Heavy heart Florence

I arrived to Florence, Italy, a few days ago. It really is a beautiful city with even more beautiful men and delicious food. Although it is saturated with tourists, it’s stunning. It’s somewhere I’d love to travel to with someone I am dating.

Everything about this place was made for couples. The delicious wine, the tiny little cafes, the romantic canals, the fresh gelato, street music and essence of the place.

I woke up this morning from a dream that I haven’t been able to shake all day.I’ll spare you the details, but it involved a very strange combination of my mother who has recently passed, and someone who until recently I was dating. These are two people I care about who I cannot have by my side. It made exploring the vibrant streets of Florence a chore and it’s utterly ridiculous.

Hopefully I wake up tomorrow in higher spirits.

Deep down Berlin

A week ago I arrived in Berlin to begin my little tour around Europe with other social media influencers. I love this city for many reasons. The first being that my family is originally from Germany and the smells, sounds, and people remind me of my Oma and Opa (grandparents).

If I could describe Berlin in one word it would be grey. Although the sun was shining for most of my stay, you can always feel a cold draft in the air and you can’t help but think that it’s because of all the history that’s taken place there. There’s also a lot of concrete and stone, people wear neutral toned clothes, and it’s not as visually vibrant as many other cities, especially not Australia, where I’m from.

We also took a trip to Sachsenhausen concentration camp to learn more about the war and these horrific facilities. I have never in my life experienced an enlightening much like that. Being there, touching the stone, seeing the pain through history is life changing. It’s almost unbelievable the tortures that these camps brought to the lives of thousands upon thousands of people. I will never forget everything that was told to me that day.

There’s something about Berlin that I’m drawn to, yet cannot pin point. It’s dark, somber and lonely, yet thriving, exciting and solid. It sparks a curiosity inside me.


BERLIN | Rule of Yum

Taste the food of Berlin through your eyes since you can’t taste pixels.


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Tammi Takes DTour
I was going to attend the meet-up with two of my closest friends Sami and Amy - who I met because of London689 - and we were taking on DTour together. We’d met up properly on the 17th of January and this was our second time meeting up and it was going to be with the people who brought us together. We were beaming with excitement and counting down the days until we’d reunite, and it was going to be amazing.I made my way to the YouTube space for 12:30, where I’d meet up with Sami and Amy for an Italian lunch at Zizzi’s which is outside the space. I was seeing them again after 3 months and I was so, so excited to spend the day with them and later, two of my other favourite people ever.

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When they mention you in their video. (after 8.20) :3

One of the best choices I made recently: buying those books for Will and RJ.

I think its safe to say that Jake is one of my favourite people in the world. During the q&a he noticed me twice and grinned at me, making me melt in a mush of happiness and when i hugged him he picked me up. We talked for at least ten minutes and i hugged him loads more during the meetup. I loved meeting Miles and all of the other youtubers but i think Jake was the highlight of it all. Thank youuu


d'angelo plays first show since 2000.
your eyes are not deceiving you.

the charade (live in stockholm) D'ANGELO