Sooo, this post goes out to any of my followers/tumblr citizens who have an unhealthy obsession for Gaasaku. If you are facing extreme difficulty in finding a good smutty Gaasaku fanfic, i have two which you may like. 

1. of madness and sandcastles (Pretty new. Completed just this year. Author did wonderful research and reference from the manga hehe)


2.Shukaku love (Not completed and last up date was about 4 years ago *Cries* BUT author did not give up on this before she added the lemon scene -wink wink-)


Your mother really loved you.

Temari of the Sand

Ive always loved Temari first and foremost out of pretty much every character in Naruto. I’m not really sure why. Even though her backstory is pretty much dashed over in favor of Gaaras, I feel like it must be endlessly interesting. Like you have this girl who grew up with no mother, likely an absent father, and was pretty much left to fend for herself and her little brother. But does she complain half as much as literally any other character in this Manga? No. 

Temari is a rare thing.