Tony: haha Bruce i can’t believe you dared me to kiss Steve

Bruce: Tony i didn’t dar-

Tony: that’s so stupid haha, i gotta do it because I’m Tony Stark and i can’t back out of a challenge

Bruce: Tony i didn’t-

Tony: bye I gotta find Steve haha I can’t believe you sometimes

Bruce: Tony i literally didn’t-

Tony: *leaves room*

Bruce: wtf just happened?

joker and batman fight over robins
  • batman: hey have you seen my robin
  • joker: what *clears throat suspiciously*
  • joker: no
  • joker: *tries to leave and trips making many little robins fall out of his pocket*
  • batman:
  • joker: no what *laughs nervously* where did these come from *casually kicks a robin away from him* these aren't even mine *trips over a robin* uh i don't even know who that is