Requested by Anon - can you do a danny request where Danny and the reader argue but its because they like each other a lot?? Lots of fluff please 💓
Can you do a H50 where Danny likes the reader and gives her a nickname, and then a few days later the reader asks why, and Danny tells the reader he loves her? sorry if it’s long xx
Hello!! I am in love with you blog!!! Could you do a Danny Williams imagine where you get hurt and he takes care of you? Thank you!!!

Word Count – 1475

Characters – Danny x Reader

You walked into the office and saw the team standing around the table.
‘Am I late?’ You asked. Danny and Kono looked up.
‘What’s the problem sweetheart. You worried you’ve missed something juicy?’ Danny asked and you shook your head.
‘No, I just wanted to know how long I had left with you.’ You retorted and Kono smiled, as you stood beside her.
‘No, we’ve just gotten a call from the station.’ Steve said as he vaguely looked your direction.
‘Okay.’ You said and joined in to them listening to the call over again. Carlos Bagoyo was back. He was last arrested and put into prison but he had been released on good behaviour but his behaviour didn’t stay good as he got out.
‘What are we going to do?’ Kono asked. The team looked at Steve. He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed.
‘Kono, follow his movements since he got out, Y/N you and Chin, go and talk to the police officers that let him out.’ You, Kono and Chin all nodded.
‘Me and Danny will go to the shop that he robbed.’ Steve said. Everyone started leaving.
‘Sweetheart, you okay?’ He asked as he noticed your sour face. You looked up at him.
‘Of course, Danny. Why wouldn’t I be?’ You asked with a smile. He continued walking to catch up with Steve.
‘Cause you don’t get to see me all day, darling.’ He said as he entered Steve’s car.
‘That’s a benefit.’ You shouted back as you and Chin got into the jeep.

As you and Chin arrived at the police station, something didn’t feel right. It was empty out front and the chatter that filled the street was gone. Yu and Chin looked at each other, you pulled out your guns.
‘Phone Steve.’ You told Chin. He nodded but looked at you as he got his phone out.
‘I’m going in.’ You said calmly as you made your way to the presink doors.
‘Y/N you can’t.’
‘I’m a trained S.W.A.T officer I know what I’m doing.’ You said to him as he had the phone up to his ear. He watched as you opened the door, and then you were gone from sight.

‘Hello?’ You called out, there was no response.
‘Hello, it’s Captain Y/L/N. I have an appointment.’ You said trying to get someone out to the front.
‘Y/N.’ Sergeant Duke said as he entered you vision.
‘Sergeant Duke.’ You said with a curt nod.
‘I’m sorry but the appointment has to be cancelled.’ He said as he nodded his head back the way, telling you where they are being held.
‘Is everything okay?’ You asked.
‘Yes, just we’ve become really busy and we have no officers to spare.’ He said whilst shaking his head, no.
‘That’s fine can I arrange it for another day?’ You asked and he nodded.
‘Of course, do you have a day in mind?’ He asked, you took your phone out.
‘What about Thursday?’ You said as you should him a picture of Carlos. He looked at it.
‘Yeah, that will be great.’ He said and you gave him a thumb up.
‘Okay, have a good day officer.’ You said to him and he nodded before turning and entering where he came from. You turned around and headed out the doors. As you closed the doors and walked down the stairs you saw that Danny and Steve have arrived.
‘How’d it go sweetheart?’ he asked cheekily.
‘Great, they are be-‘ You started but got cut off when there was a loud pop and you felt pain in your lower left side. You fell to your knees and then onto your side, as the others took cover behind the cars.
‘Y/N.’ you heard Danny shout. When you didn’t respond, someone else shouted.
‘Y/N!’ this time it was Steve. You raised your right hand and gave them a thumbs up.
‘I’m good.’ You groaned as you rolled onto your back. you place your hands onto your wound and you shouted over to the boys.
‘They are being held in the main presink hall.’ You said and you heard more sirens coming. It was the rest of SWAT and the team. As SWAT came out there truck the guys informed them and they headed straight for the door. You saw their boots marching past until you felt hands on top of yours.
‘You okay?’ Danny asked as you looked at him.
‘What no sarcastic comment?’ You asked him and he chuckled.
‘None this time, giving you peace.’ He said and you placed your head back on the ground, letting a deep breath out.
‘Yeah, I’m good. You should be in getting Bagoyo.’ You moaned as you twisted your head to see the officers running out.
‘I think they’ve got it.’ Danny said as he looked up at the police building.
‘Well you better not hold this against me.’ You told him sternly and he shook his head.
‘I don’t think I’ll hold it against you.’ He replied and you laughed lightly. You were beginning to lose sight and everything was going dark. Danny must have felt you relaxing more.
‘Y/N, don’t you dare leave us.’ He said as he moved around so he could place your head on hi lap, his bloody hands were still onto of yours.
‘Don’t you dare leave me.’ He said as he brung his head down close to yours. You blacked out with a gentle smile across your face.

