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HII can i just say how much I love this blog because the reaction gifs are all so cute?! Imagine the reactions of the Shinhwa members when they see their girlfriend crying and want to cheer them up.

Hi there!^^ Sorry for the late, laaaaaaate reply, but here’s your reaction! Hope you’ll enjoy it! ^-^ Thank you! <3

Eric: *invades your personal space* “I’ll let my honey listen to my newest song if she stops crying~~”

Minwoo: “Jagiya, jagiya! Look, look, my eyes are spoons now so that I can spoon on your love!”

Andy: “You’re too pretty to cry.” *wipes away your tears* *Please don’t cry and talk to me, huh?”

Junjin: *starts making derp faces*

Dongwan: *makes an indecent proposal in hopes it will shock you so much you’ll forget why you were crying and you’ll just get angry at him*

Hyesung: *goes to the nearest costume renting shop and dresses up as a panda and comes running back to you*

The Little Mermaid MBTI


The ISFP is the astute observer of life, quiet, introspective and kindly. Harmony and respectfulness of values are so important to them. And although trust takes quite some time to establish, once it has been, the ISFP will be a solid and dependable friend. Yes it will take some time to really get to know the inner values of an ISFP but the reward will be a friend for life, a friend who will proactively anticipate problems and support others. Quiet supporters, rarely will an ISFP be the leader, preferring to remain behind the scenes, observing, understanding, but saying very little. There is a stubborn side to the ISFP, but this is more of a passive stubbornness, meaning the person may say ‘yes,’ but mean 'no.’ Their gentleness and thoughtfulness means that the ISFP can be an excellent mediator in the team, seeking good things and building harmony.


Down to earth and practical, ESFPs live in the here and now and are rarely future-oriented preferring to take life as it comes with the optimistic view that it’s bound to be good, (and if it isn’t then there’s always next time!) Longer term for the ESFP might be Saturday, probably Friday. The ESFP likes concrete, material things and will take pride in their appearance and fill their lives with lots of experiences, jumping from one to the next in a breathless flurry. This can see them over-commit and take on too much but their carefree nature means they will tend to charm their way through. As they want (indeed need) to experience everything, the ESFP may well have trouble prioritising as their focus is only for ‘now’ and so follow through won’t come naturally, and they’ll look to leave as many options open as possible, although the ‘F’ side means they will feel genuinely guilty when they let people down. ESFPs are attracted to new ideas, new fashions, and new gadgets, new…whatever! 


The ENFJ has high drive, bundles of energy and a commitment to ‘the cause,’ (whatever that cause is) which borders on the evangelical. Their energy levels increase the more functions they have to attend, the more people they have to meet and the more activities they have to organise. They can juggle masses of activities and tasks at any one time, rarely dropping the ball and making sure each activity is given the right amount of attention and loving care. This desire to ‘get it done’ can at times mean that the ENFJ becomes inflexible and a ‘controlling parent’ in their desire to ‘finish what we’ve started.’ Under such pressure they can lose their sense of balance and perspective but will ultimately bounce back because that is just what the ENFJ is built for. They have an innate sense of what is required and can genuinely make others feel really special. They can generally be found at the emotional heart of a group or body and will be the one making sure things get done.


The ENFP is the heady individual, creative, quick, impulsive who will get up in the morning thinking of how many possibilities the day may bring. They are excellent at devising new ways of doing things, and bring a totally unique and fresh perspective to people, projects and situations. People-centred, caring and spontaneous, the ENFP will be excellent at getting things started and they’ll do so with energy, enthusiasm and zeal. The ENFP cannot help but see possibilities. Future oriented they will look far beyond the obvious often seeing things that others fail to. They are driven by the new, the complex, the novel and have an insatiable curiosity making them mercurial, fresh and enthusiastic. Friendly with endless energy the ENFP will be at the heart of where the people are, loving fun and a good drama. Unconstrained by rules, regulations or strictures the ENFP will be expedient in their search for what pushes their buttons and every day is a big adventure.


The INFP has two contrary characteristics, curiosity and shyness. They love to know what’s going on, feel excluded if not kept informed but do not like to be the centre of attention. The INFP always wants to be invited to the party - even though the chances are they won’t show up. There is a sensitive, caring side to the INFP which means they will be see the interconnections between people and pick up on the verbal and non-verbal cues. Sensitive, caring and empathetic INFPs are excellent in supporting roles where people have to be looked after - especially if those people are close to the INFP. Because it can take so long (if ever) to get to know the INFP others paradoxically may see them as slightly aloof, as they engage best when they have allowed someone into their inner sanctum. 


Formal and structured the ESTJ works best when everyone is clear as to the ground-rules, (the ESTJ will happily create them if they are lacking!), and they tend to be better at maintaining the status quo squeezing more out of the existing processes rather than radically recreating new ones. Factual, accurate, detailed and process driven the ESTJ will bring order, structure and focus to their environment. This can mean the ESTJ will be traditional and often quite conservative in their approach, preferring the known to experimenting or trying a more novel, creative approach. Thus the ESTJ may not always adapt well to change (unless they are doing the changing!), and indeed if pushed hard can make formidable opponents to any new order. For the ESTJ change must make logical sense and ‘if it ain’t broke then why fix it?’ Emotional arguments or pleading won’t work as only hard facts and logical reasoning ‘compute’ with the ESTJ.


Logical, detached and detailed, ISTJs pride themselves on their store of data and knowledge, all arrived at with clinical procedure and experience. They take great care not to get it wrong and like everyone to take responsibility for their actions - and their mistakes. Serious-minded, individualistic and thorough, the ISTJ may focus so much on the task that they forget the needs of others - including themselves. ISTJs like to plan, schedule and drive through to completion, in a logical linear sequence. Any deviation from the plan would be questioned and may take some convincing of its merits. An ISTJ can be trusted to complete, to work hard and play by the rules. However they may not always articulate how they are feeling or even how things are progressing. The ISTJ plans the work and works the plan, so why should there be any need for up-dates!

Descriptions from Prelude Character Analysis.


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