Prodigy as Sage
Match as Sunfire
Loa as Shadowcat
Trance as Psylocke
Armor as Colossus
Indra as Karma

Pixie as Magik
Gentle as Juggernaut
Surge as Storm
X23 as Wolverine
Dust as Avalanche

Elixir as The White King
The Stepford Cuckoos as The White Queens
Jubilee as The Black Queen
Hellion as The Black King

No Girl as Mastermind
Ernst as Callisto

Cipher as Mystique
Molly Hayes as Rogue
Blindfold as Destiny

Bling! as Dazzler
Graymalkin as Nightcrawler
Mercury as Quicksilver
Eye Boy as Cyclops
Shark Girl as Frenzy
Sprite as Shard
Rockslide as Havok
Anole as Beast


Beautiful Darkness / Jolies Ténèbres by Fabien Vehlmann & Kerascoët

A dark fairy tale about surviving the human experience

Aurora’s having a tea party with Hector, the prince she’s been dreaming about, when a sudden deluge forces them to take shelter elsewhere. They emerge from the skull of a dead girl into the woods at night, and find themselves amongst a crowd of tiny people, all of whom are milling about. Aurora quickly takes charge of the situation, and at first things seem to be going well for most of her friends. Despite a few injuries and deaths and a lot of hunger, they forage successfully, and befriend a mouse that lives in the neighborhood. But as time goes by, more and more of the little people begin to lose hope, turning against one another in brutal ways.

Beautiful Darkness is a harrowing look at the human psyche and the darkness that hides behind the routine politeness and meaningless kindness of civilized society. The sweet faces and bright leaves of Kerascoet’s joyful watercolors only serve to highlight the evil which dwells beneath, as characters allow their pettiness, greed, and jealousy to take over. Beautiful Darkness presents a bleak allegory on the human condition; Kerascoet and Vehlman’s work is a searing condemnation of our vast capacity for evil writ tiny. 

Now available in English from Drawn & Quarterly | pdf preview