Don’t Make Empty Promises:  Part 1

Pairing:  Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings:  Swearing, Hints at sex, Mentions of death, Mentions of low self-esteem, Long.

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Author’s note:  This wasn’t requested, I just really wanted to write one.  It ended up getting really long so I split it into parts.  Even then it’s still kinda long, oh well.  Hope you enjoy!

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Don’t Make Empty Promises:  Part 1

You walked into a pale classroom and sat in the first empty seat you spotted, tightly gripping your notebooks and pencil nervously.  Moving was a new concept that you knew you weren’t ready for, but your parents assured you that moving to Gotham was going to be a good thing.  The new school scared you, it was so much bigger than your old one, and you didn’t know anyone.  As an 8-year-old, the wildest things came to your mind, but you managed to make it to your classroom in one, quiet piece.  You jumped at the sound of a soft voice next to you.

“Hi, I’m Bruce.  You must be the new student, (Y/N).”  The student next to you looked at you with soft eyes and a pleasant smile, holding out his right hand.   At first you thought it odd that a boy would want to talk to you, then thought of how silly it was for him to be talking like some grown up, but above all else, how in the world could he have already known your name?  You nodded with a smile and shook his hand.

“Th-that’s my name. How do you-“

“My father told me.” Bruce cut you off, smiling.  To you, at the time, it made sense. Grown-ups knew almost everything.

“Oh, okay.  Urm…” You stopped a moment to think of what your dad would say. “It’s nice to meet you, Bruce.”  You finally said, grinning widely in pride of how smart you must’ve been, remembering something so sophisticated.

“It’s nice to meet you too, (Y/N).”  Bruce replied happily, turning his focus to the front of the room.

Within days, you and Bruce had managed to become best friends.  He helped you get to know people, while you helped him be more of a kid. You always came home to tell your dad fun stories of what you did that day with Bruce, and the cool things he would show you.

“He even has a butler, dad! Did you know that?”  You asked in a lighthearted, innocent tone.

“He sure is impressive, isn’t he?”  Your father retorted with a grin.  “Say, would you like to go visit him sometime?”  He leaned forward a bit, his grin growing as your eyes lit up.

“And see his huge mansion? Ohmygoodness can I?”  You turned to your mother with eagerness. “Can I, mommy?”

You mother smiled and let out a content sigh.  “Of course you can, (Y/N).”  Your father stood and called a man named “Thomas”, scheduling a play date that weekend.  As it turned out, your father worked for Wayne Enterprises, and was high in rank, so he worked closley with Bruce’s father.  It worked out perfectly, and you and Bruce got together more and more often.  You were inseparable, and seeing him every day was your favorite part of living.

Until it happened.

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“What if she gets hurt?” Bruce nearly yelled at his team. Even the thought of Loki going anywhere near you was enough to anger Bruce.

“We won’t let that happen, Doctor Banner.” Steve replied in a monotone voice, like the idea of them letting him hurt you was idiotic. 

“Bruce, it’s ok. If it means we catch Loki then I want to do this.” You said calmly. Bruce looked at you as if he wasn’t too sure but he knew more than anyone but when you’ve made up your mind, there’s no changing it.


Don’t Make Empty Promises:  Part 2

Pairing:  Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings:  LONG, Swearing, Mentions of drinking, A little bit of fighting

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Author’s note:  Soooo… Yeah, it’s long.  Like really long, but I think it turned out for the better.  If you came to the join.me last night, you’ll know I cut out the last part so there was a bit more of a cliffhanger just to help me lead into the next part.  Hope you enjoy!  P.S. You’re welcome for that last gif ;)

(Part 1)

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Don’t Make Empty Promises:  Part 2

You shifted again, rolling onto your other side in the small bed, glancing at the clock.  5:30 pm. Great.

