Similar to the Amnesia Memories one I did but not really???

I have played all the routes in Hakuouki this time around; and this is basically me spewing shit about these characters who I am attached to.

Personally I prefer the Amnesia one I did (I actually kinda really like this one tbh) but these are fucking fun to do mahn. Also don’t kill me; this is just for fun and it’s been awhile since I’ve played all the routes


After a long time, I managed to get all the Hakuouki one-coins and  the cards that come along with them! This is the illustration you get when you have all 9; Saitou Hajime with his hair down, drawn by Yone Kazuki. It’s so gorgeous. ❤

(I apologize for how imperfect this looks. Putting together nine small cards is harder than it seems ^_^; If anyone would like to help me join all the pieces together in photoshop, please do let me know  ^_^)

Please do not repost, thank you!