degreaser  asked:

i wish we saw more of gaara's collarbones they are the Bomb Dot Com

I totally agree! Honestly, I wish that he would one day just rip off his shirt, but he would never do that…But it’s something that I would totally benefit from, that’s for sure!

Just imagine running into his office screaming, “Oh no, lord Gaara, I need your help right away!”

He would jump up from his office chair, exclaiming in concern, “what’s wrong?!”

Then you’d touch your forehead with the back of your hand, a slight blush on your cheeks.

You would say, “Gaara, it’s awful! I had some poison that only has one antidote, and that’s to be able to feel the bare chest of an attractive man…”

He would stare at you in shock, his eyes wide as he wouldn’t know what to do. You would continue on for coverage.

“…And he needs to be in a position of power…and he must have red hair….preferably his name will start with G and end in A…he must live in the desert…oh Gaara please help me!”

Que him still not knowing what to do.

Your mother really loved you.