gaara is good at navigating the internet and he really likes it because of how much useless info he can learn quickly and for all the good resources he finds about his hobbies and such. but he’s an aesthetic blogger with a political sideblog for a reason. and the reason is that he doesn’t understand a lot of the nuances of social interactions online. he doesn’t understand the difference between saying “ok” and “Okay.”

naruto: hey gaara do ya wanna skype later when i’m out of work?
gaara: Okay.
naruto: are you mad at me???
gaara: No.
naruto: you sound mad :(
gaara: Naruto we are instant messaging. I don’t sound like anything because I’m not even talking right now, I’m typing.
naruto: lol nvm

kind of just expanding on something @softbutchnaruto said here, lol

in modern aus where naruto and sasuke* both went through the foster system I think, it would be easier for them to conceptualize themselves as kids who were mistreated and maybe abused because there are whole online communities of people who have been through the foster system who can attest to the ways it can result in abuse and neglect. I think they could bond over that and because it’s a systematic issue, they might doubt themselves a little less. they also might have more motivation and ability to heal through actual physical actions. like, I can easily see naruto going into social services in certain aus. i can also see him being very passionate about having his own kids and giving them the best. and i can easily see both of them wanting to be foster parents because of their bad experiences, and i think that would be very healing for both of them especially if they were doing it together.

but i always see gaara’s situation as sort of different; a very individualistic experience that doesn’t have the same kind of community built off of it and doesn’t seem to have any direct or clear paths towards healing. i feel like he’d have a much harder time recognizing what happened to him as abuse. rather than people viewing him as a victim of the system or whatever, they might just see him as a well off kid with anger problems and some mild problems with his dad because most people only see the surface level of abuse when there’s no direct link to underlying systematic causes. and i really like aus where gaara raises a kid and that is healing for him (i mean, I’m literally writing one), but i don’t think he comes to this decision as easily or naturally as naruto or even sasuke might? and i don’t think he would automatically make the connection between his desire to be a great dad and his own dad’s gross mistreatment of him? plus he definitely HAD things growing up. unlike naruto (and sasuke too depending on the au because sometimes i see him as ending up with family money and sometimes not), he always had a house and food and clothes and school supplies and much more tbh. rasa would just buy his kids shit in place of any actual apology or change in behavior. and gaara thinks that has to count for something. it takes him a while to realize the difference. i think he probably realizes it sometime after he adopts shinki and wants to give him everything he can - he realizes rasa had an ulterior motive for doing all that while he does not.

*as a side note i think that because sasuke also definitely has some family problems in most aus (your mileage may vary and there’s a lotta different ways you can write it but i think the consensus overall is that family stuff is complex for him), he and gaara would be able to talk through some of that in a way they can’t really do with naruto. like, i usually imagine that at the very least, sasuke grew up with High Expectations from his dad and was frequently compared to and/or put at odds with itachi, and i think gaara’s experiences with his dad and his siblings share some similarities with that.