#111 - He Brings You Home After A Suicide Attempt

Harry: He was very quiet. He had barely said a word to you since he had arrived, but the expression on his face told you everything. His eyes were tired, sad and disappointed. His beautiful smile was gone, replaced by a depressing frown. He kept his head down as the two of you pushed through the crowd, your hand firmly wrapped in his. Once the two of you were safely in the car, the silence from your boyfriend was unbearable. “Harry, say something.” He started the car, pulling out of the parking lot. “Harry…” you pleaded. “What do you want me to say (Y/N)?” He finally spoke, anger and sadness mixed in his words. “My girlfriend just tried to kill herself… there’s nothing to say.” He finished, getting quiet once again. You lowered your head. “Okay…” Another awkward silence spread through the car as he drove down the highway. But suddenly, he pulled the car over, turning it off and hiding his face in his hands. You hadn’t really taken a moment to think about how this would affect Harry. But as you watched him in his vulnerable state, you finally realized you weren’t the only one affected by this. His sobs were painful to listen to. You watched and listened helplessly, his cries growing louder. Harry forcefully unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car, slamming the door shut. You didn’t follow him, you just watched his fist fly down on the hood of the car. His anger wasn’t towards you, it was towards himself for not noticing earlier. There was nothing you could do or say that would make this better. Not right now.

Liam: He was extremely upset. Liam couldn’t even wrap his head around the fact that his beloved girlfriend would even think of something so horrific. But he didn’t ask why. As upset as he was, he knew he just had to be with you. He refused to leave you alone and if you were in the washroom or shower for a longer time, he would be there, knocking on the door and making sure everything was okay. But the day he brought you home, his hands were always on you somehow. He didn’t want to let you out of his grasp in fear that you were just going to slip through his fingers. You had noticed that when you got to your bedroom, there were more blankets and pillows than usual. You also saw a pile of your favourite movies in front of the television. “Liam…” you started, but he cut you off. “I figured we could just take it easy for a couple of days, let you heal…” he said softly. “I’ve taken the next few weeks off, and… and I’m all yours.” He looked at you, smiling weakly, hoping his efforts would be enough for you. For some reason, you actually found yourself tearing up. “(Y/N) baby… I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?” he panicked, pulling you into his chest, but you shook your head. “Liam this is perfect… thank you.” You pulled back, looking up at him. He smiled back kissing your forehead. “I love you… I promise I always will…”

Niall: The car ride was quiet. Niall was mumbling something to himself that you couldn’t make out and you were just staring out the window. Traffic was backed up and the rain was falling hard, making it impossible for anybody to be in a good mood. You were afraid to say anything because you weren’t sure how Niall was feeling. “(Y/N)…” he said softly, keeping his eyes forward. “I just want you to know that… that just because this happened… uh…” He was trying to hold back the tears, but you could see a few escape down his cheeks. “Just please… I need you to come to me first… please. I can help. I can take your mind off of it (Y/N). I can make you happy. Please.” He was crying more now, making you cry as well. “Niall… no, no please don’t cry. I promise. I promise I’ll never even think about it again. I’ll come to you.” You took his hand over the middle console, squeezing it really tight. “I’m still here Niall. I promise you.” He nodded turning his head towards you. “I love you so much princess.”  He brought your hand up to his lips, kissing it gently. You could feel something you hadn’t realized before. When his soft, warm lips hit your cold, pale skin, there was this warmth about it. A good, gentle feeling that only he could ever give you. “I love you too Niall,” you replied quietly.

