I hope netizens who actively tried to destroy Park Bom’s image and reputation back in 2014 are having a shitty 2016. Like the fact that people went out of their way to say horrible things to that angel of a woman still bothers the shit outta me. You’re not going to find someone more sweet, funny and kind. She never did a goddamn thing to anyone yet she got ripped apart by the press for something blown completely out of proportion and abandoned by her piece of shit company. And then Bom, who was already suffering from mental health issues, was and still is blamed for the delay of any 2ne1 activity. When in reality, it is the public’s fault for being vapid tabloid guzzling shitheads, so ready to gossip and tear into this woman’s personal life, and of course YG for not standing by her like he did for his precious BIGBANG boys when they fucked up big time. Like fuck everyone that had or has anything negative or rude to say about Park Bom. I hope karma bites you hard in the ass some day.