It’s been almost a month now, staying at your parents’ place.  When you came to their house at an ungodly hour with tears streaming down your face, they quickly welcomed you with open arms.  They let you explain yourself in your own time and quickly accommodated for you. It was all perfect, and you felt loved, but for some reason you just couldn’t quite live normally.  You had been in bed almost every day after the first week of being gone.  You tried going out, watching movies, reading books, but after a couple days you went for a nosedive.  You didn’t want to get out of bed, you didn’t want to talk, and you hardly ate.  Your parents saw your harsh deterioration, and continuously expressed their concern. You knew they were right, but you couldn’t go back to the Bruce’s place.  Not after disappearing without a word.  Bruce would get mad at you for having surprise meetings.  If you were gone for an hour without any warning, you could trust there would be some glares and harsh lectures.  Leaving in the middle of the night for weeks would be a much larger scale of Bruce’s wrath, one you were sure you couldn’t handle.

You rolled onto your back and stared up at the ceiling of the small, blue guest room.  Flowers hand-painted by your father traced the top of the wall, bleeding onto the ceiling.  The scarlet colors of the setting sun had accented the white roses and daisies that riddled the trim of the room, while adding a soft glow to the polished birch wood dresser and nightstand.  You let your eyes travel along the tangle stems of the flowers, wandering through your thoughts as you had been for the past two weeks.  It wasn’t like you were unfamiliar with them, it’s just every time you delved back into them, you would find something new, like revisiting a favorite movie or rereading a book.  It was interesting enough to help you maintain your sanity whilst away from work.

The unfamiliar buzz of your phone beside your nightstand sent a jolt through both your mind and your body.  You rolled back onto your side to pick up your phone, blowing off a little bit of the dust it had collected.  You turned it on and winced at first from the bright light, but when you finally focused on the notification, you saw a left text message from none other than Alfred.

‘We need you back here, (Y/N).  Soon.’

You furrowed your brows for a moment, considering the possible motivations behind the urgent text message.  Maybe he just missed you, after all, you were basically a small family, over at the manor.  Maybe something happened to Bruce.  You didn’t even want to get into the possibilities scattered about that one thought, and sent back a short reply.

‘What happened?’

You stared at the screen for a few moments, and as you were about to set it down, the three flashing dots appeared.  You waited for a reply for a few minutes, until it had disappeared without a message to follow.


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where have you been? ;A; can i request for any fluff Bruce x reader / batmom imagine?

is it bad if I tell you that I have actually been playing Sims 4 nonstop since the new patch came out? Well, that aside, this was something I had already written but have yet to post! Hope it suffices and thank you for requesting!

“You definitely pack a mean punch.” Bruce winces as he rubs his stinging jaw. He is definitely going to get a bruise and Alfred is probably not going to be too happy with the new addition on his face. Bruce thinks telling Alfred about you punching him might not be a good idea too because imagine all of the teasing he will get if Alfred ever finds out you managed to land a punch on him.

You whimper and look at his jaw. It is turning colour now and you glance at your lover. “I am so sorry – I just, I was just startled and I thought it was – I don’t know, I am so sorry, Bruce!” You apologise for the umpteenth time.

You really did not mean to punch your lover on the jaw. You simply had been too absorbed in your own thoughts and your body reacted instinctively the moment you registered an unknown person near you. Now that you realised who it had been, you could not help but feel extremely guilty.

Despite his stinging and throbbing jaw, Bruce lets out a small chuckle and pulls you in to his embrace. “Stop worrying so much.” He places a kiss on your nose and you pout at him. “I think it’s great that you know how to punch someone without injuring yourself – I don’t have to worry as much about you whenever you are alone.” Bruce tells you and instead of pouting, you simply just stare at the bruised jaw.

“I’m still sorry though, Bruce; I just can’t believe I punched you.” You shake your head and lift one of your hand to his face, carefully trailing your finger on the bruise. “Forgive me?” You tiptoed to press your lips lightly against the bruise before placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

Bruce tightens the hold he has on your waist and angled his head to deepen the kiss. You part your lips to let out a small moan and Bruce swallowed it, letting his tongue roam in your mouth. The two of you pulled away when the need for air rose.

“You’re already forgiven.”

You sigh and press another kiss to his bruised jaw.

Bruce chuckles at your reluctance and pulls you closer still. “It’s alright – come on, help me cover this up before we leave the place. Alfred is going to have a field when he realises you manage to land a punch on me.” He mutters under his breath and you giggle before nodding your head.