You awoke to a constant and annoying beeping sound.
‘Will someone shut that up.’ You groaned and you heard chairs squeaking and gasps pick up. You opened your eyes and you saw the team.
‘OMG.’ You said and they all looked panicked.
‘What? I everything okay?’ They asked as they came closer and you let out a small laugh.
‘I had to wake up to your ugly faces.’ You said and their faces went hard like stone but then they broke into smiles.
‘Well it definitely hasn’t affected you.’ Steve said as he patted your foot, through the covers. You shook you head smiling.
‘Do you think I’d lose my humor?’ You asked him and he shook his head.
‘Of course not, but we were hoping it would have gotten better.’ He said in a monotone voice. You dropped the smile you were wearing and stared at him. Once he was done laughing he stopped still until you smiled lightly.
‘What did I miss?’ You asked them.
‘Paperwork, that’s all you’ve missed.’ Chin said.
‘Damn, thank god.’ You murmured and they all smiled again. They stood in silence for a minute until they all looked at each other.
‘We better get back and fill in the paperwork.’ Steve sad and the team nodded. Steve patted your foot again and looked at Danny. Kono and Chin gave you a light hug before leaving the room, making it just you and Danny. You turned onto you left side.
‘So what’s up?’ You asked him. Memories were coming back of the shooting.
‘Nothing.’ Danny replied.
‘Really?’ You asked and he nodded.
‘Why are you here then?’ You questioned him.
‘I’ve tasked with babysitting you, sweetheart.’ He said, his arm resting on the edge of the bed. You reached out and grabbed it gently, taking his fingers and looping them with yours.
‘why do you call me sweetheart?’ You asked Danny, he looked down and focused on your joined hands.
‘I just do.’ Danny said as he focused on your hands again.
‘Really?’ He nodded.
‘Why do you not call Kono that?’ You asked him and he looked down going red.
‘Cause I might like you.’ He said flushing even redder and not meeting your eyes.
‘You might like me?’ You teased him. He nodded and you chuckled, he was acting like a teenage boy.
‘I remember the shooting.’ You said to him. His head snapped up, eyes meeting yours for the first time.
‘You do?’ He said, shocked.
‘Yes, especially one part.’ You told him honestly.
‘What part?’ He asked sitting up straighter.
‘The part when you said, ‘don’t you dare leave me’’. You said and he smiled, rubbing his thumb over the top of your hand.
‘Well you listened, didn’t you?’ He said cheekily. You gasped and placed your free hand on your chest.
‘Of course. I could never leave you.’ You said to him and it took him a second for the words to kick in.
‘What?’ Danny questioned.
‘I could never leave you.’ You said to him but before you could completely finish the sentence his lips were on yours. You smiled into the kiss as he brung a hand up to your hair. You hissed when you leaned awkwardly making the wound to roar in pain. He pulled back quickly.
‘Sorry.’ He said. You smiled.
‘It was worth it.’ You replied.

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