I just read an old article that said the producers of Divergent actually had Jai try out long hair and numerous tattoos to make him look more like the book version of Eric, but he looked awful.

They decided that Jai was more menacing as Eric without the long hair and excessive tattoos.

Imagine they went through with it? I can’t even picture Jai with greasy long, black hair, omg.

I just found out that Eric dances while he’s directing traffic at work. He said it makes people smile and he loves it. Seeing a burly looking guy covered in dirt and blacktop waving his hands around and wiggling his butt has to make so for many stories. 

I love that goofy guy.

One Shot: You’ll be mine

Title: You’ll be mine

Summary: See the submission (decided it’d be better in words

SubmissionImagine Eric doing his best to win you over, being all confident and cocky, but you’re just cold and laugh at him and constantly turn him down. He finds you one day when you’ve let your guard down (you’re upset about something idk) and he’s nice and kind to you instead of being a cocky asshole so you admit you’ve been falling for him too (:

Warnings: Kinda dumb, terribly written

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“I hate when people say that the fact Ariel signed her name on Ursula’s contract means it’s a plot hole because “why didn’t she just write Eric a note explaining everything!!” Because what would you write? How would you even begin to explain everything? There’s no plot hole there, Ariel despite being an impulsive and obsessive teenager was smart enough to know her only option was to win him over, not write a note of a crazy, albeit true, story and hope he believes it.”