“That, I most definitely can help you with!”

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Anon: Can you do a one shot where Bruce likes the reader and is jealous because he thinks they love Tony but Tony and you are cousins?

TITLE: Green with envy
NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s shorter than I hoped it would be… Female pronouns.

Bruce bit the inside of his cheek as he watched you and Tony sitting on the sofa together, laughing over something he didn’t even understand. You and Tony had way too many inside jokes for Bruce to keep up with and to be honest, it was bugging him. It was annoying him in the fact he wasn’t the one sitting over there making your laugh until you’re grabbing your stomach because of the pain. It was annoying him due to he barely has the confidence to even talk to you whereas Tony is over there wooing you. It was annoying him because not matter what he did, he wouldn’t be able to beat Tony Stark to a girls heart.

And that’s why he promised himself to not get feelings for you.

Bruce, help me out here.” Bruce was dragged back into reality when he heard Tony’s voice call out to him. “Y/N looks nice in white, doesn’t she?”

“Tony, shut up.” You laughed as you put your head in your hands. Bruce looked at what you were wearing. It was a simple white outfit, a colour you barely wear since he’s heard you say a few times it ‘doesn’t go with your skin tone’.

“She suits white.” Bruce said quietly. He wanted to babble on about how pretty you looked in that outfit, after all, he thought you looked beautiful in every outfit. Then again it wasn’t his place to say it. It was Tony’s. The man you loved.

“See, I told you. You look stunning I don’t know why you worry so much.” Tony laughed as he nudged you with his shoulder. You smiled up at him and Bruce felt a pang of jealously in his stomach. He couldn’t take it anymore. Without another word, he stood and left the communal lounge, leaving the rest of the Avengers to watch in confusion as he angrily slammed the door behind him. “I’m on it.” Tony sighed. He stretched with a loud yawn before finally standing and following his best friend to find out what the problem was. When he got to the hall, Bruce was already gone so he started walking to the first place he thought Bruce would be; the lab.

Of course, Tony was right. The second he got there he saw Bruce angrily messing around with his inventions, doing nothing to help build them but if anything, destroying them.

“Ok big guy, what was that about?” Tony asked as he pushed the door closed and lent back against the wall. Letting out a huff, Bruce turned his back to his friend and pretended like he was too busy concentrating to reply. “Bruce, talk to me man.”

“I’m not in the mood, Tony.” Bruce replied with a monotone voice. What did Tony expect him to say? That he was in love with Tony’s girlfriend? That was never going to happen.

“Tough shit. You didn’t see Y/N’s face when you just up and left without a word. She’s getting worried about you. You never even look at her, don’t you like her?” Tony asked. He was starting to sound a little annoyed but tried to stay calm, knowing yelling was not going to make the situation any better.

“Of course I like her, Tony.” Bruce replied sadly. He finally turned to look at his best friend.

“Then why do you keep walking away?”

“Because I don’t like seeing you two together, alright? I’m sorry, I’ve tried to not have these feelings, I really have but Tony, I can’t help it!” Bruce started to have word vomit as he finally vented all the feelings he had for you. It went on a for a few more minutes. Bruce pacing around the lab, feeling free as he finally admitted all the things he’s been keeping inside since you came to the compound nearly a month prior. However, instead of acting angry or annoyed at his friend, he stood with an amused expression on his face. Bruce noticed this and began to trial off his point. “What… What’s so funny?”

“You think me and Y/N are together?” He asked with a slight laugh to his voice. Bruce furrowed his eyebrows and made a slight nod.

“She’s my cousin you idiot.” Tony was full on laughing now. And the face Bruce was making made him laugh even more. “We grew up together, basically lived together. We’re close but trust me, we are not together Bruce.” There was a minute or two of silence between the men, filled only with Tonys laughter.

“So… You’re not together?” Bruce asked. It was clear he was still trying to make sense of it all.

“No, Bruce. We’re not.” Tony opened the lab door before basically shoving his friend out. “Now stop being you and go talk to the poor woman. She’s been waiting for a month already.”