Imagine: Being an initiate in Eric’s group of transfers and comforting him after he loses his fight against Four.

Eric has yet to lose a single fight with any of the other initiates. Along with Four he is the only undefeated one, and today is the day, he fights with Four. You transferred to Dauntless with Eric from Erudite, the two of you have been friends for as long as you can remember, and you’ve had a crush on him for years, but of course, he remains clueless. After transferring here, you became fast friends with Four, Shauna, and Zeke, all of whom hate Eric; he feels the same way about them, which constantly leaves you stuck in the middle of the conflict.

So far, you have you have only lost two fights in your initiation, the one against Eric and the one against Four, so in all honesty you are worried for Eric today. He is an amazing fighter, and he is very cunning as well, but you are scared that he is going to let his pride and ego get the best of him against Four.

You sit on your cot, which is next to Eric’s, and tie up your shoelaces, you see Eric perched on the edge of his cot, turned away from you and towards Four, he looks at Four and says, “You look like hell.”

He’s right, Four has dark circles around his eyes, and they are bright red. By the looks of it, he was probably drinking last night.

“I hope that when you lose, you don’t use it as an excuse,” Eric says, sneering a little, “Because I would have you beat anyway.”

You were right; Eric was going to let his ego take over today. Eric finally gets up and stretches before turning to face me, “You coming?”

I nod and we walk out of the dormitory and towards the cafeteria. After a quick and silent breakfast, we make our way to the training room. Eric chuckles next to me, “Four sure is in for a good beating today.”

I sigh deeply, and he raises his eyebrows at me in question, “I just don’t think you should underestimate Four. He’s a lot stronger than you think, and I’m speaking from experience.”

You still remember how he flipped you over his shoulder and onto the ground, punching you in the side. The bruises from the fight still haven’t faded.

Eric narrows his eyes, “I can’t believe you Y/N! Of course, you would favour your newfound friend. Are you sure, you and the Stiff are just friends? You seem like a lot more than that to me, or do you just act like a complete tool around every guy?”

You can’t believe he just said that, “What the hell Eric?! I was just looking out for you! And don’t you fucking dare call me that again you asshole!”

You turn to walk away, and he grabs your arm, “Hey, I didn’t mean it Y/N! I just hate that you hang around that Stiff so much.”

“Are you jealous Eric?” You tease raising your eyebrows, your anger dissolving.

“Of the Stiff?!” He scoffs, “Ha. I have nothing to be jealous about!”

He flexes his muscles and nods at you, you roll your eyes, and Amar interrupts you just before you respond, “We were gonna have another fight today, but since Four hasn’t shown up yet, we’ll start training by throwing knifes.”

Eric smirks, “Your little friend is too scared to even show up, so I think I’ve already won.”

Once again you roll your eyes and pick up your knifes, you find the last target on the wall, so that you’re all alone in your own corner, and Eric decides to stand at the target right next to you. You throw your first knife and it just misses the target. Eric looks around quickly then steps towards you, putting his hands on your hips, and adjusting your stance slightly, “Remember what I told you about angling your hips correctly.”

He removes his hands and your hips are burning from his touch. Every time he touches you, you have to resist the urge to kiss him. You continue throwing knifes until the door to the training room swings open.

“Nice of you to join us.” Amar says, he points at Four’s shoes, “Tie your shoes, and don’t waste any more of my time.”

Next to you, Eric cracks his knuckles, if looks could kill, Four would be on the floor dead right now.

“Good luck,” you whisper to Eric as he walk up to the mat to join Four and Amar.

Amar steps back, and Eric rushes forward, fast, his fist hits Four square in the jaw, Four stubbles back, holding his face. He blocks Eric’s next punch, but isn’t fast enough to avoid his kick to the ribs.

“This is easier than I thought it would be,” Eric says. In his arrogance, he left his stomach wide open, and Four uppercuts him. The flat of Eric’s hand smacks against Four’s ear, and he loses his balance, falling to the ground.

Eric whispers something inaudible to Four, he punches at Four’s face, but misses and hits his collarbone instead, Eric shakes out his hand, and says something to Four again. Suddenly Four’s eyes fill with rage and he grabs Eric’s arms and swings at him, again and again. He looks like a maniac, carelessly swinging anywhere and everywhere. Shit.

Eric screams, and Four finally stops. Eric has his face clenched in his hands, his face and hands are soaked in blood, Eric tries to wrench away but Four will not budge. Your eyes fill with tears as Four kicks him in the side, Eric topples over, staring up at Four. You notice the rage in Four’s eyes being replaced with horror, and he suddenly gets off the mat and leaves the training room.

Amar stares in shock for a moment, then calls, “Alright, you’re all dismissed! Someone help me get Eric to the infirmary!”

You run up to him, Amar shoots you sympathetic look, “Alright kid, let’s go.”

You sitting in the waiting room of the infirmary for what seems like hours, waiting for the nurses to finish up with Eric. Amar finally comes into get you to eat dinner, “Come on Y/N, Eric was in pretty bad shape, who knows how long it’ll take them. You have to eat.”

“But-” Amar puts his finger to his lips and pulls you out of the room, leading you to the cafeteria.

You sit at the edge on the table picking at your food until Shauna, Zeke, and Four finally join you. The three of them begin talking about today’s fight, almost as if they have forgotten that you were are sitting with them.

“Whatever Four, after everything he put you through you had the right to beat the shit out of him,” Zeke snickers, Four slightly nods in agreement.

You slam your fork down on the table and they all look towards you, “No Four! You didn’t have the right to do what you did! I know Eric can be arrogant, I know he can be an asshole, I know that, but that doesn’t mean you had the right to beat him so bad that he has been in the hospital, unconscious, for hours. Just because he’s a jerk, doesn’t mean you had the right to potentially kill him! I did not fucking expect this from you Four!”

You get up off your seat, Shauna, Zeke, and Four call after you, but you storm out of the cafeteria, making your way back to the infirmary.

You see a nurse walking out and you stop her, “How is Eric? Can I see him now?”

“Yeah, you can go in now.”

You walk in and see Eric’s nose covered in bandages, it’s broken, and his face is covered in bruises. You go and sit next to him, his eyes are closed, “Eric?”

He opens his eyes and attempts to sit up, but fails, groaning, “No, don’t get up! You need the rest!”

“Why are you here?” He says angrily, “Shouldn’t you be with your fucking friends? Celebrating the Stiff’s victory, or is the party already over, is that why you finally decided to show up?!”

“No, you’re my friend too Eric, and no I was not celebrating!” You know he’s just angry, but his words still sting.

“Well you can leave now! You already believed that Four would win before the fight even started, so I don’t need your sympathy!”

“I didn’t come here to give you sympathy Eric!”

“Then why did you come?!” Eric spits.

“To give you this,” You lean in and press your lips against his; your heart is pounding out of your chest. At first, he is stunned, but then he kisses you back. You finally pull away, and he looks at you with wide eyes. Your face goes red and you quickly get up to leave, but Eric grabs your arm.

“If you wanted to kiss me all you had to do was ask,” He smirks.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” You whisper, embarrassed as hell, “I’m sorry”

You pull your arm out of Eric’s grasp and quickly make you way towards the door, “Y/N wait! I was just joking, come back.”

You slowly walk back towards Eric, avoiding eye contact; you sit on the stool next to his cot. He grabs your chin and forces you to look at him, “I’m glad you did that Y/N, I’ve wanted to do the same thing for years now. I really like you.”

With that, he pulls you back down for another kiss.  

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