Sooo I was kindly asked to finally do some Skeletons myself xD (thank you so much again, Kittn xD)SO here they are.

Meet Joel (J. for short) and Damon!

I’m still trying to figure them out properly, tho Joel is set pretty much already. Damon… we will rebuild xD I’m not quite happy with him so far.

Also have the very first, very bad sketches of them under the cut vwv

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shirodraws  asked:

I'm curios... Joel and Damon are brothers? And what are they hobbies?

Yes, they are!
Damon doesn’t follow that much hobbies since he works a lot, but he does wood carvings from time to time. (also he’s good at caring for kids somehow, despite his strict looks).
In his childhood he more concentrated on studying to get acceptable grades to match their fathers expections. Also sport activities afterwards, since he didn’t REALLY have the brains but the muscles.

Joel always liked sewing, much to the dislikes of their Dad. Back in their childhood, when everything was still alright, he used to sew clothes for them on a regular basis. First they were kinda crappy but he improved a lot and fast. Also he is super sociable and adaptive, he will get along with almost everyone pretty easy, since he has an eye on catching things and using them to his advantage, if that makes sense? So he’s gonna be out a lot xD

damnedxfate  asked:

Does Damon have hobbies or is it all law and duties? You said he was a soft boy inside.

Thank you for this ask, I actually had to think a while about that ;v;

Okay so, Damon is most likely living up to his duties. He is very restrained with admitting to like a specific thing or activity.
Therefore his day is mostly, waking up, having a nutritious breakfast, leaving for work, working hard (duh xD), grocery shopping for the old lady next door that can’t walk properly (and him), getting home (after delivering said groceries and having a bit of small-talk with her, she sometimes even has some cookies for him vwv), preparing dinner and also lunch for the next day, taking a shower or when he feels fancy (after a long week or an exhausting day) even a bubblebath (yes he WILL take the colorful and flowery ones) and then either head to bed early OR if he is not tired enough he will handcraft things, mostly wood carvings. Sometimes he’d even carve small toys for the kids around town!

Sometimes when he feels unwatched he will stand in front of a mirror and pretend to balldance with someone. 
Funfact: Despite secretly loving to dance he can’t do that at all.

anonymous asked:

Why do you like Damon? I love Gorillaz but Damon himself is a self righteous ass.

Oh boy.

Alright, well. You asked.

Damon’s a big inspiration to me. He’s dealt with so much, but he continues to work hard, and he’s honestly one of the most talented artists I know.

I’m not saying that going through difficult times makes you a hero, but it’s definitely something I look up to in a person when they don’t let it bring them down no matter what.

I mean, Damon was bullied in school just because the other kids thought he was gay.
He wasn’t afraid to express himself and he was, and still is, extremely passionate, and he embraces his bisexuality.

He’s dealt with addiction, and he got through it, writing down songs and working hard to deal with the things he’s been through and share them with the world.

Damon always tries so hard, even to this day.

The guy is almost 50 and he’s obviously tired as hell, but he’s back with his work and the fans, and he’s doing brilliantly.

Watching him so happy and wild on stage, even today, is bloody delightful.

Is he stern sometimes? Yeah. Prone to making people like you dislike him and think he’s obnoxious? Sure.
Everyone has their opinions, and that’s okay.

But I mean it when I say he’s one of the most genuine, most thoughtful, and seriously talented people I look up to. 

He’s spoken up about so many causes, and he’s active and supportive to countless groups, and he works so hard to bring real messages to people through his music.

He’s so kind and caring to those close to him.
He adores his friends and his family, and he’s expressed how important his fans are to him.

I’ve never met him. But it’s obvious he’s talented as hell, and so real, and hard working, and funny, and down to earth, and intelligent, and honest, and kind.

He’s someone who isn’t scared to show what he’s been through and how he’s survived and succeeded by trying and trying and trying to do what he loves and to make his fans happy.

I’m one of those fans, and I have been for years, and I don’t think that’ll ever change.
I love Damon with all my heart, and I’m so, so happy he’s back and performing and having fun and doing what makes HIM happy.

Honestly, if I were to talk about ALL the reasons why I love Damon, we’d be here forever.
So I’ll just wrap this up by saying that I’m so grateful to him, and all that he’s done, and all that he’s still doing, and I’m so glad so many people feel the same.

Because, whether you believe it or not, it makes sense as to why he’s so liked.

He’s wonderful. ❤️