Tobias’ Sister (Part 2)

Sooo this is a resquest from anon :) You can read the Part 1 here. I really enjoy writing it and I hope you’ll enjoy it too ♥

Resquest :  Hey, this is the anon that requested for you to continue Tobias’ Sister! I was wondering if you could make Eric very possessive and dominant still, always teasing the reader and touching her at the most inapropriate times?

Paring : Eric x Reader

Warning : Swearing, teasing (a lot), violence

Rating : R

Words : 1,390

Since Eric kissed my neck, I was uncomfortable whenever he was near me. I didn’t tell my brother, Tobias, what happen, because I didn’t want him to beat the shit out of Eric and then became a factionless because of it.

‘’Get up, princesses! Training begins in five minutes ’’ Eric shout when he entered the dorm, Tobias at his side.

I was already awake in my bed. I toss the sheet and went to get my clothes.


My legs stopped. Why did Eric just called my name? I could almost heard the jaw of Tobias clenched. I slowly turned to face him, preparing to see his intimidating eyes glaring at me as if he wanted to kill me (well, maybe he did want to…). My heart almost came out of my chest.

‘’Y-Yes?’’ I mumbled.

‘’What are you wearing?’’

He took a step closer to me. Four tried to stop him by closing his hand on his arm but Eric withdrew it violently, always moving closer to me. I naively look down at my clothes, wondering what was the problem.

‘’My brother’s shirt’’

‘’Take it off’’

I could felt the tension growing in the room as every initates stopped what they were doing and the silence settled suddenly.

‘’I-I-I beg you pardon?’’ I was in shock, did I really heard that?

‘’I said take it off’’ Eric commanded.

He was now an inch from my face. His breathing was slow, but loud, quite the opposite of mine.

‘’But I’m in underwear under my shirt!’’ I protested.

‘’It’s not yours, it is Four’s sweater. You take it off, or I’ll do it’’

‘’Eric!’’ Tobias shout. ‘’Leave her alone’’

Everyone held back their breathe  for several minutes. Eric finaly listen to my brother and retreated, not without giving my a last glance. I wonder how the training will be…

All the initiates were placed in lines infront of the punching bags, training. Will was right beside me, watching how much my skills were poor. It was pissing me off because I know that I can be good. I hit as hard as possible the punching bag, just to prove him wrong, but when I missed it and the punching bag hit me, he could stop himself from laughing, and I couldn’t too. 

‘’Maybe you need a little help’’ He said, still laughing.

‘’You think?’’ I giggled.

For several minutes, he was my teacher, showing me how to correctly position myself.

‘’When you hit, use the power of your legs and your abs’’ He placed his hand on my abs, showing me the power that was hidden inside of them.

‘’You think your ready enough to be a teacher now, initiate?’’ 

‘’Are you fucking serious!’’ I mumbled to myself, rolling my eyes.

Why was fucking Eric always watching me? God it’s like having a serial killer as a babysitter. It’s no fun.

I watched him staring at my friend with a hint of jealousy. The way he was walking towards him just make me worried about Will even more. If Eric was crazy enough to practically throw Christina into the chasm, I didn’t want to imagine what he can do to him.

‘’On the arena, now’’ He ordered.

‘’Against whom will I fight?’’ Will has the nerve to demand.

‘’Me’’ Eric respond. The corner of his lips started to rise, making him looked even more evil.

‘’You’ll kill him!’’ I protested, stunned.

The leader turned to face me. The smirk didn’t disappeared, it grew. Four wasn’t there to protect me anymore, but I was a big girl and I could faced him, could I?

‘’What do you have to offer me for his life, love?’’ 

He walked towards me and stopped when his visage was at five inchs of mine. I could felt his deep breathe blowing on my burning skin. His pierced eyebrow lift up, looking at me with challenge. Geez, if I could, I would already have ripped off this fucking smirk!

‘’I can help you if you want, I know very well what I want’’ 

He approached his arm of my waist. How dare he! I harshly tossed his hand.

‘’Are you saying that you want my body!? Because you won’t!’’ I shout.

Some initates near us heard me. I was more than pissed off to really cared about it.

‘’The next time you tried to touch me like that, you’ll regret being born with hands!’’ 

I bypassed him, not without hitting him with my shoulder. I returned to train myself, punching the bags more harder than ever.

‘’Well, don’t forget who much you liked it when I kissed your neck’’ Eric whispered in my ears, slightly touching my back with his fingers. Shivers ran down my back, my heart beat rased.

I turned to confront him, sending my fist that was supposed to hit my puching bag against his head, but he blocked it easily with only one hand. His gaze captured mine for a fraction of second before he released my hand and continued its path.

The training was over (thank God!) and for my free time, I decided to go into the pit with Tris and her crew.  The place was noisy (especially because of the music) and full of life. Some of them were speaking loudly, others were training to fight, but they were all practically drunk. We got to the tattoo parlors so we can all have our first tattoo together, to prove that we were now dauntless. 

‘’Hey Tris! Think this one can suits me?’’ I laughed, holding a naked woman tattoo.

