Happy -late- B-day Alex ❤😘 I’m a few days late because the latest works but at least all his presents that i commissioned arrived 😘 Thank you very very much the-blue-magpie-design and todayszotyi ✨ They look soo amazing ,i’m so happy QwQ (Now all he needs a faceup yessss i’ll get my artist shit togather and finally do it :’) but my hands are trembleing :’)


@alexbabinski: Got to jam with with some of my best friends in A Loss For Words at Slam Dunk Fest


so the birthday gift that demetrois so excellently picked for me finally got delivered and I love it SO MUCH
Lookatitlookatitlookatit l o o k a t i t
I really want to wear it all the time but luckily it’s warm out so I won’t be able to risk exposing my inner dave fangirl to the light of day so THANKS ALEX for providing me with the dangerous opportunity to alert other homestuck nerds to my presence in the real world
Oh my god I love this so much

Dear theoldlight,

Bro, you da real mvp.

Thanks for patiently explaining and clarifying theological stuff to me even when you’re on the verge of becoming a zombie (or have you already crossed that line??) because of finals. Also for introducing me to a lot of theological terms and ideas.

In spite of the Servetus and toasted marshmallow/rabbit jokes if I ever became a straight-up heretic, you’re actually pretty nice.

Thanks for all the headaches.

From someone who isn’t a heretic,