Park Han Byul talks about marriage plans with long time boyfriend, Se7en!

Park Han Byul talked about future plans with longtime boyfriend Se7en. On June 21, the actress attended a promotional event for her latest horror movie “Two Moons” where she was asked about her marriage plans with Se7en. Park Han Byul answered, “Well, Dong Wook (Se7en) has to finish his mandatory military duties first.” The high school sweethearts celebrated their 10 year anniversary earlier this year.

Park Han Byul continued, “He hasn’t decided when to go, but marriage comes after that. I can’t imagine my boyfriend going to the military just yet. However, when he does enlist, I don’t think I’ll be too sad. It may be that the news just hasn’t hit me yet, but I think I’ll probably say, ‘Ok~’ and send him off naturally. I don’t think I’ll cry, and Dong Wook was a little disappointed when he heard what I had to say,” causing everyone to smile at her candor.

She explained, “I probably will be worried, but if it’s something he has to do, I think it’s better to send him with a light heart.”

Meanwhile, “Two Moons” is a thriller about three people who wake up in an isolated house in the middle of the woods, with no recollection of how and when they got there. 

Source: TVDaily

Translated by: Soompi

Park Han Byul reveals how she and Se7en began dating!

On March 8th, actress Park Han Byul guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and revealed the steps it took for her and boyfriend Se7en to become an official couple.

The actress was asked to describe her first impression of Se7en. She laughed,“When I first saw him, his skin was so smooth – I really thought he was very feminine. He was just so pretty, I thought to myself, how could men even look like that? One day, he called me and asked whether I had a boyfriend or not.”

When prodded for her reply, Park Han Byul continued, “I had a boyfriend at the time, so I said I did have one. He replied, ‘I was going to introduce you to an amazing guy, what a disappointment.’”

“I told him to introduce him to my friend instead of me, and he said, ‘Never mind, forget it,’ and hung up.  A couple of months later, I broke up with my boyfriend and Se7en contacted me again, asking whether I had a boyfriend still. After that, we just naturally began to date.”

Park Han Byul concluded, “I later found out that the ‘amazing guy’ he wanted to introduce me to was Se7en himself!”

Source: Star News via Nate

Translated by: AKP