An AU where Beth and Zach are casually dating in college. He’s always raving about how cool his uncle is, so even though they aren’t serious she goes home with him one weekend to visit him. She loves Uncle Aaron and his husband; but she can’t help being distracted by the man that’s been crashing on their couch since his brother got sent to prison.

Eric Coulter - Badass

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Let’s just say that you weren’t afraid of much, well you weren’t afraid of anything.

You transferred from Erudite to Dauntless at the choosing ceremony – you had always known that you didn’t fit in at Erudite, they were super smart and knew everything, whereas you were pretty badass and didn’t like to put up with people who weren’t worth your time.

You and all of the other initiates were in the training room, Four had made you all wait for Eric to arrive – you weren’t complaining at all, you and Eric had a sort of flirtationship going on.

“Y/N and Amy – fight” Eric declared as he walked up.

“I can beat her easy,” Amy stated as she climbed up “She’s nothing to me” Amy continued.

You just rolled your eyes, climbing up onto the mat “I wouldn’t hold your breath, if I were you Sweetheart” you told her, you swore you heard Eric chuckle.
“I’m waiting” Eric spoke in a bored tone; you turned around and caught his eye ‘Go get ‘em’’ he mouthed at you, making you blush a little.

Amy made the first move, she swung for your head but you ducked. You used your low stance to kick her legs out from underneath her, she hit the floor like a rock. You grabbed both of her flailing arms and pinned her down on the mat. You held both of her arms down with one hand, and used the other to punch her. However, she continued to struggle; you kneed her in the stomach which made her groan and you knew she wouldn’t be getting back up after that.

You let her arms go and stood up, whilst she was groaning on the mat. You didn’t give her a second glance, before you jumped down from the mat.

As Amy was taken off to the medical wing, Eric grasped your arm and led you off to the hallway, outside the training room.

“How are you not scared of anything?” he asked you in disbelief, “I don’t get you Y/N, you talk to me like I am just another person in Dauntless” he said, but it was more to himself than to you.

There was something that you hadn’t told Eric. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to tell him, you hadn’t told him because you were scared of what he would do. You had heard of what they did to people like you, you didn’t want to end up like the others.

You gently took Eric’s hand, surprisingly he didn’t pull away, and led him to his flat.

Eric didn’t speak one word whilst the two of you were walking, he knew that something was up and it was better for him to just stay silent.

The two of you eventually reached his flat. Eric unlocked the door and held it open for you, before he walked in himself.

“I have something to tell you” you spoke nervously “I don’t even know if I should tell you this,” you ran a hand through your hair as you spoke, “They told me not to tell anyone” you murmured to yourself.

Instead of saying anything in reply, Eric pulled you into a hug full of warmth.
“You don’t need to tell me anything that you don’t want to,” he whispered but you shook your head and pulled away from him.

“I’m Divergent, Eric”

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Normally Weird Chapter 1 : Mr. 216

It was supposed to be single’s awareness day today. Other people call it Valentine’s Day, I call it a perfectly normal day to plant myself under my couch pillows and root like a potato while watching dramas. It will also be interesting for me to go flipping the pages of the books that I broke up with. It’s been a long time since I felt that giddy hyperventilating feeling of being swept off my feet, love - it no longer affects me. Time made me immune to be numb enough and cherish my individuality.

I anticipated spending this day just like how I always did these past consecutive years yet my officemates broke my self-infused momentum and pushed me to join this epic TEAM SINGLE get away. I can’t help but be sarcastic with this whole façade. Ironically, how can we even call ourselves a team when we are supposed to be single right?

This camp is a kind of retreat where in the main purpose of the organization is to gather all those people who are not in a relationship and I don’t know – maybe encourage us to go out and live our lives like we should? Ahh, it is a complete stereotypical event for me no matter how hard I try to think about their good intentions. Being single is not a disease.

The main thing that made me join this was the fact that my colleagues put an effort to it to register me since participants were not allowed to sign in by themselves, they should be recommended. Almost all of them chipped in an amount to fund my breakthrough. I don’t really understand but I have a weakness for this kind of hard work. I can’t be a murderer of joy right? I decided to be a cool person today. I hope I don’t regret these one night and two days of social torture.

 I arrived at the bus station with my orange backpack clinging tightly on my shoulders; other people looked like they will go to another country with those huge ass luggages. I am not a camper but I managed to squeeze in all my commodities inside my container.  I just want everything to end just before it starts. If I can only fast-forward the time I will. Sigh.

My ID was dangling on my neck, and I loved the idea that they have this privacy concept going on. Each participant is not going to be introduced to one another like the normal set up. We were named by numbers, our birthday digits were printed on our cards and that is the way they will address us. This way, a boundary is set. This way, we only get to choose those people whom we’d like to meet. This way, our prides can also get smashed if the other person decides to keep their names a secret. I like it, I like this twisted thought.

Female participants seemed to get to choose where to seat. They called the numbers one by one and all the numbers which have been said randomly turns out to be girls. Assa! I get to seat near the window! Ha! I get to see the nice view all throughout the travel!

“Miss 919, please go inside and choose your seat inside the bus.” The proctor called out loud. I rushed right away to see where I can get the best view.  Right after I stepped in, I ran to the end part of the bus. I get to seat on the 2nd row from the last since someone already occupied my favourite spot.

I sat on the soft chair and watch the remaining participants outside. It looks like the males are lining up to go one by one too but now, there is no order for any number arrangement for them. They get to rush in on their own accord and choose whom to sit next with.


With a blink of an eye, all of them entered like a hurricane inside the bus. Pushing one another and clutching persistently like there was a spirit of hunger. I got scared all of a sudden until a man bounced to the seat next to me while laughing with a sound of victory.

I looked at him secretly and saw him fanning himself using his ID card with numbers 216.

The seat war seized within just nearly 5 minutes. It seems like once the seat is taken, they can’t pull out the person who’s able to take it first. It looked fun and exciting for all of them while my face only reflected horror on the next thing to come. I – I hate these sort of things. I am not a fan of fun and games, and yes that is why I am boring.

The organizer stood at the middle holding a megaphone on her hand and started to speak.

“Welcome to TEAM SINGLE Retreat. I and our team are really happy to help you recover and rediscover yourself on the next activities that we will have. Before leaving our starting point, I would like to ask if you have any violent reactions with your seatmates and give you the chance to bargain for swapping. Since the boys get to choose whom to sit with, the girls will have to decide if they want to keep this as a constant mark for our journey. Remember that you can just swap once and only if there is also an available space for bargain. I am telling you in advance that this is complicated.”

“But if you are already satisfied with your seatmates, then let me tell you that whoever you are with right now, will be the same person that you’ll be spending your time with for the rest of our events – your partners” and she let out a sweet teasing smile while glancing on both directions of the bus.

Some of us giggled with the thought, some bowed their heads due to their shy embarrassment and I on other hand almost collapsed with shock because of this surprise revelation. The back of my neck felt numb because I knew it very well that I am an expert on making things like this become uneasy because of alienate anyone with awkwardness.

“Okay so now let’s all hear the moment of truth. Who wants to swap?” Her voice echoed inside my head a multiple times. The bus suddenly screamed with silence and it seems that nobody wants to speak. I on the other hand tried to look at my seatmate –just to check, just to know his reaction.

to be continued..