The signs as things my Aries friend has said

Aries: If you want me to stop hitting you, stop saying stupid shit.

Taurus: When I die, tell my family I love them- Except my sister, that hoe ate all the kipnuggets.

Gemini: (when I told her my soul was bitter) I bet your soul is secretly an espresso.

Cancer: Find a guy that looks at you the way I look at my OTP.

Leo: I have like zero tolerance for your bullshit right now.

Virgo: I’m honestly too emotionally drained to give a fuck.

Libra: Being a mom seems like a lot of effort tbh, I strive to be an aunt.

Scorpio: I don’t care if I’m good at English, I won’t become a teacher, you’re real fucking funny if you think I’ll graduate school just so I can return.

Sagittarius: I don’t know what you said, but okay.

Capricorn: Literally don’t care, but I’m polite enough to pretend I care.

Aquarius: I’d call you out for being rude, but I’m also rude, so that’d make a hypocrite.

Pisces: I’ve been on this school for 4 years and I honestly still don’t have a clue who any of these people are.

The Signs As Beauty Products

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Aries are eyeliner because they are bold and definitive. Eyeliner defines the eyes, making them eye-catching, like Aries.

Taurus are face masks because they are relaxing and soft-natured. Face masks are good for our skin, and show the caring side of Taurus.

Gemini are nail files because they can be harsh, but usually rough us up the right way. Nail files keep our nails nice, but they aren’t too soft, like Gemini.

Cancer are blusher because they are soft and sweet. Blusher gives us a slight colour, usually quite warm colours, like Cancer.

Leo are mascara because they are bold and lively. Mascara defines our eyes and makes us look more awake, making us seem energetic, like Leo.

Virgo are face wipes because they are refreshing and cleansing. Face wipes clean away hard days and leave us feeling renewed, like Virgo.

Libra are lipsticks because they are colourful, but humble. Lipstick makes us colourful, and gives us a fun look, like Libra.

Scorpio are eyeshadow because they are humble, but mysterious. Eyeshadow adds subtle colour to our look, like Scorpio.

Sagittarius are hair-dye because they are fun and ever-changing. Hair-dye can make us feel new and keep us unique, like Sagittarius.

Capricorn are lip gloss because they are lovely, but shy. Lip gloss is sometimes glittery and is quite soft and sweet, like Capricorn.

Aquarius are nail varnish because they are bright and unique. Nail varnish allows us to express ourselves in colour, like Aquarius.

Pisces are body glitter because they are fun and dreamy. Body glitter gives us a subtle uniqueness, like Pisces.


Who let this happen?

the Signs and "Just the Way you are"
  • Her eyes make the stars look like there not shining:Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, and Sagittarius
  • Her hair fall perfectly with out her trying:Leo, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • And when she smiles the whole world stops and stares for a while:Libra, Cancer, Aquarius, and Aries
Se as coisas são o que são, é pelo conjunto de detalhes que as formam. More nos detalhes. Viva todos esses contornos, cresça nessas pequenezas que acontecem enquanto você sorri, sinta tudo isso que acontece quanto os olhos fecham.
—  Docismo
what the signs next to each other in the zodiac have most and least in common
  • aries and taurus most:they both strive for their goals
  • aries and taurus least:aries is energetic whilst taurus is more laid-back and lazy
  • taurus and gemini most:they both tend to be a bit stubborn
  • taurus and gemini least:taurus is slow and steady and gemini is erratic and unpredictable
  • gemini and cancer most:both can show two completely different personalities
  • gemini and cancer least:geminis like to get out while cancers like to stay home
  • cancer and leo most:both know how to make a statement
  • cancer and leo least:cancers are doubtful while leos are confident and sure
  • leo and virgo most:both are sweet lovers
  • leo and virgo least:leos are confident and outgoing, virgos are shy and reserved
  • virgo and libra most:try to keep their temper down low
  • virgo and libra least:virgos aren't showy, while libras usually are
  • libra and scorpio most:both can be pretty flirtatious
  • libra and scorpio least:libras are out there and scorpios are not
  • scorpio and sagittarius most:often misunderstood with complex feelings underneath
  • scorpio and sagittarius least:scorpios are passionate/clingy lovers, while sagittarians are more detached
  • sagittarius and capricorn most:like to help shape the future are can be fairly philosophical
  • sagittarius and capricorn least:sagittarians are likely to strive for philosophical/emotional goals, while capricorns strive for educational goals
  • capricorn and aquarius most:both have very sarcastic humor, and are good at self-teaching
  • capricorn and aquarius least:capricorns come off cold while aquarians come off friendly
  • aquarius and pisces most:both like to help out others, tend to be humanitarians
  • aquarius and pisces least:aquarians are detached and free, pisceans are clingy and romantic