But when I turned to show her this, instead of Tris, it was Eric and his crew.

‘’This is my tattoo!’’ One of them said, making the others laught.

The leader took the drawing from my hands, eyeing me. I crossed my arms on my chest, feeling uncomfortable.

‘’You should do that on your back’’ At the same time, he placed his hand down my spine, pressing me against him. I stopped him from getting closer to me by placing my hands on his chest.

‘’I think it’s time for us to leave’’ One of his crew said.

They all leaved, letting the two of us alone. My heart beat was rushing inside my chest and I felt my cheeks blushing. Why was I feeling that?

‘’What are you doing!’’ I said, nervous.

‘’I kiss you’’

He pressed his lips against mine. A moan escaped my mouth, again. His fingers were travelling down my back, making me shiver.

‘’I knew you would like that’’ He whispered in my ears before kissing my neck.

His lips was sucking my sensitive skin. His hands went down, grabbing my butt, taking me by surprise.

‘’You k-now, we’re still in the tattoo shop…’’ I said, seeing some dauntless judging us.

‘’You want to go to my bed?’’ He demanded with a big smile on his face.


I never had seen Tobias so angry before. Eric quickly lifted off of me, a bit annoyed be my brother. When he turned to face him, Four was already their and he punched him right into his pretty face.

‘’Tobias, please!’’ I beg him. ‘’I can defend myself’’

‘’He was fucking kissing you, (Y/N)! DAMN IT ERIC! I told you to let her alone!’’

Eric wiped the blood flowing down his lips, laughing.

‘’It’s not my fault if she felt for me’’ 

‘’Don’t flatter yourself Eric, you’re just a good kisser’’

‘’If Four haven’t stopped us, you woudl’ve see that I’m even better in the bed’’

Tobias punched Eric, again.

‘’You’ll never touched my sister again!’’

Eric took my hand, smirking while looking at the reaction of my brother. Before Tobias killed him, I placed myself between the two of them.

‘’Tobias, don’t do anything stupid. Please, let me deal with him’’

‘’So he can bring you to his bed?’’ He was widely staring at Eric, while the leader was smirking at him.

‘’If I want to, you can’t stop me’’ I said.

Tobias’ gaze was even darker when he looked at me. He clenched his jaw to stop him from saying something he could regret.

‘’If you break her heart, I’ll fucking kill you’’ He said, before he walked away.

‘’Soo you’re coming to my room?’’ He asked me, sparkles in his eyes.

‘’In your dream!’’ I laughed.

I walked away, leaving him stunned.

Fan project for Eric’s first solo concerts in Korea?

Hello everyone! (:

If you haven’t already heard, Eric will be holding his first (solo) concerts in Korea on June 20th & 21st!

As you know, first concerts in Korea are a big deal for artists. Although these are his concerts in Korea, I want international fans to send their support for him in any way possible. 

That is why I am planning to organize a project to send our support to Eric for his concerts! I have an idea in mind, but I also want everyone’s and anyone’s opinion and any ideas you have in mind! 

My idea was to send a rice wreath to the venue where he will be holding his concerts. If you don’t know what a rice wreath is or looks like, here is a picture of it [xx]. A rice wreath is simply bags of rice that will be sent to an artist’s event of choice by fans and then later donated to a certain charity or just donated to the less fortunate near the area. Ribbons, bouquets, and/or pictures can also be sent along with the rice. We can write a congratulatory message for Eric on the ribbons like the one in the picture. 
There are bigger examples that have a huge picture of the person in the middle but those will be more expensive.

The website I found says it is about $57 USD for 20KG of rice. I would like to send at least 100KG to Eric’s concert and then have it donated in his name because he loves to do charity work. 

Overall, the minimum price for the wreath and rice bags (100KG) would be $380. Of course I would love to raise even more money to donate as much as possible, but this is just an idea. I would want/need a lot of people to help out and support this project. 

Please do let me know what you guys think of this idea and any other ideas you can think of! Hopefully I can get a lot of support on this project for Eric as I did for my previous project!

Thank you! ♡


this guy is really a man of few words.. but when he speaks.. everyone listens..

most of the time he hides at the back, performs on the most side corner of the stage just because he does not want the lime light..

he does things that are really super cute for his age / mostly 4D of course ~ XDDD

he will clap like this and appreciate things like a fan boy himself ~ HAHAHA

will always give fans this kind of realistic reaction from a shocked Oppa ~ LOL

most of the time he appears extra lazy and needs a push from the members LMAO

yes just like his famous name “slippery loach” XD


but really most of the time you will see him like this.. yes.. resting.. XDDD

on Running Man i think he did reserved his energy for the games that will need his worth..

and during Protect the Queen everybody saw how he kept his word..

even a damaged backbone will not hold him back from being SHINHWA’s LEADER.. and a very reliable base of course.. T_T

though drenched with extra cold water ~ HE IS DETERMINED AND WILL ALWAYS BE ~

SHINHWA’s Only Eric Mun ~