Zayn: He was very protective over you. Knowing that all the hate you had received in person and on social media sites was one of the main causes to this desperate attempt. At the moment, he had no words for the paparazzi or fans who crowded the hospital door. He just clung you to his side, focusing on getting you to the car. You could tell he just wanted to look up and snap at everyone, but Zayn managed to remain calm until he got to the car. The two of you guys, quickly got into the back seat and the door was shut, but not before a couple of rude comments were thrown out. Zayn slammed the door, asked the driver to get you home and turned to you. “(Y/N)…” he looked at you with wet, bloodshot eyes. “It’s not true. Please… Don’t believe it. Please. I can’t lose you baby… I almost did once, I can’t do that again.” You were tearing up as the car drove through traffic. “We’re going home baby. Where you’ll be safe. And I’ll be there. All the time. Just you and me.” He held your face in his hands, making you focus on him. “I can’t believe I almost left you Zayn…” you mumbled, the thought hitting you. “Y-You’re all I have left Zayn… I can’t lose you too.” You were holding back a sob, or at least trying. You words were coming out in whimpers. “(Y/N) shh…” he soothed, pulling you closer to him so your head was resting on his chest. “Can you hear my heartbeat baby?” You nodded, closing your eyes and inhaling his scent. “Baby, my heart is yours. It always has been. You’re not going to lose me. And I’m not just saying that.” His words touched your heart. “My heart is yours Zayn…” you mumbled, truly believing it. “Thank you for being so understanding. I can’t be more grateful to have you in my life Zayn…” Your tears began to wet his t-shirt. “I won’t lose you (Y/N) and you won’t lose me.”

Louis: He was understanding. He didn’t make a fuss over it or make you talk about. He simply asked and when you shook your head no, he left the subject alone. When you finally reached your home, he opened your car door and helped you out. You were still a little dizzy from all the medicine. He kept a tight grip around your waist, bringing you to the door and getting you inside. “Where do you want to go love?” he asked softly, looking at you. “Maybe the couch…” you whispered tiredly. Louis nodded, picking you up and carrying you to the couch. You clung onto him, not wanting him to leave. “Please sit with me?” Even to you, you sounded like a small child asking for the parent. “Of course sweetheart.” You closed your eyes, feeling your weight shift before you were settled on his lap. You cuddled into his chest, just like a child would who was being rocked to sleep. But you needed him close. You needed to feel him. “I’m sorry…” you whispered, just loud enough for him to hear. “I’m so sorry Louis…” “No… No, no baby… Shh…” He ran his fingers through your hair, kissing your forehead. “I’m not mad, I’m worried love. I’m just scared. But please don’t be sorry. It might make you upset to hear, but I’m glad you failed. I’m glad it didn’t work… (Y/N), just the thought of losing you at all is enough to bring me to tears. But you’re safe in my arms right now.” He picked up your wrist, kissing the bandages that were tightly wrapped around your arm. “You’re still alive, and that’s what matters.” You stayed quiet, nodding in understanding. He was there, he wasn’t going anywhere. You just had to keep reminding yourself.

Preferences #103 - Você é cega, e ele se apaixona por você

Seu choose POV

Eu estava andando por um parque, enquanto estava no intervalo das gravações do clipe musical que eu e os meninos gravávamos. Cabeça baixa, ombros tensos de tanto cansaço, e uma grande dor de cabeça. Era assim que eu me encontrava nesse momento. Andando calmamente, sem olhar para frente, senti algo bater na minha perna e meu corpo bater contra um outro corpo pequeno. Segurei a pessoa na qual havia esbarrado, para ela não cair.

- Ah, me desculpe. Acho que te senti tarde demais. - disse a garota em meus braços. Ela estava com um óculos escuros e uma bengala em mãos. Ela era cega.

- Hum… não, tudo bem, eu que não estava olhando para frente. Acabei não te vendo. Foi mal.

A garota sorriu, e abaixou a cabeça. Ela colocou uma mão no braço, o acariciando um pouco, e percebi que ele estava vermelho.

- Ah, cara, eu te machuquei? Foi mal mesmo! Está doendo muito? - falei um pouco desesperado e peguei o braço dela com delicadeza. Ela riu e negou com a cabeça.

- Não, relaxa. É que você é mais alto que eu e a pancada foi um pouco forte, mas eu estou bem, não se preocupe.

A garota sorriu e automaticamente eu sorri junto. Percebi naquele momento que ela era linda, tinha um sorriso tão fofo que relaxaria qualquer um.

- Qual é o seu nome?

- (s/n), e o seu?

- (seu choose). Sabe aquele da One Direction? Então…

A menina riu e ficou um pouco surpresa.

- Está brincando, né?

- Não. Quer que eu prove?

