I'm Not Going Anywhere

You had finished work early and seeing as BTS’s dorm was closer than your home, you thought you would go round and see your boyfriend, Suga. When you got there you knocked lightly and the door opened far quicker than you thought it would, to Jungkook stood in the doorway.

He beamed, “Annyeong, _____!" 


Before you could finish he said,“You’re looking for Suga, right?”

You smiled,“Neh.”

“He’s not in right now, I think he went out to buy food…” He bit his lip, “Oh, you could take my key if you want? Let yourself in and then he’ll probably be back soon.”

He scrambled for his keys and you thanked him  before letting yourself into their dorm.

As you walked in, you decided you would sit down and watch some tv. You flung yourself onto the sofa and flicked through channels.

You wished Suga was here now, to tell you the truth, you were missing him alot. You had hardly seen him in days and his texting replies came slowly although they were sweet they were also short. You hated texting him at work, but the thing is, he was ALWAYS at work. You were starting to wonder if he was going off you, even though you knew you were overreacting you still felt pretty worried about it. You tried not to think about it as you jumped from channel to channel to find something you like, but finding nothing. Your day had been crap to say the least. You had already spilt wine down your new jacket and atleast five customers had complained about the slow service. You had apologized thoroughly and told your boss you were just a little tired because you were having trouble sleeping, which was true, but if you were being honest you knew you were missing orders just because you couldn’t get Suga off your mind.

You just wanted forget about your day and spend some time with Suga. You’d been on the verge of crying twice today and all you needed was Suga now. You tried not to think about it and focused on the fact Suga would be home soon.

Suddenly, the TV turned off on its own accord and so did the lights.

You sat in the dark breathing heavily. What happened? You realized there most have been a power outage as you sat there, unmoving in the dark. Truth be told, you were really really afraid of the dark. You had told Suga and he had pinched your cheeks and said it was cute. You didn’t particularly agree really - you felt childish. You tried to keep as still as possible and looked around because in the horror films that’s what always happened, someone wouldn’t be paying attention and then someone would kill them or something. You tried not to think of horror films because it really wasn’t helping. It was eerily silent apart from your heart racing wildly in your chest. You started to think about horror films again, and that’s when you became so scared you just shut your eyes. You tried to think about your gorgeous boyfriend to take your mind off it but you ended up just worrying about him not liking you anymore.

And that’s when you really did lose it. You started to cry, like, really really cry. Tears streamed down your face and you shut your eyes in the hope that when you opened them the room would be lit again and you would be okay. You heard footsteps and scrunched your eyes tighter, hoping that it was just your imagination.

Suddenly you heard a voice, more specifically, your boyfriends voice, “____?”

You didn’t open your eyes, thinking it was just your mind making things up.

“____? Jagi? Are you okay, baby girl?”

You opened your eyes a crack to find your boyfriend knelt down infront of the sofa where you sat, looking up at you with big eyes opened wide and fear all over his face.

When you didn’t answer straight away, worry and concern ran through his features, “Baby? Baby, why are you sat here all alone in the dark?”

You croaked, “There was a power cut…”

His face calmed a little, but he still looked really worried. “Are you okay?”

You nodded your head pathetically but he didn’t buy it. He got up and sat down next to you, winding his arms around you and looking into your eyes. His eyes widened again, “Yah! Were you….crying?”

You bit your lip. This was really embarrassing. You hated crying infront of people, it made you feel weird and self conscious. Suga had also never seen you cry really and you felt stupid for crying just because of a stupid power cut.

“Oh, jagi…” He pulled you to him and into a crushing hug which made your insides calm down a little bit. Your heart beat calmed down too.

“…I knew you were scared of the dark, but I didn’t think it was this bad…” He murmured as he nuzzled your neck lovingly.

“I-It’s not…usually.” You stuttered.

“Is something else bothering you?” He kissed your forehead.

You bit your lip, not sure if you should tell him or not. 

“You…we…hadn’t talked in a while and I…I thought you might be going off-" 

You didn’t finish your sentence because you were interrupted by his lips crashing against yours.

He pulled up for breath, ”______, I love you.“ He said softly, then he said fiercely, "Don’t think for a second I’m letting you go.”

You smiled at his words and snuggled into his chest. His shirt was soft against your fingers as you cuddled him.

“Do you want me to get some candles? They’re in the other room.” He smiled cutely.

You hesitated. You wanted to have some light, but you didn’t want him to go. It was childish, but you didn’t want to be alone in the dark again.

Spotting your hesitation, he said, “Don’t worry I’ll be really quick, I promise.” He kissed your lips lightly.

“Okay.” You whispered.

He got up, “Stay here and I promise I’ll be quick okay? I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still be in the house…I just won’t be here in the room.” He leaned down and kissed you again, “I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, jagi.”

Then he left. You hummed to yourself lately, awaiting his return. When he came back he had blankets, ice cream and some candles and matches. He set them down on the coffee table and lit the candles. Then, he wrapped the blankets around your shoulders. You pulled it around yourself tightly. When he had done lighting candles, he turned back to you.

“Hey, let me in~” He pulled at your blankets till you opened your arms and then he snuggled into you.

“Love you.” He nuzzled you again.




i love how rap monster said he wore sunglasses bc he said he wanted to cover his eyes which he thought were cute (and cute doesn’t match hip hop blah blahhhh blahhhhhh)

ok rap monster lemme inform you.. it’s not your eyes that are cute.. it’s your entire face you dumbass

i suggest you wear a paper bag to cover all the cute