(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQRn3ewtGN8)

GD singing everyone’s part in “Lady” is still one of my favorite things I’ve discovered since joining this fandom.

dear GD’s hacker

not only did you rob him of his privacy, but you most likely robbed us fans of any future posts by him PERIOD unless required, not to mention the BIGBANG album that was almost finished and any other solo stuff he was working on. you just pissed off Kwon Jiyong, BIGBANG, YG Entertainment and VIPs worldwide in one go.  good luck dealing with that.

[NOTICE] We received news that G-Dragon’s private Instagram was made public, privated and is recently deleted.

We will be blocking and reporting everyone who’s posting screenshots from his private account. We do not tolerate people who invade BIGBANG’s privacy, or supports this kind of behavior. We trust that our followers will report and block these people. Thank you.