- Como?

- Você já ouviu minha música, certo? - perguntei e (s/n) assentiu.

Me aproximei um pouco da (s/n), mas precisamente do ouvido dela, e cantei meu solo em “Moments” para ela. A vi sorrir e seu corpo tremer um pouco.

- Uau. - ela sussurrou quando terminei de cantar. - É você mesmo.

Nós dois rimos juntos e eu tive a ideia de chamá-la para ficar mais um pouco comigo.

- Hum… você quer ir tomar um sorvete comigo? Como desculpas por eu ter esbarrado em você.

- Pode ser. Mas não vai se importar de os paparazzis te verem com uma garota cega?

- É claro que não. Não me importo com o que eles pensam.

A levei até um banco do parque e comprei dois sorvete para nós em um carrinho ali perto. Soltei para o lado dela, a entregando o sorvete e a olhando com um sorriso bobo no rosto. Tinha algo naquela garota que era totalmente puro e inocente.


Passamos um bom tempo conversando, pelo menos até eu ser chamado novamente para gravar o resto do clipe com a banda.

- Foi mal, (s/n), eu tenho que ir. Estou aqui no parque a trabalho.

- Tudo bem, não se preocupe. - ela respondeu, sorrindo.

Me aproximei do rosto da (s/n) e dei um pequeno beijo no rosto dela.

- Hum… posso te pedir uma coisa antes?

- Claro. O que foi?

- Eu posso “te sentir”?

Arqueei uma sobrancelha e a olhei confuso.

- Me sentir? 

- É, quero dizer, te ver. Sei que isso é meio impossível, mas…

(s/n) abaixou a cabeça um pouco envergonhada e eu sorri.

- Ok, eu entendi. É claro que pode.

Peguei as mãos da (s/n) e as coloquei em meu rosto. As mãos dela foram deslizando com calma por cada centímetro, tocando minha pele, sentindo o formato de meus lábios, nariz, olhos…

Aquilo era bom, de uma certa forma. Sentir as mãos delicadas dela percorrendo meu rosto, enquanto ela abria um pequeno sorriso.

- Você é lindo.

- Você também é linda. - respondi sorrindo, e ela tirou as mãos do meu rosto.

A fiquei admirando por um tempo, sentindo meu coração pedir para abraçá-la e nunca mais soltá-la, para a proteger com todas as minhas forças, pelo resto de minha vida. 

- Eu realmente preciso ir. - falei baixo. - Vou te ver de novo?

- Talvez. Eu venho para esse parque sempre que posso.

- Sozinha? - perguntei meio assustado e (s/n) riu.

- Sim, ué. Eu me viro bem sozinha, (seu choose). As vezes tenho uma amiga que me ajuda em quase tudo, mas de resto… eu sou bem sozinha.

Neguei com a cabeça, sorrindo. Aquela garota era incrível!

- (seu choose), vamos lá, temos que terminar as gravações! - o diretor do clipe me chamou, e eu me apressei em me despedir da (s/n).

- Ok, eu tenho mesmo que ir antes que eu morra. - brinquei e nós dois rimos. Dei um beijo na bochecha de (s/n) e me afastei um pouco. - Até mais, (s/n).

- Até mais. - ela sorriu, corando, e abaixou a cabeça.

Me levantei do banco, mas antes de começar a andar, eu tive uma pequena ideia.

- Hey, você tem celular?

- Claro, por que?

- Pode me passar seu número?

Ela riu, e virou o rosto em minha direção, como se estivesse me olhando.

- Você vai realmente me ligar?

- Assim que puder, sim.

(s/n) sorriu e assentiu. Peguei meu celular no bolso e comecei a marcar o número que ela ditava. Ao final, salvei o contato e sorri para mim mesmo.

- Tudo bem. Pode esperar que eu ligo, ok? - eu dei uma pequena risada e olhei uma última vez para (s/n). - Até, babe.

Sai correndo até o local do parque onde estávamos gravando o clipe e admito que pelo resto do dia a (s/n) não saiu da minha cabeça. Cara, o que era aquilo? Eu não poderia estar… apaixonado.