Its irritating and exhausting bc there’s still levels of shit I blame myself for even tho I know I shouldn’t.

Like I blame myself for not “knowing better” back when I was 15-17 and w/him (or his friend). For not saying in clear world that “the fact that you’re dating a minor is creepy and gross” bc she was my friend and I feel responsible for her pain. I know I can’t bc I didn’t have the language for it + was still in denial but I still feel at fault.

I blame myself for notmaking that post earlier. I told ppl abt this a year ago but didn’t let them post abt it. And if shit happened in the last year I know I’m gonna feel at fault for that.

He used to gloat abt how he would go on regular unfollowing sprees of like, unworthy ppl and while it’s fair to remove toxicity from ur space I found out he’d guilt trip ppl for unfollowing HIM? Like I’m not even surprised but wtf…

I just.