Gaara Hiden - Preview Chapter 2

Note: Okay, stuff is happening now. This took a while because there were maybe three sentences I couldn’t for the life of me understand, but most of that’s fixed [Conversational speech can be tricky, okay] . I’m also thinking of buying the book and continuing this. Sorry if parts seem odd, some of it’s weird and that’s why I took longer. I’ll probably fix those issues tomorrow.

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Plot twist: Gaara actually mistakens his arranged marriage for an arranged human sacrifice.

Plot twist: Gaara (like everyone else) doesn’t see how getting laid will make the moon situation better, so he puts his fiance in a rocket and launches her to the moon.

Plot twist: Gaara’s actually going to be married to Kishimoto.

Plot twist: Plot twist.

Plot twist: Gaara marries the moon. Soka is upset. Zuko says, “That’s rough buddy.”

Annoying kage is annoying

Does A married? Nope. How abou kakashi? Nope. Mei? Nope. Tsunade? Uh no. Oonoki? Perhaps, he has granddaughter soo…


This is definitely not certain but as far as I am reading the spoilers, I am almost certain that Gaara got a marriage proposal but after he got news of Temari’s wedding with Shikamaru and became aware of its political weight, he is allowing that wedding and saving his ass from the arranged one. I FRIGGIN HOPE SO, I DAMN HOPE SO, COME ON TEMARI DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME.
ahem, back to work now.

xhollow-sorrowx & paperstarscollide

I pre-ordered my beloved Gaara back in September last year over eBay. And since I received him in February he’s been sold out from that seller. 

But if you want to look for him on other shopping sites he’s a “R.E.D. Mark X Inflames NINJA STORM Gaara” figure. He’s quite pricey, but I think he’s well worth every penny ♥

He’s the Gaara figure I’ve always wanted and I love him to itty bitty bits ~ =3

uvam asked:

Hi! About the genetic chakra question: so is Gara an Uzumaki?

It’s neither hinted nor implied he is, no. I won’t try to make THAT argument as there is nothing that really says so. However, I personally like to headcanon the red heads as being descendants of the Uzumaki for the fun of it. Gaara would be either fourth or half Uzumaki by this conception, with Rasa (his father) being likely half, or possibly full. I’d say half because I don’t see him becoming Kazekage if he was a first generation immigrant is all (and he had Magnet Release, which isn’t Uzumaki, of course.) However, the fact that Gaara was able to handle the Shukaku could be used to imply his chakra was strong.

It’s a nice headcanon, and one I really like, but nothing in canon points to it.