveling.

Y/n slides her fingers away from his, resting them on her lap. 

Harry looks over to her, sighing. Once he looks back at the road, he can’t help but frown at the tension between them. He can’t help but wonder if their relationship would end after this. He’s had Y/n as a girlfriend way too long to let her go now, for he simply couldn’t imagine a life without her.

“Will you ever talk to me?” Harry whispers, sneaking quick glances to see if he can get anything out of her.


He groans in frustration, running his hand over his jeans as he tries to let out his emotions.

“Can I at least hold your hand? Please, I’ve been worried sick all night. Just, please, let me hold some part of you.”

Y/n shut her eyes, sucking in a breath, containing herself from screaming at him. She knows if she doesn’t give him what he wants, she’ll end up saying things she won’t mean, so she’s quick to put her hand in his.

She can feel his entire body loosen the second her fingers lace with his, as if all he really needed was her in some sort of reach.

The rest of the ride was silent. Uncomfortably silent. So when they finally pulled into the driveway, Y/n took it as her chance to get inside as quick as possible.
“Y/n!” Harry calls, trying to catch up with her.

Come on, Y/n! Just talk to me!” 

Y/n loses it, every inch of her body that’s filled with anger is now injecting into her veins, pumping into her blood stream. She growls, kicking the door with her foot as hard as she can before storming toward Harry, who is still only a couple of feet from the car.

“No! No! I will not fucking talk to you! I don’t even know who the hell you are! I date you for fucking four years, Harry, FOUR. I stick with you and all your shitty mistakes, and all of your shitty decisions, but I can’t do my job without you nearly punching me in the face?!”


NO!” She screams, “I am not done here yet! You want me to talk to you?! How about this, Harry? You’ve just ruined everything for me. My boyfriend turns out to be some sort of brute. Then my brute of a boyfriend accuses me of being some whore to get money, meanwhile I’m an actress and it’s my job. Then, I get this voicemail from my boss saying that if I can’t get out of bed rest in three days then I have to lose my part. Every waking moment I’ve shared with you and every ounce of effort I’ve put into be successful has gone to waste, Harry, because of you. How’s that for a nice chat?” 

Harry swallows the lump forming in his throat, eyes pooled by fresh tears. Her words cut through his chest like knives, reality drowning him completely.
She has never been this upset with him, ever in her life. It physically scares him, how angry she is, looking down on him as if he’s some sort of monster. He can’t grasp the situation, not yet, because he can hardly grasp the reality behind it.
He feels her leaving her, he can feel the emptiness already. It’s already there.
He steps closer to her, testing his limits. The closer he gets the more she can see just how horrific he feels. He just needs her to listen to him, just once.

“Y/n,” he mumbles, “I know what I did wasn’t okay. Nothing will ever make it okay. No matter how much time we put to fix the situation, and no matter how hard we try to forget it, nothing will make it okay. What I did, it was unacceptable. I don’t understand what that was, taking over me like that. I would never dream of hurting you the way I did. And I’m not the type of man, Y/n, to make you feel guilty for me when I was the one wrong. So I’m going to say what I have to say, and then I’ll leave you alone.” He reasons.

Y/n studies him, every inch of his face, mapping his glistening eyes as he explains himself. 

Harry takes a deep breath, reaching out desperately to cradle the back of her neck. His thumb grazes the surface of her skin, breath rugged as he looks at her in desperation.

“You’re my everything. You’re everything to me. Nobody in this world can be half the person you are, not one person. And seeing you, with that man, I–it destroyed me. I was feeling emotions I have never felt in my entire life. So I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry you had to lose everything you’ve worked hard for. And I’m sorry I’ve made you believe I’m someone who hurts you rather than saves you. I never want to be that person. I’m sorry I’ve done this to you. I love you, I love every part of you. You have become my life, my entire reason to do anything now a days. And I’m not telling you to forgive me, but I’m going to go home, to my mum, for a couple of days. I’ll have Gemma help you with bed rest so that you don’t hurt yourself, and I will explain to my mum how sorry I am that she had to raise a man who thought hurting the woman he loves was ever okay.”

They both sob when Harry finishes. Both holding onto each other tightly, pulling one another against themselves tightly.

He reaches down to kiss her forehead, lingering his lips for a few seconds before letting go. Y/n keeps her hands on his waste.

“Call me whenever you want, okay? If you want it to be over, I understand. But, God, if you give me another chance, you don’t have to say it twice. Alright? I love you, more than anything.”

He kisses her once more, just once last kiss to her surface before he untangles himself from her embrace, and walks away.