moje marzenie? mieć Cię na co dzień, dla siebie. móc Cię przytulać, kiedy będę miała na to ochotę. nie musieć czekać, nie musieć tęsknić.

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In some clubs you definitely would not be allowed in wearing them reeboks most people dress up a lot

go to clubs that are good then hahaha. i dont go to those kind of clubs. i dont want to go to a shitty club where i have to wear heels to get in and therefore cant rave the night away ? the club i go to is decent. i go for the music where people wear whatever the fuck they want & actually dance

Tahukah kamu, puan?
—  Jantungku masih berdebar kencang tiap aku membuat panggilan dari telepon genggamku ke telepon genggammu. Debaran yang sama saat pertama kali aku kau bahagiakan. Tahukah kamu, puan?

hi anybody,

so prom is coming up and i’m kind of scared that i’m going to be alone. almost all my friends are in a grade younger than me so i don’t really have people to go in a group with. i’m scared that i’ll just end up going alone? girls don’t typically ask guys to prom, so i can’t really ask anybody. 

this is spooky.


I can’t help but get teary-eyed when I think of you sometimes. Not because I’m upset or in distress, but because I never thought I could be capable of loving or being loved by someone as much as I am by you. And I can’t thank you enough for that.