Eleanor, Demi & y/n {dirty imagine} {requested}

 "el what time is demi getting here?!“ I ask Eleanor who is laying out on the couch. "she said 6 but its already 2 hours after.” el replies looking at me. I sit next to her pulling the blanket over my lap. “you know we can just start without her.” eleanor whispers running her hand up her shirt. I bite my lip watching her please herself. “ you dont think she’ll be mad?” I smirk rubbing my legs together. el shakes her head looking down at my breasts. she kisses me softly pulling the blanket off to reveal my shorts that are begging to be torn off. she smiles rubbing me lightly on my thigh. I smile pulling her against me. “demi is gunna be so pissed.” eleanor mutters smiling ripping our shirts off. i smirk pulling off my shorts. el pulls her shirt over her head to reveal her sexy laced bra. “mmmm so sexy.” i smile cupping her breasts in my hands kissing them lightly. she moans tugging at my udies. “what them off?” i smile looking up to her. she nods running her fingers through her curls. i lean back spreading my legs in front of her. “take them.” i purr. a smile creeps across her face as she hooks her fingers around the him of my udies and pulls them down. she wastes no time. her head is between my legs blowing her cool air into my soaked pussy. i moan arching my back wanting her. “what do you want baby?” she smiles running her fingers along her breasts. “i want you to put that tongue inside me love.” i mutter smiling as she kisses my inner thigh. she sucks at my skin nice and hard. “el please babe.” i beg sitting up looking down to her. she looks up to me moving in front of my pussy gliding her tongue into my wet pussy. “fuck.” i moan out laying back again. i rub my clit as she goes deeper into me. “so this is what you whores do… couldnt you wait a little longer?” i hear demis voice say. me and eleanor shoot up looking at the pink haired babe. “we did wait.” eleanor snaps. “but we were horny…” “i can see that.” demi says cutting el off.“whores.” demi whispers laying her bag on the floor. “oh stop it dems.” i say getting up walking towards her. “no dont dems me.” she pouts crossing her arms in front of her huge breasts. she backs to the wall, i smile laying my hands on her waists kissing her roughly. i slide my hand down under the skirt, moving her thin udies aside to rub her throbbing, wet clit. she gasps as i rub hard. I smile kissing down her chest pulling up her crop top. once I get her naked I turn her around to show me her gorgeous ass. I give it I nice slap causing her to moan out. she grabs onto the wall for support as I drop down behind her. I spread her cheeks kissing her little hole. “ahh yes y/n.” she moans pushing my head more in her ass. I smile digging in moving my tongue around inside her I move slipping to her pussy licking her wetness. “shit.” she breaths out as I make circle movements with my tongue. she pushes down a bit, I start humming making it feel as good as I could for her. she screams out my name grabbing onto my hair. my nose is rubbing her clit as she cums on me squirting her hot juices all over. “shit. that. was. amazing.” she says breathless. I smile licking her cum that slides down her leg. “I want some too.” eleanor pouts coming next to me pushing me over so she can get to demis pussy. el puts her head between demis legs cleaning up her pussy. “y/n.” demi moans out. I look up to her she holds out a hand to me. she pulls me up kissing me. Eleanor continues to clean demi while demi makes out with me. I feel a hand between my legs rubbing my pussy lips teasing me. eleanor. I moan into the kiss as eleanor positions herself between my legs. I feel her two slender fingers push inside me then replaced by her tongue I moan as demi runs her hands all over me. “demi.” I moan pulling her against me. “ excuse me but is demi eating you out here?” eleanor sarcastically says. I smirk looking down at her. “ no but…” demi starts and drops to the floor moving eleanor aside. “now I am.” demi smiles then kissing my pussy lips softly. she opens my pussy and sticks her tongue in, going so deep inside me. I moan out as she rubs my clit. demi lifts one of my legs placing it over her shoulder. “ f-fuck d-demi right there!!!! fuck yes!!!” I scream out. “fuck.” eleanor mumble from besides us. I look over to her she has three fingers inside herself pumping in and out watching us. demi is still digging into my pussy. she starts humming sending chills and pleasure all over my body. “iam gunna cum dems fuck fuck.” I moan as I hit my high. she goes faster ramming three fingers inside me as I ride my high out. I catch my breath sliding down in front of her. she smiles kissing me. “that was fucking fantastic dems.” i smile. “this pussy taste so good.” demi smiles rubbing my sore pussy sticking a finger inside me then putting it to her mouth. demi look at Eleanor then to me. I move spreading eleanors legs. “ oh now you want me.” el smirks laying back. “oh shut up” I laugh kissing her inner thigh. she shivers moving her hips around. I smile leaning down licking her from top to bottom. demi goes and starts kissing eleanor. as they have their make out session I attack el pussy. “god that feels so fucking good.” eleanor mutters. I keep going. I look up when I hear demi moaning. she sits on eleanors face riding her and by the way shes moaning its good. “your such a whore demi.” I joke rubbing eleanors clit. demi smiles looking back to me. “kiss me.” demi whispers I obey sitting my pussy on eleanors pussy making her moan out into demis pussy. demi gasps I stick my tongue inside her mouth and rock my hips. “shit.” I moan as I feel mine and eleanors wetness mix together. demi starts rubbing my clit adding to the pleasure. eleanor pushes her hips upward I feel myself coming closer again. I rock my hips pushing down more begging for this high to come. “iam gunna cum!!” eleanor screams. demi nods agreeing. I hump her pussy as much as I could as all three of our highs come. we all scream out each others names. demi kisses eleanor then me. I reach for eleanor rubbing her pussy and licking my fingers of her wetness while demi does the same to me. “we need to do this more.” eleanor smiles kissing me. demi laughs nodding. “agreed.” I mumble looking at both girls. 

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“Mistakes are nothing more than opportunities to learn, grow, and better our future. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for mistakes we’ve made in the past. Mistakes are part of being human and they are part of being alive. Our mistakes are blessings and opportunities to keep learning and expanding. But even when you learn from your mistakes don’t expect to never make another. You will and that’s okay.”