“When I was 17, I was a big creative person. I was choir president, you know, so, I did the All-state. And being All-state’s choir definitely was a very cool, coveted thing, if you were a big choir nerd like me.
By my senior year, I talked to my choir teacher and told her that I’d written a choir piece and that I would love to show it to her. I gave her the sheet music and she said she loved it and that I should direct it. I really loved that.
I was definitely more nervous directing than I would be if I was just one person in the choir. But we had a few months to rehearse the songs, so, you know, everyday when we go to the choir class, we’d worked on that one and my teacher were so supportive and so cool to me and really pushed me to do even more than I was asking to do. So, I wasn’t asking to step up in front in direct choir, but she wanted me to.
We started out this performing the song that I wrote for the choir, at the choir performance, and they liked it so much that they asked us to do at the graduation too. So, that was really, really special.
I definitely felt like I started out at that school underdog, in a lot of ways, and by that time, when we got to the ending moment with graduation, I just felt someone accepted, you know, and just like ‘Hey, it’s cool to be different, it’s cool to be an artist, it’s cool to do your on thing and not be like everyone else.'”


“You know when you’re a kid and you imagine what age you’re gonna be when you do stuff? I had it pretty wrong: Your 20s was [supposed to be] full-on adulthood and you’re married and you get kids and you live happily ever after. And you get there and you’re like, “I am not an adult yet.” If I never do another single thing again, I’m totally proud of what’s happened. The rest is for me. Just watching our oldest videos, it’s weird. I definitely ?remember watching “My Immortal,” like, “That was not some dream where it was really somebody else.” I’ve totally had a couple of those moments. It’s cool.“ - Amy Lee